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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Everything Rolled into a post...

This post has a lot, hang on, we are having fun!
Since school has let out things have been a bit nuts for us, our schedule is out the window:

 Wednesday we had ice cream at Sonic..."I wonder why"...hint to our fabulous father's!
The Pollies went to get your gifts!

Then back home for a few jottings in the cards!

 I bet you didn't know "Darth Vader" signed your card!
 Thursday was Doughnuts with Dad.

 Friday night, Steven and Jamie put his Father's Day gift together.
 Sometimes the extra help isn't so good!  We had a lost nut!  Lol!



We found the nut, and all is well!
Aubrey was chilling inside, she was pooped from playing with Chloe all day.
 Jamie stayed up late.
 He was back up and early Saturday morning...with his plum thumb.

 He was a better helper with Steven than with me, he does like to clean, 
here he is taking my basket hostage.
 Aubrey is getting ready for camp on Sunday...painting her nails.

 This morning we packed her up.
 I put in a few tokens of love for her, one for each day.  
 We also made sprinkle pancakes for Dad for Father's Day...yummy!
 Jamie took off with my camera to make a few shots...I like this one,
 it is at his height, at the pub table and chairs.
The pancakes are done...

 Dad's plate is ready...
 Good morning sunshine!

 Jamie wanted to help him eat!

 We finished packing Aubrey up!
 Her luxury items...

Spending a few last minutes with Dad!

 Let me try again.
 Basil's booty was in the other picture!

And we have made it to camp!
 Backpack is ready!
 She is so ready to take off.

Such a long wait...for such an exciting adventure.

 Ready to check in.
 We made it through and loaded up for the "Bunkhouse"!

 Off to check for head lice...yep. That is right, have to have your head check, before signing in.
 She is so excited.
 Ahhh, Mom!
 Let's see if she can do this?  
Can't wait to hear from her.
 Aubrey's bunkie!
 I am sure there will be giggles!

All unpacked and settled in.

 There is "Belch" Aubrey's counselor!  Belch is in trouble!!
 Kiss Daddy good bye and Happy Father's Day!
 She is off to play tag.

 Jamie is a bit confused..."Now where is Aubrey?"
 Last little hug good bye!
 Poe-ole Daddy!
 She ran back...saying don't forget me!
 Then there was silence...
 We left Aubrey in the woods...it will be a long, long, long week!
A few things from out back in the yard.
Jamie's Rock Collection.
We also have a watermelon growing.

Last, I have had fun with the instagrams,
Here are a few pics.
Photo: Summer fun http://instagr.am/p/L_aCGQIWsj/ 

Photo: Summer time http://instagr.am/p/L_b2XnoWt_/

Photo: Summer time http://instagr.am/p/L_cnyCoWuk/ 
Photo: Ready for camp! http://instagr.am/p/L-q7WvIWnx/

Love that quote!

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