"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Sunday, May 31, 2009

It was a beautiful day today once the rain stopped. We went to early church and left early with out going to Sunday School. They had a trustee meeting instead and we left. Steven finally got to mow the lawn, and we had a relaxing day with Jamie. We spent most of the day outside. Jamie's really becoming an outdoor baby. Here's his first popsicle.

Jamie got to play in the sandbox... and he actually didn't eat any sand!
The cats enjoyed some fresh air too.

Jamie chased Dill for a while. Dill's such a good sport.

Diana, Abigail, and Conner came over today. Last weekend we told Diana that Aubrey needed someone to pick strawberries while she was away. She volunteered! So they finally made it over and got a bowl full. Diana can't wait until Aubrey comes back. She asks about Aubrey every time we see her.

I think Jamie has a favorite toy now. He just loved hitting his daddy with the carrot bat. He carries it around all the time.

Here is Jamie talking to Aubrey on the cell phone. It was nice to get to talk with her today. She usually ask to talk to Jamie. He just listens to her. It was cute.
Jamie spent a little time in the swing and watching me make bubbles. He doesn't get as excited as Aubrey. She loves bubbles.

Here's the update on Aubrey's garden. With the weird mix of sunshine and thunderstorms, all the plants are getting bigger every day. Aubrey, here's your first flower from your garden.
Slowly but surely, your watermelon is coming along.
Here is a new visitor that was visiting the garden today. We are not sure what this bird is, however he is really pretty. I really like the yellow.

We even got a couple mulberries before the birds! Yummy!
We finished our day with a walk around the neighborhood. Jamie got really bored without his big sister to watch.
After a hard ride, a bath and a popsicle made his teeth feel better he got a little love before his bedtime. He is such a cuddler.
Aubrey we hope that you are making so many memories and sharing lots of love among all of your grandparents. They are so thrilled to have you visiting. I am so pleased to hear that you are having fun. We are so proud of you.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

This was our Saturday.

So this morning Sarah, Joel and the girls came over. Steven went to run with them, while I was on kid duty. We had a great time. We all headed outside to play in the front since the grass was wet.Jamie pretended to cut the grass. He spilt bubbles on his pants so he went without britches.
Katie enjoyed getting playing dress up and riding the little scooter.
Jamie shared his little ride with Mikeala. They play pretty well together.

This afternoon Haley had her 4th Birthday Party. We stopped in to wish her a Happy Birthday. She had her party at the park in Burlington Park. It is so much fun there. Jamie was pooped and slept through the entire time. Haley looked so cute. Take notice of her party hat! I have a new hobby of making party hats. Ha...not really, I just like making them.
After the party we headed to Archdale to the Schwartz's. Sarah's Birthday was today and we went to have dinner with them. It was soooo good. Joel cooked and Sarah had made a cake. It was a great little day.

We did take the stroll this afternoon. Here is what we found, my hibiscus has bloomed for the first time. Yay!
I have more blooms on the hydrangias. They really make me happy.
Aubrey's plant is really beginning to bloom. Almost, I bet tomorrow it will be full, we will see.
This week I saw a humming bird so today I put out my feeder. Hopefully, we will attract them, I can't wait to see.
Then we refilled my favorite past time. The bird feeder. I could sit on the couch and watch this for hours. I love to watch the birds.
Guess who else we got to see! Dianna and Abby. They stopped in. They were taking a walk through the neighborhood and saw the door open. It was good to see them.
So, tonight I am having some Cheerwine. Melissa would be proud. She always gets some when we got to the hotdog joint. It is ok. I like cherry drinks.
So, we don't know much. We did talk to Aubrey. She is with my mother right now and it sounds like she is having a great trip. She headed to Mobile and Daphne today. It sounds like she had great time. Well, I need to go, Dill is trying to get in Aubrey's pollies. He knows better and he does this to aggravate Aubrey for the most part.

Friday, May 29, 2009

On Steven's stroll this afternoon...

He found these eggs in the nest in the tree in the front yard. He was able to snap this without getting attacked. He and Jamie walked and checked on Aubrey's flowers. They look so cute. The clouds were rolling in.

Here are some of my flowers on the patio. They are so beautiful to me.

Aubrey your flowers still haven't bloomed yet. Soon, baby soon.

Jamie enjoyed playing in the flower bed.
Boy, did we get a rain cloud. Wow!

That was our little adventure. Nothing major, just us. We are looking forward to a great weekend.