"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Package...

Thank you Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bernie!!! Aubrey was so excited. We we pulled in the drive way the UPS man pulled in behind us. She was screaming!! She knew that she had a package, but did not know who sent it! She loves yall and is looking forward to yall coming.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A package arrived yesterday!!

Aubrey had left her doll at Dad's last weekend. So, MeMe and Papa sent it to her, along with some treats!!! It was addressed to both of the polliwogs, however you know who ruled that situation.

This was this morning before church, we had a few minutes to kill before we loaded up. True Love!

And Steven and Aubrey snuck and feed those stinking cats some smelly treats, however after the mess they make you they were little piggies and not cats!

We are having nap time now, however, when we get up we are on the roll again. I have a few things to do then we are heading to the Schwart's home to visit for a few! Steven is plowing away in the lab again today. He is so good!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Polliwogs...

So, we have been very busy today. I stayed up last night cleaning, so that we could run all day. And we did. We had a lot of things to do today. At the very end of the day, we went to have pictures made. I thought that I would share. I hope that you enjoy them as much as we did.

Thou shalt not steal...

So, Aubrey did not have to go to jail!

I know that this happened to me....

This is how it went for Aubrey today:

I went into Party City, looking for upcoming parties. Before we checked out, Aubrey asked if she could have this pack of mini M&M's I told her yes. Later after dinner when we got back in the car, she asked if she could eat them. She had pulled them out of her pocket! The bag from the store was in the back of the car. I said "Aubrey, I did not pay for those!" She had put them in her pocket. We realized at this point that she had taken them and we didn't pay. I told her that was wrong and that we had to pay for them. She was upset. However, they might call the police, I wasn't sure. She was tore up. We did go back. She apologized to the clerk. The clerk told her that she appreciated her telling the truth and to please not let this happen again. Next time she would have to tell the police. Aubrey was very grateful!

I remember that package of Kool-Aid, that I stole from Super Foods. I was getting it because we were out, and Mom need to get more. It took no effort to go back. That is what my parents did. I am sure that she will remember this. However, Jamie didn't like getting in and out of the rain.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grandma Marilyn takes us to Sake...

Grandma Marilyn, Sorry that we did get much time to visit. We are so thankful that we have such great parents. We love you all and we are looking forward to the next visit. We have got to get to Nashville. We really miss Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bernie. Aubrey saw a bird today and was screaming to the top of her lungs..."that is Grandma Robin's favorite bird!" She is so thankful to have so many loving grandparents, Jamie too!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Last weekend...

O.K.-I know that this is over due. So I will try to explain briefly. So, basically my Dad got married last weekend. He married Tami in a sweet wedding at the house. Then, they had a nice reception at the Champion House downtown later that night. So, I have a new Step-Mother Tami. Along with her we receive 2 new brothers, Todd and Tyler. Aubrey calls them, Uncle Short Head and Uncle Big Head. Leave it to her. We drove down on Thursday. Late that night we arrived at Mom and Harry's, along with Nikki. We stayed with them, it was easier that way, we did not wreck Dad's house and his out of town guest could stay in the guest house. We enjoyed our time with Mom and Harry, the Polliwogs, got huge Easter Baskets when we got there. Thanks MOM! They were really cute.

The wedding was beautiful and sweet. Dad is really happy, and Tami too. We are excited and believe that this a good thing. I am posting a lot of pictures, not all of them, just a few. There were a few things that we got to do that are my favorite things to achieve when going home. We had Tomato Gravy from the Grill. I was able to see the Dogwoods, the Azaleas, and the Wisteria, all in full bloom. I went to all the Grandparents home (some not as long as we would like). However we had to pack a lot into this trip.

Aubrey had a great time getting her nails done. By the time she left she had a new job. She was giving all the ladies lotion in the shop. While we were getting our feet done, they were hitting our legs, Aubrey quickly asked the gentleman doing hers, "Why are you not hitting me?" So he did! She also, made herself the flower girl for the wedding. Before the wedding, she decided that she would be the flower girls since there wasn't one and she got a basket and just joined in.

We got home Sunday. Then, Monday Grandma Marilyn came. We have enjoyed her very much. The polliwogs enjoyed her so much. She headed home today. We had a rough night last night, with Jamie. We thought that maybe his ears were acting up again. But, nope. Both kids had Strep again and we didn't know it! Who would have known. After checking Jamie's ears, which were good, she looked at his throat. She said it is red. Then she said let me see yours Aubrey. Her's was really red. She had not said anything about her throat. I told the doctor that she had a head ache yesterday, however she is fine. She put it all together a gave us a strep test! Aubrey was positive, no need to do Jamie! I had me a prescription called in and I started it. So, now Steven is suppose to be working on getting him a prescription.

So, you are basically caught up, and we are looking forward to a busy weekend.