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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great Gray Getaway...

I am just getting this post finished up. I have been downloading pics every night. I am so thankful for this little get away that Grandma and Grandpa planned for us. Aubrey went and stayed with them in Nashville and we met them in the mountains for a weekend getaway. We appreciate everything Grandma and Grandpa, we had such a great time.

The Smoky Mountains...from the deck.

Poor Uncle Chris, he does get up early!

Saturday Morning we were up and at the park...

Aubrey has lost another tooth, that was 2 this summer!

Aubrey and her Smurfet.
The first roller coaster of the day. It has a loopty-lou!

The Gray's love the water!

Ziplines are a new favorite thing!

Thank you Sir, it will look so pretty on our Christmas Tree!

I do not do so well with tea cups!

We can't go to Dollywood and not get Taffy!

After a long day of play, it is back to the cabin for an awesome dinner!

A little of down time for the Pollies.

Then, they are back up the next morning planning out what they are going to do at the museum the next day. They are reading the brochure.

Check out this upside down house.

After the musuem, we thought we would drive through the Smoky Mountain Park. We thought, oh, it would add 30 minutes to our trip. So, we ordered a bag of Krystal's and set off to the park. The extra 30 minutes turned into about another 4-5 hours, and it was worth every second. We played in the creek, and took a hike with the Pollies. The hike was a 1.5 mile hike up and 1.5 mile hike back down. The kids did great with the hike.

The hike was so worth it.

The cave.

Elk along the way.

Grandma and Grandpa we had such a great time. Thank you so much for an awesome weekend get away. We can't wait to see you again!