"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A quick over view of what you may have missed.

We made a trip to Alabama to see our cousins! We appreciate the great hospitality from the Bryant's, we love you all and thank you for such a great time!

I finally got to meet my beautiful niece...Piper Leigh Wilkerson! I love you my dear!

The Pollies got their rooms all gussied up, while they were on tour this summer.

We made it to Saxpahaw. This is a small town that puts on a mini festival/farmers market on Saturday nights in the summer!

Aubrey squeezed in a movie with some girls this summer.

School has started back and Aubrey loves the 1st Grade.

Meet Ms.Fuller!

Meet Mrs. Oldham.

We headed south for Labor Day weekend to see someone special...our dear little Piper is such a blessing, we are so glad she is here!

The tooth fairy has been stopping in a lot around here. We tried the water trick and it worked. Supposedly, if you leave your tooth in a glass of water, when she takes it out the water turns the color of her dress. It worked.

Aubrey has learned to ride her bike, now with that said...she can ride and keep it up, but stopping is where she runs into trouble.

On September 11th, Steven and I ran a 10k (my 1st)! Then we took on the 1mile mad-dash with our little Aubrey. She did so good, she was thrilled to see her principal there running too!

Soccer is going great and we are now on a all girl team. We love watching her get excited!

Our Sunday School Class is growing and having fun!

Steven did a big mountain run through the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Girl Scouts has started back! Saturday we participated in a lemonade stand to raise money for our troops. We love GS!

Goofy 1st grader...where are those teeth...will they be here for Christmas?

A little back yard fun, We loved having Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bernie here for the weekend. Jamie has been on his "Grand-Tour" for 3 weeks. He spent time with everyone. We are so blessed to have such great parents that want to take time with these Pollies.

Last night Aubrey and Jamie snuck in a movie.

Tonight we went for a family stroll.

This is the past few months. We have been a real busy family, we are now up and running again and we can't wait to share much more memories with you! Welcome back!