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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday... Reese Monroe Jackson!


Another angel was born this morning.
Reese Monroe Jackson
May 16, 2012

 My dearest most best friend delivered her first born today.
Twilla Susanne Pugh Jackson and her husband Joe Jackson,
welcomed their sweet daughter into this world this morning.
I received a text early this morning letting me know that she had arrived at the hospital.  We sent a few text back and forth and before I could even make it to work this morning, Reese had made her grande entrance!  I am so very proud of Susanne and Joe!
They did such great work...don't you think?!
Experiencing your first born is the most incredible feeling that you can never, never replace or reproduce.  I am so thankful that Susanne  has joined the almighty sisterhood of "Motherhood".
It is such a blessing that sweet Reese had safe and healthy delivery.
Our prayers and thoughts are with the three of you during this nurturing time.
Enjoy these moments, I wish I could be there!
Reese, I will meet you soon enough, know that you are one loved little girl!
We have waited a long time for your arrival.
Susanne, YOU, are absolutely stunning.
The mommy glow fits you so well.
Hang in there, these next few weeks are just a small, small, hurdle and you will have this show down pat!  I am so proud of you, you are an amazing person. Reese and Joe are absolutely blessed to have you!  Rest and I will talk with you soon.
Hugs and Kisses

PS-Thank you for sharing your pictures. :)

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