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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011..."Uber Pile" of...leaves/mash potatoes!

I hope you and your loved ones had a very blessed holiday. We did. We actually did not do the cooking this year. We were invited over to Steven's cousin's for our Thanksgiving gathering. We had a blast. They have moved to this area from California, last year and have recently found the perfect home. We were eager to get together and let the kids play. And that is just what we did...after arriving and getting the grand tour, we plunged into the backyard. You see after creating the October Bucket List, Aubrey has been wanting to do make a leaf pile and jump in it. Well, that has been harder than you think to cross off. See, we do have 2 trees, but they don't put out enough leaves, we don't even own a rake. So, Aubrey has been begging to do this. Once, she looked in the Jason's backyard...it was not long before she asked if he had a rake. He did and he let her get to work. It wasn't long before we were all scooping leaves into the uber pile.

We left no ounce of fun unturned. After a great afternoon, we headed in for a feast that Joyce had prepared. We are so blessed to have them here in our lives, we are looking forward to many more gatherings in the future.

The girls "Love Mash Potatoes"...this is them pretending to dig in!

They had an uber pile of mash potatoes...not sure where they put them, but the loved them!

They are very sweet girls!

Now today...we had a slow morning, we finally eased downstairs and look who arrived overnight.
That is right, "Jack" is back.

We put on a loaf of pumpkin bread...and we called it a perfect morning.

So, little funny man really has a sense of humor, here are couple of shots of him in action. In the lower shot, Aubrey is in the laundry baskets, while he sits on top. Funny Man.

Today, we started the Christmas movies while pulling out all the trimming from the attic. We are gearing up for exciting holiday season here in the Gray House.

I thought that I would leave you with an original piece of art from Jamie. I was cleaning off the counter from this week, and I love this from Jamie's week.

Thankful Thoughts:
1. A great Thanksgiving Day
2. Awesome Parents
3. Getting back to Zumba tomorrow
4. Angry Birds entertaining Steven while I post
5. I have the ability to still wake up with a smile