"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Monday, November 25, 2013

Junior Scout

This year Aubrey is a Junior Scout!
I am not leading this year, due to sweet Lillian I stopped and Aubrey wanted to continue!  I am so proud of her to continue without me at her side, honestly I think she likes it better that way!
She officially bridged over again!

Here she earned her cooking badge, she cooked breakfast! She even burned her fingers, thank goodness for the aloe plant!   It was much needed!

Just remember this cutie will be tapping at your door pretty soon with cookies for sale!

Wonderful weekend

We had a busy weekend, Friday night we meet Steven at the lab and took him to dinner and drug him over to the gymnastic meet at UNC.  It was fun to see the gymnast in a relaxed atmosphere where they were competing against themselves.   Some of our favorites have returned and a few retired girls were in the stands to cheer them on, Aubrey got to see her favorite from last year, Elizabeth!  Lillian did really well as we were out and about, Jamie played his DS and hung out with us.
These are few pics from last week that melt my heart, going back to work will be bitter sweet!
Lillian is such an easy baby, I am do thankful she is so flexible with our schedule.
This was Jamie's homework on Thursday, he was thankful for soldiers and Jesus!  I am so blessed that he would think to draw this instead of something silly like ketchup!
He really is an awesome little fellow!
Here is one of our favorite girls, Haley Watts, she really awesome and we are glad she is back!
This was a typical Saturday morning pre-Lillian! Now 7wks, and we are all back at Reeds for coffee and hot cocoa!
It felt so good!
After a long day of work, we decided to start a little fire and make hotdogs and s'mores as and end to our outdoor fun, and begin our hibernation period!  We have new neighbors that moved in an what better way to get together and play!
And again Lillian was a trooper!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lillian Paige Gray

Born 10/03/2013
This is newest our joy!
We have waited so long for her arrival!  
I am long over due for a post, the truth is we have been busy and I have not made time!
Hopefully, I can jump back into the post and keep up! 

Lillian has been a delightful addition to our lives!  Jamie and Aubrey have embraced their roles as older siblings and love helping!

This is my dear friend and physician, Dr. Munoz, delivered both Jamie and Lillian! We are very blessed to have her in our lives!

So here were are now...Gray Party of 5!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

This was the first year we Trick or Treating together!   Steven's parents came in to visit so they gave out the candy!  It was was fun, but busy!!   Here are few pics from our adventure!

Here they are checking out their loot!
 Here is the candy we gave out!  I am not sure on the poundage but it was a lot!!

Here are our monsters!  Aubrey went as Morticia, however she could not remember her name!  Jamie wanted to be the blue Ninja Turtle, thanks to Grandma Robin he already had this costume!  We go him a new mask and he was set!  Lillian, well she wore a warm fleece "Boo Bag"!  She was 4wks old and slept through the adventure!
Here is the neighborhood crew!  We love getting this picture each year to see how they have all grown!  Just think, I guess Lillian will be walking next year!

I threw this in, I shared this on Facebook for my "Throw Back Thursday"! I love my little sister!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A day of NO regrets!

This morning I was struggling with the thought of taking the Pollies to summer camp, while I stayed home!
Steven was packing for his trip, while I slowly woke the Pollies.  Today...I dropped the chores and played with the Pollies!  We decided to check out the Krispy Kreme in Burlington and stop by Micheal's.  I totally wanted them to relax today!  I think my mission was accomplished!

We ordered a dozen assorted ...for the next few days...they forget, that Dad comes back tomorrow, their dozen may dwindle, more quickly than they expected!
Aubrey was excited to sport the famous Krispy Kreme Hat!
I think that Jamie was more excited about the chocolate doughnut with chocolate sprinkles...and chocolate milk!!!

After about 1 and 1/2...Mr.Sticky fingers had enough!
Aubrey just makes these look so good!
After breakfast we headed over to Micheal's...she wanted to make parachute bracelets.
I have never done this, and I was not going to buy a $10 book...I figured with Pinterest and cord, we might could figure this out!  With her strong will, and my exhausted state, she determinately took on this craft herself and taught herself to make it.  She and I can be like oil and water...I decided to step back and let her drive, and guess what, she rocked her bracelet project.  All by herself and Pinterest!

Aubrey working hard.
Jamie totally played couch potato!  I was fine with that, being they are on the go all the time! 

This is what we call a "Jamie-Burrito"...I just love him!
Look at the little piggies hanging out!  I can't believe how big they are getting!
I just love this busy boy!
Aubrey was having a blast with her letter beads...silly girl!

It was definitely a day out of the norm, but I love days like this!  I have no regrets for hanging with the Pollies and not scrubbing the tub!

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Our little "Jelly Bean"...or "Thunder Bean" as Jamie refers to the "BUMP"...is progressing well.
This sweet picture was about a month ago.  This night, I was playing my Pandora, and reading to Jamie.  "Jelly Bean" was loving the sweet tunes, and began to shimmy a bit!  I believe at this point the idea of a baby became real for Jamie.
This is another bedtime moment, we love this time with our Pollies.  It is one of the best parts of our day, snuggling with them, reading a sweet book, and saying their prayers.  I can't tell you how much I treasure this.  I can't wait to stuff another Pollie in with them!
This "BUMP" picture is a little silly moment...this was a Wednesday doing laundry all day, that I looked into the knob, and saw a hugo-rom-a view of my belly...so I used this as another "Bump" view. 
The hurdle has been tackled!  While the Pollies were on tour with their Grands, we took on the nursery, again.  Since Jamie had movied out, we basically store extra things in there and kept the door closed.
Before: was like a daycare landed, and...
Now: there is a bit more organization!

Last week, I took this shot, as the sun was setting in the playroom.  The afternoon sun is pretty strong on this side of our house.  This was my 30wk Bump shot!  I clearly can see the light at the end of this pregnancy.  It seems a bit sad, that I will miss the wiggles, but I am ready to be able to bend over without grunting!  I am pretty sure the Pollies are ready to give the shuffling of the laundry back to me.  As for now, I will be looking for the next chance to capture a neat "Bump" shot.