"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday my Prince...from a far away place!

As you all know, I am completely smitten with my husband.  I think that he is my Prince, my heart beats every beat just for him personally.  Today, is his birthday.  I was not there to share this special day with my sweet love.  Today I have spent his special day in a very humble spot.  I am in Birmingham, Al.  As you might have noticed that my Daddy (my hero) had a knee replacement on Monday.  However, Tuesday afternoon he had a mild heart attack.  Luckly, I have been blessed to be able to run down to his bedside.  I bolted Tuesday night, and arrived in Birmingham about 3:00am Wednesday morning.  He had a heart cath done to look for blockage, and see if there was anything that may needing some repair.  Again, we were blessed that his heart looks perfect, no damage and no blockage.  Which now means that there are some electrical issues (plumbing is good, electricity not up to par).  So, in the morning we are looking at another cath, to do some electrical modifications.  Dad is tired, and ready to be home on the hill.  However, we do have another study tomorrow and would love to have your prayers.  He is scheduled to be on the table at 8:30am central time.  We appreiate all of the calls and help we have received.  Lee Lee, thank you.
Susanne, thank for getting me out of here, I needed it.  (Reese, your mother is an angel)!  Andrea, thank you for helping me.  Alice, thank you for having my back.  Missy, I can't thank you enough.  Woody's---thank you for everything!  Joel, sorry to have missed you and those sweet girls this trip.  I can't wait to see the sunset in my rearview mirror as I drive back to North Carolina. 

"My Prayer"
Please give Dad the strength.  Please give the doctor the knowledege.  Please give Tami the patience.
We give it all to you.  You are the One.   Amen

I don't know why all of these things have happened like this.  I am blessed that Dad had his heart attack in the hospital, and not anywhere else.  I don't know why....this has seemed so long and drawn out.  I but I know that I was here for a reason.  You see with Dad in the ICU, we have seen many people sent home with out their loved ones to began long journey's of greif.  I don't know why God has sat me here in these four walls to watch these familes hurt.  I am learning so much about life and what really matters, and taking notes.  God has truly spoken to be through these past few days, through the man that was brought in that had a stroke, he was just fine and normal and then this stroke robbed his family.  The girl who came in that had been beat, with no one with her but a man holding her purse and hills.  And then there was Stormy.

We walked in the waiting area early Saturday morning and there she was.  Sitting in the corner, she had spent the night in the waiting area.  She had heated the water in the coffee pot to bath in the restroom sink.  She was somewhat perky with a smile.  We chatted a bit and realized we had seen her husband the night before, they brought him in on a cart and he was chatting about wanting some cigars and a pint of wiskey.  None the less, you could see the love she had for this man.  The amount of support she received from her friends were amazing.  Stormy's husband had surgery late yesterday afternoon, and all went well.  We cheered with her last night and told her we would see her in the morning.     We arrived back this morning she had received bad news that he took a turn for the worse.  She had been here since 2:45am.  After lunch he passed.  Even though, I didn't know Stormy, I had such empathy for her.  I saw her life pass back through those doors, covered by a quilt.  Stormy, I am not sure how you are handling this tonight, but you are in my prayers.

I appreciate you giving me this time.  I thank you for loving me and those Pollies undconditionally.  You are my light, with out you I could not see my path.  Thank you for being the Godly man you are, and for helping me through these emotions.  I love you so much.  Happy Birthday my Prince.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Soccer Madness

We had our last regular soccer game of the season this morning.  Since Aubrey is planning to drop soccer next season, this was probably her last game.  They went out with a bang, winning 10-2 and Aubrey got to play goalie, her favorite position.  Here's some pics from the game.  We went out with a toast of the bubbly (Sparkling Grape Juice, that is).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter 2012

 Easter is such a fun time for us.  We try so hard to make such fun memories with our sweet Pollies.
You will see they enjoyed coloring eggs with their Daddy.

 Dill liked sneaking into some of the action.

 Sweet Treats from E.B. himself!
 I have a close friend that her church makes these eggs for a fund raiser.
We had to get one for each Pollie!

 The treasure hunt set up by the Easter Bunny!

 E.B. hid the eggs that they Pollies colored.  
Look where he put the orange and blue eggs, in the Toomer's Oak Tree.

This begins the hunt:

Still looking for more clues.

The golden egg had one last clue for what is left for them in the garage.

 Then it was time for breakfast.

We were off to church, for all of 5 minutes.  
Unfortunately, we got our times all mixed up with the combined services. 
But, we made it, and it was great to see everyone. 

I also wanted to include pictures from the Egg Hunt from the day before.

 Everyone brought in sweets for all these little tots.  Dana made these uber cute treats for the kids.

 We have such sweet kids here in our neighborhood and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.

 This is typical look from Jamie...

 Being that we have the Egg Hunt at the Gray House, we have "GRAY EGGS"!
 What great friends!

We are looking at having a great Spring seeing more of our neighbors.