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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saying "Good-bye" to Dragon

Today our beloved "Dragon" joined "Sparkles" in the big lagoon in the sky!
We were really sad to see him pass, however we know that, he is swimming free!  We got Dragon after Sparkles pasted a few years ago!  Dragon was Jamie's fish, and this was his first pet!
We had a small funeral for him out back, and said a few small words for him!
Jamie added the first scoop of soil...and Aubrey added her portion.
Dad finished the funeral.
We said a sweet prayer for our beloved Dragon!
No matter how joyous we try to be for our Dragon, it still hurts!
As we learned today about our family, we remembered that family helps one another in times of need!  What a great Big Sis!
A few moments out front, and...
a Dream sickle, and we feel a little better!!!

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Nathalia de Oliveira Barbosa said...

You have grat kids, but they have the betters parents too!
I love your blog, you teach values to your kids, we need more people like you here in Brazil.
I'm Really happy that i found your blog.
Happy new year.