"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Saturday, November 27, 2010

November and that was that...

I must say that we have been some very busy Gray's this month. So, busy that my nights have been consumed with other projects and I haven't been able to blog. So, I am sitting here trying to catch up, so I will start at the beginning.

The first weekend of the month Aubrey had her end of the season soccer party. It was lots of fun and the parents had just as much fun as the players!

Aubrey received her long awaited trophy, she lives for her trophies. She has collected a few between dance and soccer!
Steven did some major trip taking and worked long hours during the weekend, throughout the month. So, I flew the crew on auto-pilot and hoped for the best! Jamie found an interest for the Barbie Box...more so that it irritates Aubrey if he is into her belongings!

Aubrey won the hula-hula hoop contest at the school dance. Dad, missed this big event, however he was on the cell phone celebrating with us while he was switching flights.

Aubrey's dance studio had observation night in all of her classes, Steven did make to tap and ballet. That was exciting, and she doing really good!

We found a little time to play, we squeezed in a few minutes at the park after the family picture day.

We had a snowman night! We made cookies and watched Frosty.

Aubrey decorated for us!

Then, I tried to make pictures for our Christmas cards, that was interesting.

The kids got tired...come on MOM!!!

Then Aubrey had her re-dedication of her Girl Scouts. It has been fun, being a leader this year.

Aubrey had her play at school. Steven and I were both able to make for her, I was excited for her. Thanksgiving was nice, we had a perfect Thanksgiving.

Jack has made it back to the house! We have missed him!

Aubrey sent her Amercian Girl Doll to the Hospital to get her ears pierced. It was a tough decision, but she wanted to do it.

Then there was the Iron Bowl, we had some friends over and the Tigers pulled through for us!

Then we went to see Santa, and to Build-a-Bear! Aubrey has had a great behavior and had gone without sticks for 3 weeks and this was her prize. Jamie just lucked out on Aubrey's good behavior!

That is was our month rolled into one post! Now we are into December, expect a post soon!