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Monday, April 27, 2009

It's official... Strep Round 4

Steve posting from home this time. Took the polliwogs to the doctor this morning, and Aubrey tested positive for strep throat. This is the 4th time since December. Her throat looked horrible, but she wouldn't tell us anything was wrong because she hates the throat swab that they do. Both of Jamie's ears were infected pretty bad as well, and he's got a nasty cough. They are both on antibiotics (again), so wish us luck shaking this again.

Robin and Dad, don't wait to go to the doctor if your throat starts hurting. Sorry if we spread our germs! So far Christy and I are feeling ok. But is that tickle in the back of my throat just allergies or could it be ...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Gray's visit.

This was the beginning to the weekend. We all ate here and heading into the Dogwood Festival.
This is a fun little thing that the city does. Grandma Robin stayed at home with Jamie. Aubrey was glad to have Daddy and Mommy time. It worked great.

Girl Power! They liked their arm bands.

Mikeala enjoyed her ride.
What brave girls! Steve even got to go down with Katie.

Aubrey is ready to go and get Grandpa from the airport. She even wore lipstick!

Grandma and Aubrey decided to do arts and crafts.
And it begins! He is chasing all three of them. Here he gets a little nip. He did throw a little fit after getting bit. However, it was not hard and Dill was playing with him. He really likes the cats.
So, a little fun in the sun!

Aubrey had great Grandpa time!
Robin loved on Jamie all weekend! She probably will end up sick. Jamie had a temp of 104 this afternoon and Aubrey's throat looks nasty. Steven is taking tomorrow off and taking them into the doctor! He went into work after Grandma and Grandpa left, so that he would not be behind. Will we ever be through with this mess???? Jamie will be getting tubes soon!! So, that will take care of his, however, pray that Aubrey doesn't have strep!!!

What an outfit!!!

What a lover!! Jamie is so sweet, he loves to cuddle!
Here I am this morning greasing them down with sun screen. More fun in the sun.

Aubrey's seeds are growing. Steven says that they are sunflowers!

Time for ice cream!! They love to share ice cream!

Aubrey and Dill! True love!
Sick Jamie! Sweet baby! Hopefully we will know more.

So, Aubrey was upstairs playing tonight. Want to guess what she was playing???

Teacher!!! I remember playing that too!

We had a great time with Bernie and Robin. It meant so much to see them. It has been awhile. Thank yall for making the trip. We look forward to seeing you both this summer. Take care!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Grandma Robin to the rescue!

Our nest, we are so happy! Yesterday there were 2 eggs, now there are 3! This nest is so exciting. T
The shower for Lauren and "Baby Grayson" was fun. She is so cute and we can't wait to meet him.

I think that the cake was a hit.

Grandma finally made it.
Grandma came in last night. In this picture she and Aubrey are calling Grandpa to tell him that she is safe and sound. We were so glad she came. She was up and down with Jamie last night. I was up and down myself. I was sick pretty bad. I am not sure if I ate something at the shower that just did not agree or, if I caught a nasty bug. However, I was sick. I stayed at the in the bed until 1:00 and I got up for a little bit, and went back to bed. I got up a little after 4:00 and got a shower, so that I could get Aubrey to soccer. Thank goodness Robin was here to help me. I had such a bad headache that she did most everything for me. She watched the kids all day while I stayed in bed. She is awesome. This was great timing for her to be here. I am looking forward to heading back to work and having a normal day. I am also ready to go to bed without feeling sea sick.
Jamie and Aubrey took Grandma to lunch and some how got her to Wal-Mart for a shopping spree. Aubrey told her how to get to Cracker Barrel! Go Aubrey! Jamie has his own chair now!

Aubrey did get one goal! We were proud. I am glad that Grandma got to see here play. The surprise tonight was that we played Dianna's (our neighbor) team. That was a neat surprise. Steven showed up at the end of the game! Dad finally made to another game. Aubrey loves it when he comes.
Abigail and Jamie were playing while their sisters were on the field. Who knows they maybe the true soccer players!

Jamie started walking this afternoon, thanks to Grandma...she gave him lots of attention this afternoon!
The best soccer girls around! Ha...:)!

When we got home while Steven was cooking Grandma had the polliwogs outside playing.

After dinner and bathes, Jamie went to bed. Aubrey got some ice cream. She called and teased Grandpa that she ate all of his ice cream. She told him "To bad, so sad"!

Here is our boy!!