"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Thursday, July 31, 2008


So, this is something that Steven and I try to do the 1st of every month. Our 9th grade teacher, Mrs. Kimbrough, taught us that you would have good luck if you say (Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit) 1st thing before you say anything else, on the 1st day of the month. So, in the morning when the alarm goes off we will both be trying to remember (Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit). This is really challenging, we have been able to do it, but it is really hard. I don't know that it will really bring you good luck, however we enjoy the challenge.

Tonight we went to (Sam's Club) the Gray's favorite hang out! We also had dinner there, I think that Aubrey thinks it is normal to eat dinner at Sam's. Sometimes when Melissa asks, "where do we want to meet for dinner," Aubrey replies "Sam's Club". Poor Polliwog, she is a Gray and has it honest.

Well, Steven is having a bite of trouble getting Jamie down, so I need to go. Goodnight!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Night

Today on the way home Aubrey asked us "Hey, can we call this baby, Conner?" We just laughed. We had to explain that his name is Jamie. That it has to stay Jamie. Tonight they got their first bathes together in the tub. That was fun. Jamie now has a seat that sits in the tub. He has out grown the baby tub.

Last night I had to help out a friend and watch their kids for a few hours. It was fun and Steven got to be the "Stay at home Daddy". He did real well, he was able to read a book, give a bottle and have them both asleep when I got home. Talk about a SUPER DAD!

Nothing much has really gone on. We thought that we could show another clip of Jamie chasing his fish tonight.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Quite Ride home.

This afternoon on the way home we didn't have to listen to kids music. At one point we looked back and this what we saw. Two sleeping polliwogs. Aubrey did not get a nap, and Jamie barely slept as well. So, we had a nice drive home.

Today was the typical Monday. We are back in to the swing of things. We are ready for the weekend. Steven's focus is now on the playroom. We took a slight break from it this weekend, to focus on other needs and now we are going to try and complete it this next weekend.

We just had dinner and Steven is now working in the garage on the lawnmower. We are not sure what is wrong however, he likes to tinker with machines. Aubrey is getting a few minutes to watch TV. This is really a treat for her. She doesn't watch a lot, however we all sat down for Shrek last night. Jamie is taking a short nap. Like I said, he did not get much sleep at school, so he is trying to catch up now. And me, we I am catching a few "Me Minutes". Nice, don't you think! I take what I can get. In 10 minutes we are starting the night time routine.

Also, did you all catch Jamie in the Thomasville Times? We finally got his announcement in the paper. If you have any extras can you save some for me? Thank you, Grandma Marilyn for helping me complete that task. We are currently working on sending out the video of Aubrey's dance recital. I have the copies and we are getting them in the envelopes. I will mail them out this week. A copy for each set of grandparents!

Anyway not much going on with the polliwogs! I hope you have a great night!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pure Bliss

Today Steven and I went on our "Anniversary Date". Aimee agreed to watch the kids and we ran. We headed down to the Streets of Southpoint, it is a mall. We ate Maggiano's, one of our favorite places. Then, we watched Batman, Steven's pick this time. Last we went to Babies R' Us. We had a few things to pick up. Of coarse, I ran into a patient. I can't go to this particular store with out seeing at least one, we have too many patients. Which it was nice, I really like my patients and it is cool to see them outside of work. Back to the date. We had a really nice time getting out. It will be awhile before we can do this again. However, this was a nice day. Steven is cooking dinner now and we are headed for a walk after dinner. Then the night time routine begins. So, I hope you have a great evening.

Ps-I forgot to put this picture in the blog last night. This was a ad that we did for the homes that we are living in. This was in the house books that you can get for free at the grocery store. We thought that it was neat.

Also, I wanted to include some pictures of Jamie bouncing the exersaucer that his Papa got him.
He likes it a lot and his horsie. He is just learning about these and they will be helpful to keep him entertained. Thanks Papa!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Celebrating 8 Wonderful Years

Here are a few photos from our 1st date until our latest wonderful achievements (Aubrey & Jamie). I hope you enjoy looking back with us. July 29, 2000 was our wedding day.

A conquered Saturday.

