"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Monday, September 29, 2008

We made it through the day.

We survived Sam's and slid on home. We stopped for gas on the way home. It is hard to find gas around here. There are several places out and some just with the low grades. This started last week. We found some for $3.57. However, they did not have the higher grades.

We came home and unloaded the car. I got the polliwogs bathed and ready for bed. We played in Jamie's room for a little bit. Aubrey helped me unload the wipes and diapers that we bought into Jamie's closet. She is really a big helper. After I gave Jamie a bottle I headed downstairs to start the dishwasher, and start my walk. We have a really nice neighborhood for walking and I am really glad to get back into it. Thank goodness my feet are letting me.

Tomorrow is tumble and dance night with Chase and Haley. We always look forward to seeing them. It will be a busy day, but hey it makes our week go faster. Well, I need to head to bed before Jamie wakes back up. Maybe we can get a few hours before he starts waking up. That new tooth is really doing a number on him (and us).

No sleep!

We had a rought night on Saturday. We were up just about every hour. Last night was the same song. We are tired. Yesterday the polliwogs and I just chilled until nap time. Then we took naps. Steven worked on the bookcase all day. After our naps, we headed out to the yard were we found the Muse's. We saw Chris and Diana, out and about. We missed Jen and Abigail. However, maybe we can catch up with them on Sunday for Diana's Birthday Party. It is a princess party. How cute!

Steven took Jamie into the doctor this morning. You know for a drive by ear check. They look good, which is good for him. Bad for us, I suppose it is the tooth, and we will have to deal with it.

We are headed to Sam's after work. Our favorite place. This is the start to our busy week.

Gigi, I just wanted to say hello, down there! I hope that you are doing alright and we are thinking about you. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


We have had a relaxing day watching football. As I am writing, Auburn is playing. Later tonight we are headed over to Laura's and TJ's for a little happy hour. But that will be a while. Not much has happened today. We are real proud of UNC, they beat Miami. Which is really odd. It was a good game. Well, I should have more tomorrow. We are going to try and slip down to the Zoo. It is a hour drive. We are trying to get out of the house and let Steve work on the bookcase in the playroom. We will see.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Whoa Jamie slow down...

So, this week he has learned to sit up. Basically balance a little. He can role back to front and front to back really well. And what about tonight...TEETH! That is right. He has one bottom tooth through and one trying. All so quick. I found his tooth while I was bathing him tonight.

We have had a very busy day. We went to work/daycare, like the norm. When I got off work, Steven and I went to my physical therapy appiontment. Then, we got the polliwogs and headed to Mebane. Aubrey had a game tonight. So, we rushed home and changed her. Then we headed over to the fields. As we got her on the field and sat in our chairs, we said ahhh. Then, the coach's wife reminded Steven that it was our snack night! "WHAT". So, I ran down to the grocery store while they were playing.

We are now home and have Aubrey in the bed. We are about to get Jamie down soon. I guess maybe we'll open a bottle of wine and watch the presidential debate tonight. Should be interesting!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


It has really gotten chilly this week. We are even wearing jackets! I am liking this weather, now if the leaves can change in the next 2 weeks, we will have a beautiful trip to the mountains.

We all had a great day. Aubrey did not have practice this afternoon, her coach called and canceled. That was nice, we were able to clean around the house this afternoon. Aubrey even helped. After their bathes Steven played board games with her while I put Jamie to sleep. He was really tired tonight. I went with Aimee for a walk, after that. It was nice to be able to walk. It was real misty tonight and the wind was strong, however it was worth it.

As you can tell, I don't know to much tonight. So, I am going to leave you with a funny. Last night I talked about our trip to the Goodwill. And remember that Aubrey calls it "the broken toystore". Well, my child...runs up to Mrs. Jean at daycare and in her very proud voice. She says, "Look at my new puppy...I got it from "The Broken Toystore" and it was the cleanest one". Mrs. Jean was like, oh you did! I felt so, small. I wouldn't let her pick other toys b/c they were nasty. But, I thought that this little puppy was pretty clean. And she had to announce it.
I was so embarrassed. And she was so proud. I guess not a bad story for 99 cents.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A quick post...

Tonight Steven had to work late, he had lab meeting along with a conference call. We drove separate today. So, I was able to get the Polliwogs on back Mebane. Notice I did not say home. That is right, we went to the "Broken Toy Store" as Aubrey calls the Good Will. I like to browse. Then we got gas and came home.

