"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quick Moment

I am loving staying at home.  This has been a lesson along with a blessing. I have always worked at such at a fast pace and that I have always set and controlled the time and goals.  However, the pace has changed and my control as well, has slowed.  You would think I could control the tempo in this house the way that I want, I mean this is my schedule, I do the planning and telling what to do right?!?   Ha!  Not so much, things aren't happening the way I want, not as fast...but oh, on His time!  I am learning I'm not in control, He is!  The last little gift He gave me, has been put in my hands at all times...even when I go to the bathroom!!! I love her, but wow...how things are totally are not going as I plan but, I am learning that I don't have to rush, yet slow down and process this sweet time.

Monday, January 26, 2015


We have rushed through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and started the purge syndrome once again!  But, I am in the right in the mind set I need to be in.  For awhile we have let the piles stack and overlooked more than we ever have before, due to the fact we lived a fast pace life.  I have pulled up the rubber gloves and flapped open the garbage bags and sailed through stacks of pure clutter.  I am feeling relieve room by room.  My days are busy, however I am finding the structure to keep me in the positive mind set that I need.  I am so glad to be back and blogging, especially with my cute side kick renamed "the daycare dropout"!
She is keeping up with the others pretty well.  We are back to the normal schedule, long weekends are gone and strep came through and passed our house last week.  Glad to feel like we are in our normal routine.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I. AM. BACK.....

as a stay at home mom!  We are making changes, our life was boiling over and we needed to making some time in our life for fun.  Steve is able to focus on his lab and I get to keep up with the Pollies!
Lil is 13 months, and is a daycare dropout...for now!  She and I plan to get in many miles together!
Aub is now in the 5th grade, and busy as always!  I will keep the van full of gas to shuttle her back and forth!
Jamie, is keeping me on my toes!  I hope to get to volunteer more with his class!  His teacher is a dear friend, and we love her to pieces!  

We are thrilled with our decision, but this is going to be an adventure...on a budget!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Birthday Boy

Wow...my baby boy is "6"!  This is one excited fellow.  He has been counting down for today.  
It is hard to believe that this bundle of BOY has grown so fast and into the funniest critter alive.
He holds the strength of stubborness that is strongly enbedded into his genetic makeup.  He is so full of life that nothing holds him back.  Honestly, he is very curious, and loves to examine even the smallest thing.  You never know what he has taken apart...just to look, as he would say!  This mighty man keeps me on my toes!  We love you sweet boy!

He is so into sports and thinks that "NIKE" is the best thing since LEGOS!
Today he got to wear his new running shoes that he picked out and I am just sittng back to see how many miles he will put on these shoes.  They will only rest while he is sleeping.

As for me today, I am getting a much needed break.  I got to sleep in a little later this morning, and I took all three Pollies to their classes.  Yes, I took the time to walk all three to their classrooms today!  My heart shutters at not taking more time to do these small things with them.  But, today I am full of joy.  After dropping them off I have bolted to the coffee dive downtown.  It has changed locations, but I think it is still going to work for get away for me.  I am thankful for the time to sit and blog.  

 Today is going to be a beautiful day, I hope you take the time to feel the love today. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I think we can start back...

We have been caught in the tornado called "LIFE"...but, I think...we may be finding our balance!  Lil, is coming up on 6 months on Thursday, Jamie will be 6 on the 16th!  Aubrey, keeps us running!  I have not been able to post...have longed to log in and post!  Here are few pics, of the Pollies!  Whew...I am back!
                I really love him!
          Aubrey has been a huge help!
        Lil...well you get it!
 Me, I find peace with coffee in my hand at Toyota!
I look forward to posting more!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Ready set go...

I would say Steven and I have had bit of bitterness stored within our hearts!  We have struggled this January!

But, looking back we survived!  We had the stomach bug, starting with Jamie and it left when Mimi left! But, it took some creative adjusting to cover those sick days!
Steve...stayed on top of this, keeping the the germs at bay...but went over board wearing this get up!
At times we switched rooms...Jamie did not like the pink bedding!
We have had Strep throat...and Lil had her first cold!
The Schwartz bus rolled in for a weekend trip!  The girls are growing into beautiful ladies!  They are so loving and it has been so long since our last visit!

We got in a few games and dessert...American Girl Dolls were top on the to do list and a battle of super heros in the backyard was another major must!

Steven really got into to this game, he cooked a yummy breakfast while we squeezed in a game if Apples to Apples!
As always...until next time!  We are playing our next adventure!  We wish Joel & Chrissy much wedding bliss!

Aubrey got her cookies delivered...she loves visiting her favorite customers!

 We can't miss the snow!!  We did not get much, more ice than anything!
Thanks to Jenn for sharing while I worked!

Last I will share Aubrey's fun photo!  This is house down the road with a frozen van! Aubrey and Jamie were amazed at how this could happen!