"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Buckaroo...

He is the Rootinist, Tootinist Cowboy in West Mebane! He just got his new hat and boots and is having a blast! Now maybe he will leave the high hills alone!

We are having a great week, we are back at dance tonight, then on to soccer for tomorrow.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here is the run down...

Last weekend Aubrey had soccer and her is a picture that we didn't get posted. Jamie is being patient while Aubrey plays.
Sunday night Steven went into the attic and brought down the Easter decorations. The kids were so excited.

Then the Pollies received a package from Grandma Robin...Dad let them open in the morning, and he ran off to work early...needless to say, they loved it!

We seem to spend a lot of time in the car lately!

Treat from Chick-fil-a!!!

The grape thief strikes again.

Our indoor Egg Hunt at the church!

So Monday night was Soccer Practice...Tuesday was dance and Mexican...Wednesday was Soccer Practice again...then back to dance again Thursday. Friday night we headed down to High Point to see our Schwartz's!! We haven't seen them in a few weeks, maybe since Connor's Birthday. Then, Saturday morning we were up again...we left early for my meeting, then to Wal-Mart for a quick pair of shoes (Aubrey left her sketcher's at the Schwartz's) she needs shoes to dance in. The we arrived at the Dance clinic by 9:00. I left her then and went to have Jamie fitted for shoes, then we met Dad for shopping. Then we picked Aubrey up and headed to a birthday party. After the birthday party we headed home for a nap. After nap time I took the kids to get their hair trimmed. After that we head to South Point to see the Easter Bunny. Jamie did great, and Aubrey now knows that there is a man in the suit. After that we headed home, then we ran across the street for our little neighbor Andy's birthday! After that we called it a day. Today was much easier, we went to church and came home then went back for the Easter Egg Hunt and Puppet Show...boy did that bring back memories...ouch!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Observation week...

No Jamie! No Jamie! No Jamie...this is Aubrey's class!

Our little twinkle toes was able to show off her moves this week. She has had a ball in dance this year and loves getting her costumes on. She has tried them all on and is looking forward to her recital in May. Dad was able to sneak in tonight, which was a huge surprise for her. This has been a real busy week, and we are looking forward to several parties this weekend...we have hit a major birthday month, it is fun getting to celebrate with our friends!

Monday, March 15, 2010

While were away...

The boys ruled the roost. They did the grocery shopping, cooking, laundry...you name it they were in charge. They also had a birthday party for Jamie to go to. Caiden Woody, who is about 6 weeks older than Jamie celebrated the big number "2". Steven was set on shopping for him since he and Jamie would attend the party. Honestly, I think that he thought that I would send him to this party with sissy clothes for he and Jamie to give to Caiden. So, he and Jamie took matters in their own hands and bought a bag full of "Boy Toys"! Before heading out, Steven wrote out directions and put the info into the GPS. He still got lost...however still found his way to the street that the Woody family live on. Once he was on the street, he spotted a house with lots of cars and balloons. So he and Jamie unloaded and went right in. A nice lady took the gift bag full of boy toys and sat it on the table. Steven thought that he would mingle a bit and find Caiden. So then he asked..."Where is the Birthday Boy?" Oh, yeah he got the look..."what birthday boy"... and then he realized he was at the wrong house on the street that he was suppose to be at. He was at a little girl's party. He then politely asked for Caiden's gift back and told the family he will say hello to the Woody family. So, once arriving to the Woody's, Steven realized that Jamie didn't have shoes on...Jamie the shoe fanatic that he is, quickly found some of Caiden's and he was good to go. I laughed when I saw what Jamie was wearing at the party, Jamie was in his sweats...lucky boy, if MOM were home you would have been all dressed up!

Aubrey and I had a blast spending our time together, but it is amazing how much control I had to give up just to leave for the weekend. The boys were on their own and I had no say what's so ever!! It is so good that we have such great friends that can find the humor in our actions!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mom and I Weekend 2010

This weekend Aubrey (my favorite Daisy) and I took off to Girl Scout Camp! This was something new and exciting for the both of us. Here is a look into our adventure.

Aubrey says that the horseback riding was her favorite part. I enjoyed the paddle boating, however my legs are really sore.

We are some tired chicas and we are looking forward to crawling into our own beds!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Today, was Wacky Wednesday at school for Kinders. So, Aubrey dressed "Wacky". We are having the usual busy week. Soccer Monday and Wednesday and dance on Tuesday and Thursday and Friday is our off day. However....this weekend Aubrey and I are heading to Girl Scout Camp. This is going to be really interesting!!! So, we are leaving the "MEN" at home and heading to camp.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We have been busy!

Saturday Aubrey had her first game. She did so great, it is so funny how she has grown.

Then we were off to Connor's Birthday Party. He is officially one!

Then this morning we headed to church while Steven ran into the lab. After nap time we played outside as much as possible.

Then rub-a-dub-dub, two clean Pollies right out of the tub!
One big note is that Jamie is teething again, molars are arriving!!
We had a great weekend, we should have an interesting week...please no more snow!!