"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blink...there is our week!

If you were wondering, Aubrey did make it home her 1st day. She road the bus home. It is much quicker for her to ride the bus than wait in the car line at the school. We live that close to the school.

After she came home, we jumped in the car to go to Chapel Hill to get Jamie. Aubrey has been wanting to visit her teachers, so this worked perfect.
Once we got him we came home and rush to dance. She is taking ballet, tap and jazz on Tuesday nights. So, this was a busy day. She also takes Tumble on Thursday. Jamie had to go to the doctor in the morning before we took him to daycare. His right ear is draining. This tends to happen when he gets a runny nose. We started the ear drops on Monday night, but he had a rough night so we thought we should go in and start the antibiotics again. That will be twice in one month. At least now there are better.
This is one pooped cookie, school and dance was exciting.
So, Wednesday...she did not have school. They were testing the other half of kinders. So she and I had a day together. She needed a trim, so we headed to Peek-a-do. This is always a treat.

Sometimes she gets ill with my picture taking! Oh well!
Wednesday afternoon was "Meet the Teacher" night. So, we went and met her new teacher! Mrs. Postelthwait---aka "Mrs. P"! After that we headed to the soccer field for practice. We have a new team and coach this Fall. We are excited. We needed to match up our nights with dance and soccer. So we have a new team. We are really looking forward to a fun season.

Not much happen Thursday other than a mix up with the bus and after school care with Aubrey. She ended up at after school care instead of arriving at the neighbors! Scary, but she was safe. Friday she made it to the neighbors just fine. Apparently the teacher did not read the note I sent or something. So, Friday I attached a note to Aubrey dress with a safety pin! Now I know how to communicate with Mrs P! We are excited and look forward to a great year. So far Aubrey has come home with "Greens"! That is a good thing. If she has to flip her card she has to go visit Mrs. Royal. So far...she has been an angel!

Today was a bit busy. Steven rushed out of the house for his running club. I grabbed the kids and went to my meeting. Then, a quick drop in at Wal-Mart. Back home for showers, then out to the soccer field for our first game. After that we were back at the house for lunch and quick naps. Then we were back on the road to a birthday party! We had a blast!

We have had a great week. I need to end this post so I can get some sleep. We have to jump up and head to church! Aubrey moves up in Sunday School so there is another new beginning! So many new changes this week!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aubrey heads off to the big "K"!

This is the start to her new beginning...Wakey...Wakey!!!Hip-Hip-Cheerios!!!!! Brain food!

For real Mom...the camera!

Today she told me not be sad, "This part of growing up, so dry it up!"

Here she is on a mission to find her own room! As we walked to the school from the car, she held both Mom and Dad's hands. Once we were in the building, that ended quickly, because she wanted to find her new room.

When we arrived she received her name tag and paid her lunch money.

She then tucked away her book bag in a cubby and found a seat. She quickly began to put a puzzle together. That was our cue that she was ready for us leave. We hugged her and walked away and she never looked back!
As for us, we did look back as we drove away, knowing that our baby is in this new place on a new adventure...Praying that the Lord be with her on this special day.

A new beginning for us as well. Today, we promised to have breakfast together every first day of school. Wow, there was a positive in new adventure called Kindergarten. Steven and I took the day off to have together. I love sharing this special day with my best friend. I am so excited to see the school bus pull up with my baby! I want to see how her exciting day was.