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Thursday, August 25, 2011

First day of 2nd Grade...

As we were rushing into the kitchen for a quick breakfast, I grabbed a hold to the camera! Just a few shots!! Isn't she beautiful, I love this 2nd grader. This was a grade that I loved. Mrs. Adams was so great!

Just a few more shots, thank you for putting up with me, sweet girl. You really look dashing in your sparkly purple that you picked out. You are going to blow them way today. Enjoy your first day. I can't wait to tuck you into tonight and hear all about your exciting day!

I hope Ms. W, loves your art!

There she is...Ms. W! We are looking forward to a great year! We are so excited and Aubrey is ready to make her mark on a new hallway!

"Jamie-Nard" could not be left out. Jamie was a wild man at the table this morning!
After taking Aubrey to school, he could not wait to see his friends in his class. He even wanted me to take his picture with his teacher! Thanks Ms. Monica, we love you too!

As Steven and I...we continued our tradition..."Breakfast on the First Day of School". It is so wonderful, to sit together, across the table from my best friend talking about our beautiful Pollies. I cherish this time with you. I think we have a new favorite place for breakfast, I can't wait until next year when I sit across from you at breakfast.

I thought that this was a neat idea for a coke bottle, syrup anyone?

Another annual event...Picking Peaches! Our peaches are every where. Today we gathered them and washed all 48 pounds of peaches.

After watching a chezzy movie with Steven it was time for Aubrey to arrive home by the school bus! This is moment I was waiting for all day! I could not wait to hug her and go through her backpack to see what Ms. W sent home on the first day! Thank goodness, no homework! Aubrey likes her teacher. She said that there is one thing that makes her worried. When I questioned her about what it was that had her worried she said that they are not aloud to talk! She said "Mom, I am a chatterbox, talking is my talent...what am I going to do!" I told her that there are times that we use our talents in appropriate times, meaning that I do not try to draw while I drive. She agreed that we would have to work on it.

Aubrey gives a thumbs up for today!

Jamie said he had great day too! He was full of energy tonight, I think we have been up 3x since we have put him down for the night! I thought that I would leave you with video of the Pollies at dinner. I hope you enjoy, they make me laugh. Steven missed this tonight while he was cutting the grass.

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