"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Half way there!

A little shocked at the view...me too!  I mean wow, 20wks and growing!  So, yeah I am not the beautiful fantasy preggo profile that all expecting Mom's wish to be, and I am fine with that!  No matter the size or shape I am still culturing a perfect pearl in my eyes.  So, you will not see the week by week shot of me standing by a wall, or paying a photographer for a miracle that I would be pleased with.  This is what you get...this is my "Baby-bump"...and last one ta-boot! 

PS:  If you post any comments...please refrain from the comments that the lady at church made on Sunday...I am not due any day...and no not triplets!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring in Review

Starting from today...I am doing a bit of review to catch up!
Today was grilling fun food that these Pollies would eat!

Here are some fresh Strawberries & Mulberries from the backyard!  We love having fresh berries!
This was today's visitor...Dad caught this little lizard for the Pollies to study!

Our Backyard has so much interesting things!  We love exploring all the fun things...this was from my walk through on Wednesday night!
Aub & I at our Brownie Mother Daughter Luncheon, such amazing young girls in this troop!

Swim is in full swing!
Aub loving her Saturday Morning!
One sick little Pollie last week...Strep was back in the house!

We played the lottery...and LOST...lol!  $600Million has lots of fun dreams!

Lunch with Aubrey!
A year of dance, our favorite time of year...
Recital time!
Our sweet friend Laura and Ms. Lindsey!

Our Wednesday night date...love this sweet child!
Our dear sweet Kallie, a true friend, she means the world to Aubrey!

Aubrey loving her stage time!

Soccer ended, Jamie has a great group of boys on his team!
We love our guys!

We made a trip to Lowe's to plant our flowers!

Mrs. Janelle gave Jamie a cut like Caiden's!

We got to see the Schwartz girls, Katie had her first communion, we were honored to be there!
I love, love this picture of these two!
Jamie is finishing up Pre-K, and I am loving the art he is bringing home.

I am going to miss our commutes to and from Chapel Hill!

Aubrey's favorite time of year!  Book fair...
next year we are going to be broke with the love of books Jamie has.

We had our Brownie Sleepover, Jamie had a blast with the girls!
Such an amazing group of girls!
Dill is always feeling the love!
The ice cream truck has been making the rounds!
Aubrey is getting her reading done.
Puzzles have been getting worked.
Best Friends have been visited!
I have taken time to find beauty in the simple things!
Jamie has found that our front tree is fun to climb.
This is a tree that I use to take pictures during all seasons, it near the parking deck at work.
Our Brownies, visited the Life and Science Museum in Durham.
Sweet Haley was a true butterfly charmer!

Easter was a bit, chilly and wet...the sweetest part was having Grandma Marilyn here!

Our Color Me RAD Run...

Lost of fun...last 5k until the new Pollie!

There has not been a dull moment in our house this Spring!
We helped move things into Dad's new lab.

Girls weekend at the GWL...what an awesome time!

This was one tired Pollie!
Jamie is always up to some fun!

Aubrey in her classes!

 The best for last...our sweet little one that will be here in the Fall!
We are now at 20wks and that means we are half way there!