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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend at Grandma & Grandpa Gray's

 We had a really great time.  We road bikes, went swimming, and much, much more just look!

 Uncle Chris made Tats for the Pollies!
That is right, Jamie got a rocket ship on the right arm and a robot on the left arm.
Aubrey got two kitties.

 Grandma brought out Uncle Matt's Army men, (the G-Joe's...as Jamie would say).
 Steven and Jamie got in some tool time.

 On Sunday we took a trip to Cheekwood.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, we really had a great time.
The tree houses were amazing!
This is...The Jolly Roger.
 Pretty amazing.

 This is...The Giver.
 Can you see Aub?
 Grandma got these really neat backpacks for the trial.
Lots of activities inside with great goodies.
 I loved seeing the Hydrangeas.

 Little lesson on mosquitoes.

 Leaf rubbings.
 A little cottage, Snow White...are you there?
 Good things stand like stone
Kindness in another's trouble
Courage in your own
-Cora Howe

 One of my favorite Tree Houses...
Conch House, Lord of the Flies.

 Explorer Extraordinaire...Aub.
 The Walden Tree House

 The Rainbow Fish

We really had a great time, 
we loved being there with Grandma and Grandpa.
They always have great ideas.

 This tree house is Ocean of Notions.

This is Up and Down Again from the Hobbit's Tale.
 The Japanese Garden was fun.

 A real rock garden.

 The big house...The Art Museum.

The concrete pond...just kidding, the reflection pool.

 Aubrey said these were for the Three Bears...
 Thanks Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bernie, we had a great time.

 Bike riding was fun, especially to the pool.

 This I believe that this maybe the official Gray summer drink of choice.
It is really good!  Thanks guys!
 Jamie airborne
 Aubrey airborne

 Cooking with Betsy Baker...aka Grandma!

 Aubrey caught many Rollie-Pollies.

 Building things with Uncle Chris...the rocket scientist!

 Sweet Annie...good boy Andy (Jamie says)!
And there is dear sweet Zoey!

 Grandpa got out the Norton.

 Then there was swimming in the rain, when is last time you swam in the rain?
It has been forever for me.

 Check out the bike gloves...funny boy.

Then there was catching lighting bugs in our pajamas.
What an amazing time,
we are so blessed.

We had such a great time!
We love you both so much!


or just plain army men.

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