This morning was pure drama. So, last night Aubrey picked out her clothes for today, like 90% off the time. However, I remembered after she went to sleep that he school pictures are tomorrow. Which meant she was not going to wear what she picked out, I knew that this would be a battle, and I chose this one. I didn't drag Steven into it, I fought it swinging! She did wear what I told her, however, the rest of the morning was a bear.

Our day was great and we are looking forward to Steven getting home. I have to go bathe the Polliwogs now. Plus, Aubrey needs to gather the trash, she still likes chores.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Night Leftovers...

Steven had made soup last night. So, that is what we had tonight. It was nice so that we could head outside after dinner. Aubrey wanted to ride her bike. She made it all the way to the Muse's and found all the neighborhood kids in Kylie's sandbox. That is right where she headed. We spent the evening outside until dark. Then it was rush, rush to get both Polliwogs bathed and to bed. Tonight I am going to try and walk. I really like to walk and it has killed me having to stay off my feet as much as possible.

We have a few pics from this afternoon. I hope that you enjoy them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a weekend.

We have had a great weekend. Aubrey can now write and spell her last name by herself. She can do what she calls a bridge. That would be a push up from the floor into a back bend. She is taking dance and tumble from a new studio. This was a huge decision for me to pull her from where she was at for two years. I just felt I needed to due to the scheduling concerns with her last studio. Somehow it all worked out, these new teachers are getting across to her. They are making these classes extremely fun. In her tumble class, one day they pretended that were circus puppies and had to flip through a hoop. The teacher made it really fun, the ballet teacher is really cool. She has all kind of neat tricks. I am really pleased. Back to the bridge, she has been working on this since she was 2, and Saturday I am in the kitchen cooking and she came downstairs and said, look mom. There it was, a perfect bridge. I was so excited!

When Dad was up here last weekend, instead of taking us out to dinner, he bought us a Wii. We have wanted one but, we wanted to wait until Aubrey was old enough to play. Yes, you are right, Dad bought Aubrey the Wii. However, we have to play it in order to teach her. :) Well, Friday night we had received everything in mail. (We had to order it!) They are really hard to find. Anyway, we had set Friday night as the game night for her. We ordered pizza and played the Wii with her. Let me tell you, Steven makes the prettiest princess. As you can guess we got her the Disney Princess game, you have to make your own princess, in order to play. Steven spent most of the time picking out their hair, their dresses, hairbows, shoes, jewelry,etc. They were beautiful. She had a great time with it. I think that she really loved the boxing, she enjoyed socking her daddy, and yelling "Stay Down", "Stay Down"! She was tired. I spent my time with Jamie helping him to learn to sit up. Which he just about has it figured out.

Jamie has had a rough weekend, which Steven and I have as well. He just is not sleeping. He is up about every 2 hours. Yuck! We hope that whatever this is about that it gets nipped pretty soon.

So, Saturday morning we got up and headed to her soccer game. She did so well. She did score another goal. We are really proud of her. She stayed in the game for most of the time. It was cold Saturday morning. Really crisp. I am so excited, I am ready for Fall. After her game I needed to run to Wal-Mart. I needed to get something to make a Mexicorn Casserole for my work picnic. So, I told Aubrey that she could have a prize, for listening to the coach. She really has done better each time she goes. So, I have a picture of her opening her toy, and look who it is all in her business. Yep, that is her Dill. It doesn't matter what she it doing, he is always there looking into what he can get from her. He is really into Pollies. She has to keep them in a zipped bag so that he can't get them. When she drags them out... he is lurking waiting on her not to be looking, then he swipes them and runs.

So, my picnic was a blast. It was at a nice park. They had a playground that Aubrey loved. They had children and adult games. Both Aubrey and Steven had a blast. Jamie and I stayed back on the side lines. The Bar-B-Q was wonderful. It was nice to meet every one's loved ones.
During Steven's games he got to preform surgery. He was next to the doctor that delivered Jamie (there is a picture of her, with Jamie) along with our gynecological oncologist. Of course Steve's sutures weren't even comparable, however, give the surgeons a pipette and see what they can do! We really had a great time.

Today we did our weekly Wal-Mart and tried for naps, the polliwogs got theirs we missed ours do to timing. Steven finished the lawn and weed eating. We had our movie night with Aubrey. Tonight was Mary Poppins. She wanted a long movie, she got it, it was so long she couldn't finish it. Maybe she can tomorrow. And I think that I will end on that note. I will be back tomorrow.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Practice makes better.

As you may have guessed, Aubrey had Soccer practice tonight. We rushed home to change and head out for the fields. We all went tonight. Jamie slept through practice. Steven and I sat on a blanket and cheered Aubrey on. She did much better this week than last week. I can't wait until her game on Saturday. It is at 9:00 am, so she should be really fresh and ready to play.

