"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pollies visit the Patch

Today was we had a blast at the Strawberry Patch. It was at Isley's Farms in Burlington. Some friends of our invited us to go with them and I had to take them up in it! I am so glad we did.

Jamie seemed to have a great time. He wears his evidence well.

Over a did it a bit! Looks like the freezer will be full for smoothies!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

My afternoon treat!

Our day has been so busy.
This morning the Polliwogs got up early and made breakfast for me in bed! It was so sweet. Jamie plopped next to me and grabbed a biscuit for himself. Aubrey was really proud of herself for having such a great plan.

Here is Jamie's present to me! Thanks Jen for taking time to do this with him, you will never know how much it means. I love the little hand print.
Aubrey had made me a sunflower! She has been keeping this a secret!
All said and done, we had a perfect day. This morning we joined the church that we have been attending. It was such a perfect Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Did you see that???

That was our week flying by. Let me hit rewind for you! So, Monday was soccer practice. We also had to shop for snacks, we were signed up for any and everything snacks for the week! This also was teacher appreciation week so we had a project for that to do. Then, that was a rap for Monday.

Tuesday, we had a rehearsal for tap, jazz, and ballet. Then, we headed over to Zack's for Hot dogs. We got home late and headed to bed.

Then all of a sudden it was Wednesday! We had Aubrey's last soccer game. It was fun and we are looking forward to our end of the year party next weekend!

That brings us to Thursday, we had rehearsal for Acro! Jamie and I took Aubrey, and Steven was able to cut the grass.

Finally...it was Friday! It was show time. Aubrey had her Acro recital. It was the 3 of us, fully focused on our dancing darling! She did so great, we decided to try something new! Melissa told me about the "Cruz Thru", they have slushies! So, we decided to take Aubrey through and get her one. It was great, we just drove right through the store and paid a $1.00 for a slushie for her! She was amazed that we could drive right in the middle of the store! Thank you, Melissa!

So, now it is Saturday! Aubrey had her big recital today. She did so great, and we have to give a big thanks to Aimee for keeping Jamie for us! He would have not done well sitting through this today! So, Aubrey did really great and we are so proud. So, this afternoon we are relaxing...can you believe it??