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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Pollies are home safe and sound!


The Pollies have been on tour again, in (LA)..."Lower Alabama" the past few weeks. They have had an amazing adventure with their "GRANDS"! This is a summer ritual that began when Aubrey was a tiny-tot. Now she is a pro and is Jamie's best friend through out the tour. I can't began to tell all the stories that they come home with. But, I will let you know how much these special Pollies are truly loved! They are very eager to cuddle up with Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bernie in a few weeks. They miss their grands very much, but count down time to the next visits!
Thank you Grands for all that you do for these babies!

As we read, cuddled and tucked them in, I could not put the camera down! I missed them so much! Here are a few pics from bedtime. Nighty-Night!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where have we been...

We have been in all directions lately. I hate that I haven't been posting in the past few months, this is my attempt to recap and revive. I almost do not know where to began.

Lets start back with:


I suppose I can start with Jamie turning "3". It is hard to believe how fast the monstrous little boy is growing. He has such a personality, full of spunk and no fear. We would not have it any other way!

Grandma Marilyn and Papa Ed came to visit during this time. It was so great to spend time with them. They also brought an extra guest, their dog. The pollies were in love with "Scooter"!

We also had a visit with Papa and Mimi. They stayed a week during Spring Break. They all had jam sessions on the patio and ate at Biscuitville all week! We even had a chance to drag them to the Strawberry Patch this year! It is always nice to have the grands up to visit, however I know how exhausted they are when they leave! We love our time with the grands!


May was filled with lots of activities. We continued on with Soccer. Aubrey had her dance recital. She finish the year with another trophy, Jamie actually sat through it this year like a big boy. Then we ran out for lunch and ice cream. We ate outside and the pollies heard the train in the city park blowing the whistle. So you know where we ended up! Just prior to the park we ran into the magic shop. We came out with magic wands. Jamie of course used his as a drum stick. Aubrey on the other hand, was very upset when she left the store and quickly realized it didn't work! So, Steven had to think quick and make up a trick to make her happy. So, there came the coin behind the ear trick! Wow, how the simple things can make your afternoon so much fun.


This month wrapped up a lot of our activities! Dance finished up with a bang! They both really enjoyed fun week, that is right "Both"! Jamie was able to take Acro (tumble) and was so excited! He has sat and waited for Aubrey so many times that this was his debut! Soccer wrapped up with an awesome celebration at the park. Aubrey received a metal this time, it was new for her! She was excited, and I was too - the trophy case is getting a little tight! Girl Scouts, also finished up with a big pool party; we had a exciting year! She has earned many patches to add to that blue vest. Next year we move up to Brownies!

The pollies started with Swim lessons in June! These water babies were quite at home. Aubrey had a great time, she is ready to take it again! We hope to get started back in the fall. Jamie was funny, he loved to jump in. It took a couple of times for him to relax and kick backwards. He was not willing to put his head back in the water! He still has a way to go, but he loves the water! We were excited that Grandma Marilyn was able to come up for and week and go to swim with us.


This summer has been peppered with activities! We had a great get away this month. My darling little neice turned "1" on July 2nd. So, we went down to Alabama "God' s Country" for her birthday. We spent an awesome weekend there in Tuscaloosa with Nikki, David, and Piper. On that Monday we got up on the 4th and headed down to Waveland, MS. We have very close friends from college that live in New Orleans that have a beach house there in Waveland. We joined them on vacation there at the house for the week. It has to been one of our favorite times so far this summer. I can honestly say we left everything for one week. We had a blast with our friends the Dickey's. We focused on our time with our family and did so much with the pollies with no rushing involved. There really was no schedule, the kids did as they pleased. The Dickey's helped us just to relax. It was a blessing to meet dear sweet Grace. Chad and Melissa have a beautiful little doll-baby! I can't wait to see her next year. I suppose you can say we were officially on "Dickey" time.

On our way back, we stopped and spent the night with Dad and Tami. We celebrated Dad's birthday. It was great to see Todd and Tyler. They are a hoot!

We left the pollies there in T'ville with the Grands. The have spent time with Grandma Marilyn and Papa Ed. Papa Ed took them fishing and swimming. They have been with Granny and Granddaddy. Piper has spent time with them along this trip. They are now with Papa and Mimi. They are enjoying their vacation on the farm. They are loving the cows and chickens! The are enjoying getting to see all of their grandparents!

Steven and I are...rushing around!! We are trying to accomplish many little house projects that we can while the pollies are out. We are getting in some fun time but, we are truly project driven.

I think that this has about caught you up with our little simple life. I hate that I haven't been posting like I used to, facebook has made it way too easy for me put things out there instead of taking the time to enter a blog post! I promise to work much harder at this.