"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What has been going on.

Monday night Aubrey and Steven went on a run. They had a huge stretch session before heading off. It was cute. Aubrey won the race again. After that we headed in and let Steven have a real run.

Tuesday after dinner we had about an hour to kill before time for baths. So, we drug out the play-doh. Wow, Jamie ate just a smidge. After that he was good.

Aubrey is enjoying the new jump rope that Grandma Robin got her. They are jumping rope at the school, and she is excited that she can do this now.

Her new backpack arrived Wednesday. She likes it, however she said she wished I didn't take so many pictures! It is cute and it has her name on it! It is sorta big, we even ordered the junior version. Oh well! She will get plenty use out of it!
Aubrey was into play with Jamie's hair. He wanted to play too. That did not go over to well with Aubrey. She simply gather her toys and took them upstairs. After her bath she decided to do my hair. Oh, it was lovely. I even got to wear a bow!!
Tonight has been easy. We yet had another great afternoon in the backyard. We are so blessed to have our backyard. By the way, we saw my hummingbird back tonight. I think he likes my feeders! Tomorrow is Friday and I better climb into bed so I will get my rest for the last day! TGIF!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A day in the park with Grandma

So, we took Grandma to one of the hot spots here. It is an awesome park. We love going.

We were huge fans of the shade. It is hot here, just not as hot as Alabama.

So, after we pooped Jamie out, we decided to go to this hotdog place the we like. My friend Melissa took us last summer and it is hit! Cheap hotdogs!
Aubrey was getting a kick out of the straw moving. We pretending that she was doing it with her mind, and that she had magic! She enjoyed doing "Cheers" with Grandma.

Steven enjoyed his Nehi!

Then there was part II, Date night! We met up with some friends and listened to a band down town. We had a blast. Thank you, Grandma Marilyn, it was a really nice time!

So, what guys think about....My husband was pondering this circles. He thinks that they may be for an earthquake, to hold the brick together. Ah, nerds!
We had a great time visiting with Grandma, we now have clean sheets on the bed and we are waiting for the next guest. Come on we are waiting!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our week rolled into one post!

This is Sunday night. Jamie was helping me do the laundry.Here is Tuesday, Aubrey at Jazz. She is having a blast. The summer class was fun, however we missed taking classes with Chase this time.

Outside treats are always a popular thing here in the Gray house.

Wednesday...Dance again. Cheer was another class she took over the summer. Not sure if this will be her thing, however she had a blast.

Award time! She really liked Miss Alex.

There was another special thing about Wednesday. Grandma Marilyn came up/over/down...whatever, she is here! Yeah!!!! She makes a trip in the summer to here, Birmingham-Huntsville and Chicago! Wednesday night Aubrey shared her library book with Grandma.

Thursday we ordered pizza and played out back.

Jamie stayed home today with Grandma. Aubrey spent the day with her yesterday. Tonight we went out for Mexican. Aubrey's favorite joint!

Tonight, Kelly came to watch a movie. They made necklaces and play restaurant while watching a movie. This was such a treat to have her over.
Now you are all caught up with our week, let's see what is up our sleeves for the weekend!