After practice we had to run into Wal-Mart, Jamie was out of formula. So. we did a quick run through. We rushed home to eat and get the Polliwogs in the tub. We were successful at getting Aubrey to bed, must have been the running at practice. Jamie however, is trying to be a party animal. We will let him stay up a little bit while we are up, however he needs to sleep through the night, this is the deal we have made with him. Let's see if he keeps his end of the deal.

Tomorrow is Friday and we are ready to be home already. We are tired and ready to slow down.
Steven is ready to watch some Football.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poppy Seed Chicken

That is what I made for dinner. We haven't had it in a while and since I was home, pretending to be a home maker, I decided to try and cook. Aubrey's teacher told me last week, that Aubrey had made a comment that her Mommy doesn't cook. She is absolutely right. I don't. I can, and I will, but usually that is Steven's department. He is good at it, and we don't fix what is not broken. Yes, I realize that I am totally spoiled with this, however, there are other task that are being completed while he is cooking. So, he has a fair shake. It is funny how now it is so natural that he is in the kitchen cooking, while we are doing whatever, and that I jump up from the table and clean up the kitchen. Then, I start bathing Aubrey, and he watches Jamie and reads emails. When I finish with her and send her to get dressed, I start the second Polliwog. Steven at this time is getting a bottle ready for me to give Jamie, and medicine right now. Once I get him dressed and fed he is out. Then I head to the computer to blog, and Steven and Aubrey read. A little after 8:00 we can let out a sigh of relief. Two Polliwogs head to dreamland. All natural, pure teamwork.

Tonight I want to leave you with a cute shot of Aubrey. She was thinking about Grandma Robin this afternoon. She wanted to paint her nails. All she wanted to talk about was how she gave her this nail polish, all the way from her house and that she really missed painting her nails with Grandma Robin. Grandma Robin would let her paint her nails on a towel. Grandma Robin thought that sparkles in the polish were beautiful. "Grandma gave me this polish for real, and I am not kidding." So, you know it we let her paint her nails after dinner on the back porch.

Nap time.

So, I had to call in today. Jamie was running a fever throughout the night. I was afraid to send him to school. So, Steven went to work today, by himself. Aubrey slept in. She woke up looking for Steven. She didn't understand that it wasn't Saturday.

Back to Jamie. We have had his temp down this morning. I just hope it doesn't shoot up this afternoon. I am ready to go back to work. This home stuff is for the birds. There is no rest in it.
I guess there is no rest at work either. It is just routine and that is how I roll.

There are no plans this afternoon. There are a few chores that I will do, but we will be cuddling and waiting on Steven to get home.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We made it through dance.

Tuesday is another rush rush day. We grabbed dinner on the way home. We rushed to change clothes and jump back in the car for dance. When we picked up Jamie this afternoon, he had a fever. So, Steven kept him home tonight and cuddled with him. He gave him some medicine, and it seem to break the fever. We got them to bed and I had to run back out to CVS. I had to pick up another RX. I went back to the foot doctor. He gave me a cortisone injection in my left foot. My right foot seemed to be doing better. So, he put me back on some meds for 2 weeks and to keep up with the physical therapy. I think that I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Melissa and the girls were doing great tonight. While Aubrey and Haley were in there classes, Chase did her homework. I am not looking forward to that next year. Plus, in Kindergarten they don't take naps. Aubrey will have some adjusting to do next year.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and that is Steven's lab meeting day. I guess we might have to play (ROCK,PAPER,SCISSORS) if daycare calls.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Quick Post.

We all got home late this afternoon. I did not get out of Physical Therapy until after 5:30. So, we were really late getting the Polliwogs. We had to stop by Wal-Mart again. Last night I killed my hair drier, mom it was nice! When I turned it on it slowly died, and smoke came out the back. It stunk the bathroom up. Kinda like popcorn, the smell just lingered. So, I decided to go to bed with a wet head, I know Mom...I am sick and going to bed with a wet head! Yeah, I had another hair drier in Aubrey's bathroom. I decided to use it when I got up. So, while Steven was showering I went to Aubrey's bathroom and wet my head. I got hers out...and killed it! When I turned it on, it made a loud sound like a drill. It scared me and I through it in the floor. When Steven got out of the shower, he tried it. No, luck. So, I went to work with a wet head. Yuck! On our way home we stopped for Nyquil and a hair drier.

So, Steven took the Polliwogs to the doctor this morning. Good check up. They are on the upswing of the crud. I feel better tonight as well. However, I did speak with Dad this afternoon. Now he has it. Too many smooches.

