"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

3 in a row

Aubrey and I have been playing Trouble, and tonight was the third game we've played so far. Aubrey has won all three. The first two I tried to let her win, and she barely did. I'm not one to let her win all the time, so tonight I figured I'd win one. I thought wrong. The darn girl is about the luckiest thing I've ever seen. Maybe I'll take her with me to buy a lottery ticket. I might have to cheat next time :) At least I can still beat her at thumb war.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The art of Thumb War...

So, tonight we all had chores to do. Yuck! So, Aubrey rushed and got her bath. After that she had to do her trash collecting, then replace the toilet paper in the holders in the bathrooms. She made it to the dinner table and completed her meal just in time to finish her movie from last night. She had 30 minutes left over so, she and Steven played trouble. I finished my chores downstairs and gave Jamie his bottle. I got him to sleep just in time for bedtime. "Bedtime" is special mommy/daddy time before or getting up from bed. This was something that was special growing up for me. Anyway, since Jamie konked out pretty quick, I was able to join in on the book for bedtime.So as she climbs into bed, we have to remove any access animals that might have climbed into her bed during the day. We have a rule that only 5 animals can sleep with her. Believe me that there are reasons for rules...she plays to much! Anyway she had to remove the extras and put them on her desk.
So, this is the book we made Steve read. "Pinkalicious" it was a gift that Chase and Haley gave Aubrey for her birthday. It was the first time that we read it. It is really cute.

So, her last lesson of the night...the art of thumb war! So, I suppose that Steven and I were in a "Goofalicious" mood after that book and he and I decided to have a round at Thumb War. Well, this was exciting for her. Now we are worried about her note from the teacher tomorrow...no telling what she is going to do to the other kids thumbs.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Of popcorn and sleep

I think that Aubrey is true fan of Popcorn. She finished her meal so that she could have popcorn with her movie. She had a good day at school. She didn't get a nap, so that meant that she had to go to bed on time. She asked me what on time meant later after that conversation. It took me a minute figure out what she was thinking about. Once she said we can't be late for bed, I knew where this was headed. Anyway she squeezed out 20 minutes after her bedtime. She took awhile brushing her teeth, then she just couldn't choose what to wear tomorrow. Oh, the drama, that surrounds her.

Jamie was a sleepy boy today. He had an almost 4 hour nap. While we had company he got up in the night, plus he was sick and teething, so we got up with him. Last night we let him fuss it out through the night and cry back to sleep. So, he was tired today. Other than that he had a great time. He is a really sweet baby. When I get him from school, he wants me to pick him up right then. Otherwise he cries and crawls to me as I gather his things. This is sweet, "Miss Independent" NEVER...really cared, she was into whatever. They are so different and they are such a blessing in our lives.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to the Norm for a few days.

Today Dad and Tami went back to T'ville. We kinda regrouped and prepared for the next week.
We are tired, but had a great time with the family in and out throughout the holidays. We are looking forward to Grandpa Bernie and Grandma Robin flying in on New Year's Day. It will be like Christmas again. Don't worry we are leaving the trees up until they are gone.

There is nothing major going on. We are just settling in with some popcorn for movie night.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A restful day at home.

We have had a great day with the Polliwogs. Aubrey has played "Betty the Baker". We even all got naps. We have really had a great time with Papa and Miss Tami. Dad and Miss Tami snuck away for a quick date. We got in a quick movie. I am loving this time off.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Merry Little Christmas

Sunday Aubrey and Grandma Marilyn made their "Genga-bread House". Aubrey really likes doing this with her each year.

Monday was Aubrey's actual birthday. We all went out to dinner. The waitress was really sweet and treated Aubrey to ice cream.

Yeah Jamie liked it too.

When we got home she opened her Birthday Presents. Notice the dress she picked out to wear. She wanted to be fancy. Thanks Grandma Robin...it was a great find, she loves it. This is Uncle Chris' gift.
Astronaut Barbie??? Huh, she really liked it. Could Chris have picked a better gift to give?
Wow, Aunt Nikki...Nutcracker Barbie. She really liked it.

Grandma Robin, She gets so excited about the packages.

Jamie gets a little cuddle time. Thanks Grandma.
Honey, Aubrey's favorite. She really likes these Grandma Robin.
And then there was Dill.

When Grandma Marilyn headed home, Papa sailed in. He brought his dear companion "Miss Tami". It was really nice to have her with us this Christmas.
After we got back from Church on Christmas Eve, a few neighbors came over to exchange gifts.
We also, delivered cookies to our neighbors. We have been baking fools. We have really enjoyed getting ready for Christmas. Here are some pictures from our little exchange.

We caught the girls playing in the wagon that the Rogers rolled their gifts over in. It was cute.

Our little tradition. Steven started reading this book to Aubrey in the hospital when she was born. We spent Christmas Eve in the hospital. We brought her home Christmas Day 2003. Anyway, Jamie participated this year. 'Twas the Night before Christmas is read before they go to bed.

So, this is Christmas morning...no more cookies and he left the key.
Aubrey's first glance.
The Doll house received the first touch.

Aubrey helps Jamie with his stocking.
Tinkertoys...wow the memories.

Dill likes her new tent!

A new scooter, is nice.
A baking outfit is nice, thanks Granny and Granddaddy!
The cats were ready for a nap 3 hours later.

Tonight was time to paint our nails. She likes her new makeup box.

Good bye Jack. We sorta kinda miss you! Hope to see you back next year.