"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last night we stayed up late and we were blessed to sleep in. We got to sleep in to about 8:30, until a tangled little boy in a Buzz Costume came in crying because he was stuck and could not get his last limb (leg) in the costume. He basically looked liked a pig in a blanket! At that point, I straightened Buzz out and started the coffee! This is our day!

Our first frost...

it made the kitties frisky!

As I warmed breakfast, Buzz sat and scrolled through the pictures from last night!

Jamie was determined to be Buzz at Sunday School, that was not a battle we were going to fight.
So, this is what he wore, minus the mask!

Here are a few things that Aubrey brought home from Mrs.Lynn's class! We love our Mrs. Lynn!
"Fear Not, for I am with you"...what an awesome thought, for a scary time of year!

We have seen this done, it is a really sweet prayer.

Jamie made this spider today in his class, with Mrs. Kim.

We have been getting in fun Halloween movies this year, we are having a blast! I personally enjoyed Beetlejuice! Steven liked The Addams family, Aubrey likes Hocus Pocus, Jamie, loves the Monster House.

Peep S'mores for dessert at lunch! This makes happy little goblins for sure.
Especially, during naptime, LOL!

Tonight we dressed as our crooked selves. As a matter of fact we told Aubrey that we were dog nappers and we were heading over to Mrs. Karen's to steal her Chihuahuas, Aubrey thought that was so mean! Anyway, last night on the prowl!

Here is the sweetest hostess with the mostess! What great outfits!
And when we got home...
and look who we caught hiding in the bushes next door! The Darragh's...childless, they went WILD!!

That ends our day!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fast Full Fall Family Fun...

This morning we all jumped out of bed and headed off to a Family Race, "The Monster Dash"! Jamie and Steven sat this one out, however this was Aubrey's very first 5k! I completed another 10k. This was exciting for the Gray House!

Andrea and I are off and running!

This was Chase's first 5k too!

Her comes our little Angel...we are so proud of her!

Here is Aubrey's running club that she is in. We love our school, what a great opportunity for this kids. These teachers are the best!!!

Aubrey greets me at the end of my run. Andrea and I hung in there and finished the race!

Aubrey won a trophy for dressing up for the run!

Andrea and I are representing our "Renegades"! We miss our girls!

After leaving the race, we headed to Biscuitville!
Then after grabbing a quick breakfast we headed over to Marissa's Tangled Birthday Party! How sweet, these child has the sweetest personality. She is a true charm. After her party we headed back to the house.

Here are some more shots of the trees out front! They are beautiful!

Aubrey and I began cooking, and Steven and Jamie called dibs on naps!

Pumpkin seeds and No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake!

Aubrey loves to cook!

We also made some bread for breakfast!
We put our 7 Can Soup on to cook for the party!

Then we pulled out the paints!

Then we dressed in our roles as burglars...

We got our party on with the Kerin's and our church family!

We had a great time! We are so blessed to have such a great Sunday School group!