"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Riddle

Steven has presented Aubrey with a riddle this week.

She has until Sunday to answer the riddle.

I thought that I would share the riddle with you and see if you have any thoughts to add.

Good Luck, we are still working on it.

Rich People Want It,

Poor People Have It,

And If You Eat It,

You Will Die.

What Is It?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moving to Level Three...a little more Spring.

Tonight was a big night for Aubrey.
She tested for level 3.
She passed.
She has been so excited since Tuesday knowing that today would be a big day.
When I picked her up this afternoon she was ready to bolt out of the school.

Here she is on the way to the pool.

Excitement, as she slides into the pool.

Practice went really well, she was eager to finish practice,
so that she could complete her assessment.

She did perfect.

On to level 3 she goes!
So, I took a few images as I walked into work this morning.
This squirrel was all in my way, he finally climbed the tree to get out of the way.
I think he is nuts, but I am sure he will back in the morning to greet me on my way in.

Here is "THE" flower, that I first notice on my way out of the parking deck.
These are some of my favorite flowers,
Grannie always had them, Camellia's...Alabama's state flower.
The are just beautiful.

North Carolina's state flower, the Dogwood.
They too remind me of home.
They always mean Easter is near.
The last flower, still reminds me of home also too.
The bridal wreaths, Grannie had these all the way up her drive way.

I love spring, and I have wonderful memories of the these flowers.
It is kinda funny that I am lucky enough to look at these every day, twice a day.
It is a peaceful connection that I share with a very special person.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring things.

March brought us many exciting things.
Did you see the chicken, that was loose in our neighborhood?
That is right, she was a mystery chick that roamed for a few days.

Peter came for a visit.
Everyone tried standing their brooms up.
Aubrey dived back into the pool.

She jumped back into soccer, what an awesome group of girls!

Aubrey is getting ready for her recital.

She enjoyed her spring dance!

And we are loving spending more time in the backyard.

We love our Tulips.
Thanks to the Sister's in Chapel Hill.