"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pollie Project...Pollie Christmas

    The Pollies have been so excited to go and 
get their very on real tree.
In honor of this occasion you guessed it...I made t-shirts.
I tried a new approach this time.
I made my on silk screen.

 That is right...here is what I used.
Panty hose, Mod Podge, & a loom.
I went to town.

 After I got the loom finished,
it was time to print my image.

  Not too bad for a first timer!
The kids may not remember the shirts when they are older,
but they will remember getting their tree!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A little past hump day.

This week has not gone fast enough for the Pollies.
They are ready to get their special tree.
This is Monday morning...they are not moving at normal speed.
I think that Jason and Joyce's turkey has them still in slow-motion.
 This has been the normal thing in the house with Steven and Aubrey.
They have both been engrossed in this Tribe game.
They both share ideas,and help one another with clues.
Me...I just keep the camera in my hand.

 Aubrey is waiting on the car to warm up.
 Let me share with you her new invention...her memory line!
This child has a fear of forgetting,
she takes it personal if she forgets something important.
So, she has tied this string to her bed,
and added clothes pens so that she could pin up important info and see first thing
in the morning as she wakes up.
 I personally think she got creative on this one,
I am going to have to let this stay up for a little bit.
 Now speaking of remembering,
Jamie has been working really hard on his phonics,
these are the flash cards he uses.
Yes, that Halloween candy comes in very handy.
 While he worked on this, I took pictures of his art to share.

 Not to bad.

 Aubrey decided to cook her own dinner, she made her world famous oodles and noodles!
 She is so proud she can cook.

 That stinking letter "C"...it looks to much like "E".

 And "U"...it is not me...it is "U"!
 What Aubrey didn't know, was that when you cook you have to clean up.
She had to clean her pot.

 I believe dance got a little wild tonight!
Here are few photos from Sunday afternoon.
Steven finished his lights, with his helper.
They really are a pair.

The last photo was from my run tonight.
I chatted with my Daddy tonight,
we both looked at the moon as we talked.
We were amazed by its brightness.
It was beautiful.
Steven and the Pollies hard work paid off.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wow, what a day!

I have a officially climbed up into my bed.
And there is my tree...I have missed it!
It feels so good to have accomplished so much today.

The funny thing is that Steven is downstairs in the garage with a few guys.
He has missed his buds, and was eager to have them over.
I got to thinking pretty hard about this situation.
He texts the guys and says come hang out in my garage...they do, and I clean!
If I were to call my girls up and say hey...come hang out in the garage...
they would laugh, and I truly doubt Steven would be cleaning the toilet bowls while we sat
in the garage!  Anyway, just a funny thought...Steven cleaning toilets!  But this was a perfect time 
to knock out those crazy chores.

Last night Jack was up to no good,
he took all of our devices and took pictures of himself.
So, you name it...my phone, Steven's phone, my computer, the desk top, the ipods...yup, have Jack's
pictures on it!  Crazy Elf.

 This is how the Pollies found Jack this morning!
He was all ready to support our Auburn Tigers.
Poor Tigers, rough night!

Today, the Pollies helped Steven hang lights outside!

 It was a chilly day out side.
It did not stop them.

 Once, Jamie realized that I was taking pictures, 
he wanted to play!

 I could just eat him up!

 Aubrey was busy working on her chain.

 This is going on their special tree!



Jamie was busy emptying the boxes.
 So that he could play in it!

 Then he worked on Grandma's calendar.

 Steven popped the popcorn for us.

 We worked on the garland for their special tree,
I can't wait. 


 Last little laugh for the night,
I saw this, it tickled me.
Steven put this on the door, for his guest to come on in!
I really love him!