"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Think again...Sista!

Right after making this post yesterday...
I got a call from school, Jamie was throwing up & I needed to come get him.  So I rushed over with some clean clothes. As I rushed over I called the Peds Clinic back and got Jamie in...imagine the look on Dr. Goldbach's face...he took one look and said..."you again"!  Jamie said, yup...and began his grussom story with every detail for the poor man and his little black bag!
As I rushed to school I was trying to reschedule commitments for the afternoon while listening to durn "Zippity Doo-da" on the leftover Disney from the prior ride in...I wasn't feel it!!!
We went through the visit, grabbed a prescription, stuck by a transformer sticker "the bad guy"...and headed back to Mebane...to isolation!
Oh, one more thing...at school, his shoes basically "got a little dirty", so I stopped at the house for another pair...I rushed in his dark room!  When I looked in the lobby...I was mortified...mismatching shoes!  Dr. Goldbauch's last commit to Jamie was..."cool shoes man"!
At 9:30... As I fed Lil, I looked across the room and this what I saw!  Aub rushing through her homework and Steve studying emails and prioritizing his next day!  Things were finally calm and we were getting closer to bed!  
Lil, did great this morning, Aub went with Steve and I got Jamie settled in for a long day in bed, he was running a fever and he was going to be bored once again!  
I ran my coffee while I ran Lil in for the day!  I am so glad I can take her in, to separate everyone from Jamie!

But, this to will pass...and I will be yelling at him to calm down!  For now Spider-Man makes a great companion!
As for other news on the home front...this silly rubber band craze, not only do I vacuum them up, constantly...they have made their way to the litter pan!  That's right, the cats are eating them!  Uggg, we are having to be more careful!!
As for my new year resolution..."Operation Simplification...less is more"...is about to make me bald!!!  I am still working hard at weaving out the unnecessary, but focusing on what counts, but these hormones seem to have jumped on the less is more bandwagon too!
As for today, we are still taking things hour by hour...sip by sip!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cleaning up the pieces

Today I am jumping back in...

Today is my day off, the day where I clean and pull the house back together...much like this photo, cleaning up the crumbs...or picking up the pieces!  
However, it is the second day back to school after break, and there is another two hour delay, and Aubrey has developed a rash.  Her diagnois...fifths disease...random, but not contagious at this point.  So, she and Jamie are back at school.  

Little Lil, is at daycare.  She was thankful for the delay.  She slept until about 7:50.  She has been doing great in the afternoons, no true bewitching times the past days.  Here she is sleeping last night as we wrapped up the homework and bath times.

Since she has entered this world we have been like a washing machine swirling in all directions.  This week, we have just about taken back the control, and we have made it to the spin cycle where we are all together in one motion.  Yes, I need to jump up and get going on my chores!  

Glad to be back on the blog...loving the new groove of three pollies!