"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Action packed Weekend

Steven and I actually road together Friday. It was a treat. So, coming home we picked Aubrey up first from after school care. On the way to pick Jamie up we looked at the geese that are near a Kidde plant near the house. We asked Aubrey if we pulled over would she hop out and catch us one for dinner. She agreed. So we pulled over and she quickly changed her mind. She decided the geese might bite. She decided to make one for us instead.

After dinner she decided that she wanted to make a tent in her room.

Saturday we had a busy day. It started with a 5K for me and the girls down in Chapel Hill. Whoa! I was getting over a cold but it still felt really good to get out and run.
Aubrey had to help her Daisy Scout troupe sell the last of their girl scout cookies. Since I was running my race, Steve went out to help out Aubrey. It wasn't too bad for him, since they set up their table outside Lowes Hardware. I think he managed to sneak in and look around. Still he came home saying something about needing to watch some sports or a good action flick... anything not girlie.

They had a working lunch, catered by McDonalds!
Saturday ended with Steve and I actually getting a date! Some of the GYN surgeons and oncologists had a band called N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease), and they were putting on a charity concert at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro. We got a babysitter and went with some friends. We weren't sure what to expect, but they were really good! We all had a great time!

Steven's cousin Jason just moved here to take a job at UNC. We've been talking about getting together, and this gave us a good opportunity. We can't wait for his family to move out and get the kids together.

Sunday was church and girlscouts. We had a mostly relaxing day. It has been windy here, and Aubrey was begging to fly a kite. We found one at the store and this kept her pretty busy this afternoon. It was cold, but she and Jamie were loving being outside. I think it was good for all of us. Can't wait for Spring!

Even though it is still cold and we have a chance of snow this week, soccer is starting up. Hopefully we'll have a post coming soon with some soccer pictures. Come on Spring, we're ready!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Complete Mischief

As James Bernard Gray grows his little personality has seemed to flourish. He loves to get your attention. He loves to be heard, and loves for things to go his way. However, when it is time for you to ask him to do something...He might go missing...perhaps you may find him in Steven's closet...just chilling! However, there are times that he does decide to help...this is when you least expect it. For instance, when you are trying to empty the dishwasher.

He always has his blanket (aka, his MEME) near by. Nacks...are his favorite time of day! However, give this one year old some M & M's you are his friend for life.
Who could pass up this smile??? Here is another game of hide and seek, however I found him this time.
Brushing his teeth is one of his favorite things.

Books...Books...Books...from the time you turn his light on in the mornings to you turn the lights off he is asking for a book!

Today, his new trick...he can open the Fridge! He can help himself! Today I found....
a grape thief!
For those of you who might be missing the mischief of our kindergartner, I have a new theory from our young theorist. Today she decided not to eat ice cream, she ate her jello for her snack. She said that there was to much sugar in it and it would clog her heart, and her "lanes" would not work. It is safe to say she is learning all about her heart this week.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can we go outside???

Friday afternoon when I got home the pollies were outside. The ground was the driest I have seen it in forever. They loved getting out and running around. The cats loved it too. This weekend we have done as much as possible outside. Aubrey also snuck in a bike lesson with Dad. That is going to definitely to take time. However, Jamie woke up yesterday throwing up. He spent most of the morning limp in our arms. Then by last night he was a terror, running around crazy everywhere. So, things seem better with him, just a bug I suppose with a runny nose. Aubrey went to a birthday party at a Martial Arts Studio...you can imagine what she came home to demonstrate to me. She even broke this piece of wood, she thinks Dad has some wood in the garage and she can show me one day.

Yesterday the Gurney's catalog made here. So, I believe Steven is planning out the garden for he and Aubrey. Gosh, I am ready for Spring. Aubrey has already started talking about that Easter Bunny. Right now we are participating in Lent with our church, I gave up soda's...so basically I drink coffee and then water the rest of the day. Steven gave up beer (and any other alcohol). This is tough, not that we have to have these things...but that we can't have them!! Aubrey decided to give up her Barbie's...she decided she needed her Diet Coke. So, I suppose are all ready for Easter and Spring to arrive!!

We are looking for another easy day, we are heading to church and coming home for a nap. This afternoon we are grilling some steaks. Whew...and begin again with another week.

PS. In case you haven't been following my sister's blog, she is having a little girl! She is naming her Piper Leigh Wilkerson. Our new little princess is due July 13th! We are all waiting for this sweet angel!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day


Here is the Valentine's Run that Steven does every year. This was the team. They place 18th in 108 teams. We were lucky to have Robin and Bernie here for this Valentine's Day weekend. It meant so much for Bernie to run with him.

We were able to have a King's cake here. I was totally excited when I found one at a bakery in Chapel Hill. As far as this week, we have been running a maximum speed. We are ready for the weekend, we need to rest.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shaking of the teeth.

Yesterday when we got home Jamie snuck upstairs and was really quiet. I found him in his room sitting in his rocker reading a book. I ran back downstairs to grab my camera. Here is my sweet boy reading his book upside down.

Last night we had the shaking of the teeth. Aubrey wanted her tooth to fall out so, Steve was shaking her upside down let it fall out. Jamie thought that he needed a turn.

Today, Aubrey lost her tooth. So, lets see if she gets a visit.