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Monday, June 28, 2010

We took a little trip!

I realize that we have been very delinquent on the blog, the truth is that we are about full on our space on the website here and I am being really careful until I decide how to save it, I really want to make it a book. We will see.

Anyway, we had a little trip we went on in mid-June and here is the proof. Grandma Marilyn and Papa Ed asked us to join them with Uncle Chris and Uncle Kyle at Disney World and we ran as fast as we could! We had a wonderful time!

Our first stop was at Typhoon Lagoon, a water park, it was really fun!

Aubrey and Steven went snorkeling...well Steven did and Aubrey found a life guard!

Here is Jamie's first encounter with a character...Stitch! Not so sure!!!

We made a run through Downtown Disney.

Then the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios...this was Aubrey's first ride, it scared her, but by the end of the week she was back on it!

We did the Magic Kingdom for a few days!

Oh, Look!!! The Elam's...we met up for a few rides, Calley is a classmate from Kindergarten! We also have dance together, it was really neat to meet up with them for a few hours!
Animal Kingdom...it brings out the animal in everyone...me, by the end of the day, I was a tired DOG!

Looking for a little rhythm!

Aubrey has this thing!

Aubrey's little experience that lasted for a few weeks!

Here are Aubrey's favorite girls...most of all she love Rosetta!
Finding Rosetta was on the list of must does for Aubrey.

Small World has been cleaned up, love it

Wendy and Peter...and Pollies!

Headed to Chef Mickey for a little Celebration, 20 years of bliss for the Whitmire's!

Chef Mickey...this was an awesome character meal. We had a great time, and we got to have a Anniversary Celebration for Grandma Marilyn and Papa Ed...Happy 2o years, and who better to share with other than Mickey and the gang!

Uncle Kyle, Aubrey loves her light saber! She will cherish the moment of building it with Uncle Kyle. She looks so serious.

Toy Story...."BUZZ" Jamie's number one hero! Finally, we met up with him. However, this Midway Mania ride in Hollywood Studio was the best ride of all for everyone. It was definitely what you wanted to use your fast-pass for!

Cinderella's Castle...thanks Grandma Marilyn for the lunch date. We met up with a few princesses and had a wonderful lunch.
This is a really cute picture of Aubrey making a wish on a star, I absolutely love this.

Here are Steven and Aubrey making a purchase in the Glass Shop, Aubrey saved her money and she is doing a little shopping for herself. She bought two little glass figurines for her room.

The pollies in their Mickey Mouse Hats!

So, the polliwogs love looking for turtles in the pond as we waited for the buses.

We saved the light parade for last, we were so excited!

We really enjoyed getting to see the fireworks, it really is amazing!

Marie might have been Aubrey's favorite character!

Jamie kinda like this princess, he was all about climbing in her lap!

This was a truly special moment, Aubrey meeting Mary Poppins! Aubrey went right up to her and began to tattle on her little brother..." He pulls my hair, he hits, and he is difficult to get a long with!" Mary simply told her "Now Aubrey, It it is very difficult to be a big sister, and you were chosen to be Jamie's big sister and you should be very proud, and one day Jamie will be very proud that you are his big sister." I wish Mary Poppins could have been my Nannie.

These were Aubrey's two trinkets from Epcot. She also received a set of drumsticks from some of the performers of a show, I suppose she is a drummer now!

Florida was hot and if that is worst thing about this trip, then you know we had a rocking good time. Happy Anniversary, Grandma Marilyn and Papa Ed! We love you.