"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Simple Sunday

Today we took it easy. Steven has been unloading the Christmas stuff from the attic. We have totes everywhere. However we do have an organized mess. Yeah, I know that I am going to be dealing with it all week and it is going to drive me coo-coo. We have the living room tree, the dinning room tree, the Auburn Tree, Aubrey's Tree and the the Tree in my room all standing. We did decorate Aubrey's today and the Auburn tree. I am going to take one at a time and try not to stress over it. Usually I can complete every thing pretty quick. With Jamie it is a little more difficult this year. I did squeeze in a nap today, so that has set me back a few hours. However, it will be done before the man in red looks for our chimney. He will have to keep looking, though, we don't have one.

So, I suppose you want to know our thoughts on the game Saturday. I think that Steven's proudest moment was at the grill. The ribs were the most positive thing about the game. We were the most upset by not getting any points period. However, we still love our Auburn. We had friends over and it was to fun to share our love of this particular game. It is sorta like a mini-holiday for us. I caught Aubrey yelling out the front window, (we had them open since it was hot from all the cooking), she was telling a neighbor "Happy Auburn Day"! She was telling them that it was Auburn Day. I am sure that they laughed and went on there way.

I wanted to share a few photos of Jamie playing tonight. Also, there is a pic of Aubrey's coat pocket. Yes, those are rocks. I went to was her coat this weekend and it felt a little heavy when I picked it up. So, I went exploring and found rocks. When I asked her about it, she said mom the those are my stones. They are not rocks. By the way Steven has been working on his crown molding in the Auburn room we are so getting close to being done. I think that when we are done we are going to open a bottle of champagne to finish this project.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Our little Thanksgiving!

We had a really sweet and simple Thanksgiving again this year. We played around and watched the Macy's Day Parade. One of our (MY) favorite things to do. Steven ran out to grab a paper to check out the ads. Aubrey kept asking "When is this going to be over?" She wanted to watch her shows. But, we stuck it out, we even saw Santa.

Then we had lunch, and began cooking. Aubrey watched a little tv and took a nap. Jamie took a long nap as well. He slept through our dinner, which was nice to be able to eat without him grunting at us, this his way of telling us he wants something. When he got up he at his sweet potatoes and turkey from gerber. He liked it.

Then when Steven and Aubrey got back from playing with Kelly (her friend across the street.), we went to see Mrs. Cindy. It was her birthday. So, we took her present and wished her a Happy Birthday. It was good to see them, since it gets dark earlier now we hardly see our neighbors. It has been since the Halloween Party since I have seen most of them.

Jen and Chris called to see if we wanted to come over, so we ran over for about an hour. It was good to visit with them. They have really gotten in routine with Jen starting to work at night. So, we have not seen them in awhile.

Tomorrow we are having an Iron Bowl Party, I know...we may lose! However, it is a great time to have a party and we are excited to see everyone. We have been so out touch with our routine and it will be great to catch up.

So here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving. Friday night we baked muffins.

Jamie just hung out in the kitchen with us. He kept spittting up so we put him in the walker. So, just watched as we made muffins.
So, this was Aubrey just chillin and playing with her Pollies. She and Steven enjoyed just horsing around.

Jamie always just watches what is going on. He is the studier.
Steven was studying the sales ads. Budgeting what we could afford to on Black Friday.
Again, I love the Macy's Day Parade. I will always remember making plans with Ashley to get a red convertable and drive to New York to see the Parade in Person.
This was Aubrey's favorite part, I am not sure if it was b/c it was Santa or that the Parade was over.

Jamie ate lunch while Steven was getting our dinner planned out.

This was our Thanksgiving Birds. We had 2 Cornish Hens. Just right! They look big here...

Look now next to the fork! They were cute!
Remember Jamie slept through our meal. Here is his dinner!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Quick Post tonight

So, it is Monday, Steven has gone out grocery shopping while we are accomplishing the nightly task. Aubrey is a big help. We did the dinner thing, she has had her bath, and Jamie is next. We have gotten the bottles ready and the next load is on to wash. Aubrey wanted to watch a movie while I blog and bathe Jamie. Steven is doing our Thanksgiving shopping. He had to get a hair cut while he was out. Hopefully they will both be down when he gets in. Our nights are always a rush. However, it is only 3 days this week, yippy!

By the way, Aubrey had to call Grandma Marilyn to ask how to make her sandwich. After she got the directions she made it for dinner (banana and peanut butter with honey). Tonight after her bath I was greasing her down and she sucked in a big sniff. I asked her what she was doing and she said " I smell my Grandma Robin's Lotion." You must use baby lotion on her, Grandma Robin. She said, "I sure do miss her." I told her soon, baby! Anyway, she loves all her grandparents a lot. She misses you all so much.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Movie night again

So, again here we are watching a movie. Tonight it is 101 Dalmations again. Aubrey is having a picnic in playroom floor. Jamie is rolling around completely naked. We are giving him some air time. He keeps crawling on her blanket and she keeps moving him back. She doesn't want him to pee on her blanket. Anyway, we have had a big day. We took dad to the airport this morning around 11:00-ish. Then we went to lunch. Then we went to a pony birthday party. A little girl in her class was having her 5th birthday party and just about her entire class showed up...even her teacher. The bottom picture is Aubrey with her teacher. By the end Aubrey was completely pooped. She slept on the way home. Jamie was an angel.

So we have had a lot of birthday's this week. We always try really hard to make sure that everyone has a happy birthday! So, on the 15th both my Mom (Granny) and Matt (Steven's brother) had their birthdays. Then Grandma Marilyn had hers on the 18th. Joel had his yesterday (the 22nd). And today...is Grandpa Bernie's birthday! Happy Birthday Grandpa Bernie!
We hope that you all have a very Happy Birthday.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today with our Papa...

The Polliwogs enjoyed playing with Papa all day. We played and watched football. This afternoon we went to have our pictures with Papa. We thought that we would share our pics. Enjoy. Our Papa will fly back home tomorrow. Hopefully Santa will bring him back on his sled.

We got our Papa...

When woke up yesterday morning we had snow! It was nice and slushy. I wanted to show you how Steven lets Aubrey dress for school. This what she wore to school. Just styled...as Aubrey would say.

Last night we picked Papa up from the Airport. We have had a blast this morning. We even got Papa on the Wii. Here are a few photos from this morning.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I love my job...

I really like where I work. I have a great work environment, the patients are the best, and the nurses and doctors are really awesome. Go UNC, or as they would say...Go Tar Heels!

So, today...the Children's Hospital had their annual live telethon. I forget who all they have brought in to help raise money for the children's hospital, I remember last year they had Kelly Pickler. Anyway, my whole entire point was that we saw Jo Dee Messina, today. She had a sorta mini-concert at the hospital. By the way she is preggo--and mighty cute! I also saw Heidi Newfield, she was with Trick Pony you know the "Pour Me", song! She was cute. Anyway another hard day at work!

Here are the photos that I could capture. If you are courious about the telethon you can google, UNC Children's Hospital Promise. They have raised over $827,000.00.

I am also encluding a few pics of the Polliwogs. This was this afternoon when we picked them up and got home.