This Saturday was all about completing some major tasks. We needed to clean the house, do the laundry, pictures done for Jamie, naps, and get the fruit cut up, oh plus clean up the camp ground. Can you believe that we got all this done plus, Steven took Aubrey to the Library.

So, Steve and Aubrey came in about 8:00 this morning. We started our day at this point. I had Jamie at Sears at 10:00 for his 3 month photos. They are awesome, when they come in I will be sharing! He did so good. Then Jamie and I had to stop by Goodwill to leave a box. The line in the drive through was so long, I decided to park and shop, while they unloaded the 3 trucks ahead of me. Good thing that I did! I found some toys for Jamie. They are nice fisher price toys, that are not cheap in the store. I had to clean them, and they need new batteries, but they are a great find. I also found some outfits for him, they are name brand too! I am really excited. I am some one that does not like to shop junk, it is complicated and you have to dig. However, this was a great junk day. Hummm, should I rush to Goodwill every Saturday morning?

While we were out, Steve took Aubrey to the Library. We really have a nice library, and it is very kid friendly. I wish that we could do the Monday night story hour, however we go to bed to early to fit it in our afternoon. She came home with 4 books. I took a picture of them reading tonight.

When we all got home, we ate lunch and then started the naps. That is when we rushed and cleaned as fast as we could while everyone was asleep. When they got up we played, and Steven and I cut up the fruit. Last week when Aubrey and I went grocery shopping we bought a coconut for Steven. So, Steven and Aubrey went outside to crack it. It was nasty. It was all molded in the inside. So, sad!

Steve went and picked tomatoes from the garden this afternoon. Look at what he brought back. I need to make some tomato gravy. Yumm! We were able to get a walk this afternoon. It was nice. We came home and bathed the polliwogs. I have cute pictures of Jamie. I was showing him his toes tonight. He was cute. Also, I have a photo of from when I was putting him to sleep. He is so sweet. You can see how tired he was. This was our day, I hope that you had a great Saturday as well.


So, last night was a bit busy. When we got home, we ate leftovers quick and got to work setting up the campsite (our backyard). Christy and Jamie went to Wal-Mart, and Steve and Aubrey set up the tent and "fire pit." Aubrey wanted everything to go in the tent, but somehow we limited it to a big blanket, her sleeping bag, her little blanket, her pillow, and 2 stuffed animals. We got some firewood courtesy of "curly-haired Mr. Matt" that Aubrey carried from the car to the backyard by herself. Christy and I realized that we were a little boring, so we invited Cindy and Amy over to sing Kumbaya with us by the fire. Austin came over too as an added bonus. We cooked hot dogs and pink marshmellows and made S'mores. At first Aubrey wanted a stick to cook her marshmallows, but finally she settled for the metal skewers I had. Aubrey liked the idea of roasting marshmallows, but when they caught on fire she panicked a little. By the end she was more interested in cooking them than eating them. Daddy helped her out a little with that. Other events of the evening included an intense game of Red Light - Green Light in the dark between Austin and Aubrey, as well as pretending that latex glove balloons were cow udders (complete with milking them). And yes, Aubrey did sleep in the tent with Steve the whole night with no problem... and not a single mention of bears.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back in Action.

Today we were all back in full swing. Jamie did really well today. I only called daycare once. Aubrey has been really hyper this afternoon. Nothing that was terrible, just she must have missed her nap or they had a party or something. She requested Sloppy Joe's for dinner. We haven't had those in forever. So, we got the leanest beef and she and Steven had those tonight. I think that they must have them at school. We gave Jamie his first taste of formula tonight during his snack time. He usually eats at 3:00 at school then when we get home he eats a little bit takes a small nap then, we get bathes and I feed him his last meal. So, we are running really low on our milk supply so, I decided to let him try it. I expected him not to like it...I was wrong! I think that he will be a Mikey!

After dinner we started the bath time bit. Aubrey always gets hers first. Then she plays in the tub while I bath Jamie. They we meet up in Jamie's room for family time. She likes to put on lotion while I greasy Jamie. Here is a little of our night. Steven is missing tonight because someone has to pay the bills!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Relief for my arms.

