"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More biking, more bruises, and a little science with Dad!

Jamie is loving riding with the family!

Aubrey is still taking hard licks!

Open sesame...Steven has these Pollies thinking that they have magical powers that they can open the garage door. All they have to do is point and yell "OPEN SESAME"! Steven gingerly presses the opener in his pocket. He has been doing this since we moved here with Aubrey!

Steven has also been doing projects with Aubrey. The latest one was rock candy...

as you can tell, it was winner with the kids!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend over view!

This weekend the Daisy troop went to visit the Sister's Garden! The Sister's were both Girl Scouts so these little Daisies have a special place in their hearts.
It was just as beautiful as always.

This year the sister's will be 96! We are so lucky to get to know these special ladies!

Sunday's are always wild, we never seem to make it church on time!
This Sunday the children sang in the late worship service.

The we wrapped up a great weekend at Sonic. After running my 10 miles on Sunday, I was craving a diet cherry limeade!

The Pollies enjoyed cruising with the windows down!

And that was that!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The things that Lollie-Pops make us do!

The fields were wet this morning so soccer was canceled. So, had a bit of an easy morning. However, by 11:00 we were back on task. The Pollies had an appointments for their Spring cuts! Thank goodness that Mrs. Terri was ready to tackle this crew. We have been bottled up this morning and they were excited to get going. Aubrey kept asking Mrs. Terri for her pink stripe that she wants in her hair, but Mrs. Terri told her nicely that she needed to wait until after Easter! I concur! Aubrey did not want much taken off her hair, she just needed a little clean up.

Jamie on the other hand, he was for barrettes, his hair was in his eyes! Mrs. Terri spent most of her time getting him ready for his "3rd" birthday coming up! However, most of the time we had to remind him about that Lollie-Pop in the cabinet! He did pretty well, and now he looks like a big boy!

We have to thank Mrs. Terri at Madison Heath's for such great patience! She is so sweet and she makes for what could be a stressful outing, to an exciting time. The Pollies love her!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Looking who is behind the handles!

We have grabbed this week by the handles and taken control! Aubrey officially knows how to ride her bike! We are so excited, she is so confident.