"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Miniature Graduate

Friday June 7th, was Aubrey's last day of 3rd Grade.
Photo: Happy happy last school day!!
 We can thank Ms. B for this lovely shot of these excited little ladies,
sporting their "Peace Out Schools Out" tees!
What a fun way to pounce into Summer!
We dropped her off and headed into Chapel Hill for Jamie's big day.
We got there with time to spare, so we stopped in at Starbucks for some breakfast.
It was nice not be rushing in the rain.
Once we got to school it was show time!
I loved watching our little engineer!

This little graduate stated that he wanted to be a "RACE CAR MAN" when he grew up!

Jamie and Joesph...that is double trouble!
Thanks Ms. Bernice, we love you dearly!
Last look into the cubby!
Dear Ms Sweet Jean!  Oh, how we love thee...from the age of week 6, you have been there for me!

Thank you, Ms. Molly!
Ms. Linda, Jamie I will miss your cooking!
Oh, Ms. Tammy, you are Jamie's best friend!
Jamie...started his day with the lovely Ms. Monica!
Oh, Ms. Erica...Jamie promises to be good!
Ms. Sadina!  We love you, you are a pillar to Kinder-care!

Talk about a rainy day!
One glance back and we are on our way to Kindergarten!
It is amazing how time flies!
Here is a link from Aubrey Graduation Day !
We celebrated at Elmo's, this is the best place for brunch!
Jamie got a root beer for his special day!

The last big event of Jamie's special day...he got his own library card!
Thanks, Ms Elizabeth!  You are the best!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Good Morning,
This morning I am feeling a little tugging to get up and blog.  When my friends ask...where is Steven, or when will he be back... or the afternoon of our Easter Egg Hunt when Steven ran off in an emergent bound to the lab because the coolers were warming up and the University called to let him know, this is what he is doing...he is fighting for families!  Families of children with Rare Diseases, helping these children has become his mission.

Yesterday, Steven forwarded me an email from a sister of a child with a Rare Disease that is working on a remarkable awareness project for her sister. She is preparing for a 1/2 Marathon Blindfolded!  She and Steven communicated that he would like to be there for this family on this special day.  I quickly responded back to him that I thought he should definitely be there, that this was amazing act of love that this sister was doing.  While I was on hold with an insurance company, I took a moment to click on her blog link that was attached to her email.  As I read her post, tears streamed down my face.

 A little past 7:00 last night Steven walked in from the lab, and we sat down for a bite to eat.  The Pollies had already gotten their bathes, and had eaten.  Jamie curdle up on the couch to watching TV and Aubrey was painting her toes...as if it matter that her nails be done on the last day of school...lol!

This gave us a few moments to chat. Quickly I looked at him and said...I cried today!  He quickly responded..."Taylor?"...I said, "Yes".  He said, I know.  These families of these amazing children are fighting so hard, not just for halt on their disease but for awareness. They mean so much to Steven and I.

A few months back on Good Friday, Steven was crushed.  One of our GAN families had lost one of their precious children.  Five years ago, when Steven began this journey, he aimed everything for this child that hopefully she would be the first that he could do some good with. When this child lost her fight on Good Friday, it crushed him.  Every day he is in the lab pushing more and more...fighting and fighting, the long hours for these amazing children.  I feel truly blessed to be beside him every step, whether we are crying, cheering for more grants, or just plan exhausted from long weeks, I could not more proud than to be right here with him.

The tugging I was feeling was to pass along this blog post for you to see the compassion that these families have.  Please take a moment to take a peek into their life.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Battle of the Bump...

Tight squeeze don't you think...

Here is a better view...now remember, there is no sucking it in and praying for the best...Crisco can't help this situation!
This is the solution, the other side!
The funny part of climbing in on the wrong side of a hot van...I hit my head on the top and it open the back side door, which scared me, I almost screamed...I thought someone opened the door...but it was me!
But in the end, the bump wins!
The other Pollies...this afternoon, here is Jamie acting out his book while waiting at the dance studio!
Aubrey hijacked my phone while I was dropping of other kids.
Here are few drawings from Master Artist Jamie.

This is one happy little fellow!  I hope you had a great Monday!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Easy Sunday

This is how our day began...Steven is hovering over his work, while Jamie ate. 
The cats went out, for the morning stroll, and I fixed my breakfast while Aub slept in.
We had an exciting morning planned for church today.
Aubrey was scheduled to Acolyte and Steven was planning to facilitate a meeting at church!
It was Communion Sunday, a day we all look forward too.
It is special to take that time to feed our soul.
After church we headed to Subway to feed our bodies.

Here are few pieces of Art from Jamie's portfolio...
Jamie and I took a nap this afternoon, which was super yummy!
After nap time, we headed out back with the Pollies!

I love the fact that they are playing nice and not fussing!

I have been wanting so many fresh fruits and veggies...

The Pollies are loving the fresh fruit too!

This week's meal is a roast...leftovers anyone?
Steven picked up fresh potatoes at the farmers market downtown after his run!
I have the launch pad (dining table) prepped...the landing (kitchen counter) cleared...we are ready for a new week!  This is the last week of school, we are ready for summer!