Ok, so when we went to the doctor yesterday, Jamie weighed in just under 15lbs. I had to stay home again today, his cough is just nasty. It is better, however you can tell he still doesn't feel really well and we are looking at a duration of 12-14 days. We felt he really needed one more day of complete TLC! He is pitiful when he cries, and starts to bark (basically). There is nothing that we can give him, other that Tylenol. Which we are giving him because you know his throat is really sore. Anyway back to my arms! Whew... those almost 15lbs are heavy! I just laid him down, so my arms are like ahhh....

Aubrey has been going to school, which as helped for me to completely focus on Jamie. I think that she is enjoying the one-on-one time with Steven. I think that she likes riding with him in his car. We rarely use his, we should, the gas mileage is much better. However, it feels like one of those clown cars that are really small, and all those clowns keep climbing out! It is a lot harder getting Jamie in and out, that is the real reason that we are using my guzzler.

So, we had a little break, Steven and I went on a date Saturday night. We had decided we missed the "Flying Saucer" nights and we needed to fix it. So, we wanted to go to Dick and Jane's down town Mebane. We told Laura and TJ what we were doing, and she thought that was cool! So, she asked if they could go, because her brother and future sister in-law where here in town and they thought that it would be neat for us all to go. So, we were like the more the merrier! We put the kids to bed and had Amy came to watch a silent house. We appreciate her willing to do this on a short notice. So, we loaded up and went out.

TJ's birthday was yesterday along with her future sister in-law last week. This was another reason to get out of the house. I have to say we all were really impressed by DICK & JANE'S! Laura and I are looking forward to girls night in the future.

So, I am hearing him bark, I need to go, hope you have a great Tuesday!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sick Polliwog

Jamie had a cold last week and has turned into Bronchiolitis. He was up a lot last night barking like a seal. It was really sad and broke our hearts. We decided to take him into the doctor this morning. All she was able to do was diagnosis and tell us to keep him home. Which we knew that would happen, but we wanted to make sure that there were no ear problems. There weren't, thank goodness. Today he has just wanted to be cuddled. Right now he is sleeping, sweet baby. We will see how he is through the night. Not much to write about with a sick one.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ahhh...the kids are in bed!

We have had a slow Sunday. Steven has been a little under the weather, Jamie has been sick with a cold. So, today we took a today to recover. We should have cleaned house and well we didn't. We played. Aubrey and I did the Wal-Mart shopping. She made out pretty well. She and Steven always pick out a donut, so she had to pick hers and Steven's. When we walked in the door she was already trying to convince Steven to switch donuts. She said she has never had that kind before. Steven ended up have to split the donut with his polliwog. He is a good daddy! We all got a good nap and played this afternoon. Aubrey and I baked cookies today. That was a lot of fun.

We were out back playing and the Muses came out to their backyard, then we merged in our backyard. The girls played and even drug out the sled! Swim suits and a sled hummm.... Steven and TJ played croquet this afternoon while the girls played with the water hose. Or (HOSE PIPE) as they say in Tennessee. Steven and Aubrey were dueling with plastic golf clubs. I'd call it a draw... both were "stabbed" and "died" multiple times. You should click on the one with Aubrey on the ground to get a better view of her acting. Then, Chris & Jen called and we met them at Greg and Cindy's to try out the new pool and deck. What at great afternoon. We are really enjoying the summer. Here are a few pictures from today.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back to the Play Room...

This morning Steven jumped out of bed and met his running group downtown. I stayed at home with the Polliwogs, and started the typical Saturday morning. We all got ready so that when daddy got home we could head off. We met Melissa, Chase and Haley again, for another swim date. We are very thankful for them inviting us to play. We also, went to the "Golden Arches" for lunch. We really made a day of it. When we got home, Aubrey headed down for a nap. She has been asleep for 3 hours now. We are going to let her sleep as long as possible, since we are planning on fireworks. Steven has been trying to camp out in the backyard with Aubrey, however these nasty clouds keep popping up. We might wait until next weekend. So, while we were out today, Steven was working really hard and fast on the playroom. I thought that I would share pictures from today. Enjoy.