We now have them down and I have a list to accomplish before I can stop. I need to go. Have a great night.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun 3 days!

Jamie got up at 4:30 Friday morning. We decided to go ahead and get up and feed him. Then, he played while we got ready. While Steven was downstairs packing lunches Jamie fell back to sleep. When I came down and saw him, I thought that this was too cute. He was asleep at the horse!

Friday we had a gush of rain hit right when I got off of work. It lasted until I got to the Polliwogs. After I picked them up, we headed to the mall. Steven had left earlier to get my dad from the airport. We were meeting them for dinner. When we got to the mall, Aubrey spotted this rainbow. She was so excited! I can remember being her age and being that excited to see them. I would look from my Grannie's back porch over the hill towards my house, there it would be, the prettiest rainbow, after the refreshing rain. I used to pretend to do rain dances, usually my Papa would join in. Ahh, the memories!

Speaking of...Papa. We met him for dinner. After dinner we went shopping for Kelly, our neighbor, she had a b'day party saturday at Chuckie Cheeses. Saturday morning we went to Aubrey's soccer game. She is #2 in the pictures, and her team is ironically called the tadpoles. She did so well... much much better than her previous practices and games. She even scored a goal! Go Aubrey. The last picture on the field is her kicking the goal. Then we went home and got her ready for the birthday party. She went with Laura and TJ. They took her so that we could stay home with Daddy. I got a nap!

Later we went out shopping and we came home for the Auburn game. What a close one. I didn't stay up for it, Dad and Steve did. This morning we all slept until about 8:00ish. We left to take Dad to the airport about 9:00. After that we did our weekly trip to Wal-Mart. We came home and played outside, including Aubrey riding her bike. Then we had lunch and headed down for naps. We all have a touch of a viral infection, we feel blah. After naps Aubrey wanted to do some "science" with Steve. This included mixing different food coloring with a pipette, and mixing gelatin with apple juice. She likes doing this, but it gets messy so she doesn't get to much. Steven did grill tonight. Dinner was great. We are now settling in for our Sunday night movie and ice cream. This week we are watching Aristocats.

One exciting thing is that Aubrey has learned Tic-Tac-Toe. She keeps calling it Tit-Tat-Toe.
We had a wonderful weekend, and Dad thank you. We really love having you.

I need to say hello to GiGi. I hope that things are going well, and we are thinking about you up here in NC.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spilt Milk...

This afternoon has been more relaxed than the past two. We came home and got dinner on the table and began eating. As usually Nikki, calls :)! I mostly talk with her while we are eating dinner. It is like she is at the table with us. It is not every night, but it is a normal thing. She gets off work while we sit down for dinner. (Stink'n Time Zones)! Going back to dinner, I had to get off the phone with her, because Aubrey spilt her milk. It really just slipped out of her hands. So, we had a mess. Needless to say that was the end of dinner. I finished mine on the floor with Jamie. Aubrey went upstairs to the playroom. Steven began freezing Spaghetti sauce. Robin will so understand...the worst part of the spill was, the table. We have a table that has these slate tiles, they are kinda of placed down in these slots. There is no grout or anything, so the milk goes through the table, literally. It is all in the grooves, yuck, yuck, yuck! Robin has listen to me grumble about this blasted table. It collects food particles in the groves. We are constantly cleaning it.

Enough, about the table. Jamie seems to be doing fine. We will see how we sleep again. We still had rough night, we are tired and going to bed early. We have another busy day ahead. Steven's lab meeting is tomorrow. Aubrey is suppose to have soccer if it stops raining. I will be on soccer duty since Steve has to work. I will have Jamie also.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

1st Ear infection...

Yes, we know why we are not sleeping. Steven did the drive through ear check this morning. Not really, but sorta. He made it to the walk- in clinic, where we take them. I took Aubrey to school while he did that. We had to wait to tonight to get the Rx filled.

Aubrey had dance. We three went to that, while Steven worked late, making up for this morning. Then he went to Sam's Club and we three went to Wal-Mart. I have a bridal shower at work, and I needed to bring drinks and a present. I pulled out of Wal-Mart, at 8:00. Luckly, I had gotten Aubrey a happy meal, before I picked her up. So, she had eaten. Jamie wouldn't take his bottle at dance, so when we left Wal-Mart he had his melt down. I called Steven, he meet me on the front porch to help get the kids in and Jamie fed.

Aubrey is now a sleep, and Steven is working on Jamie. He just keeps smiling. Wish us luck.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Aubrey's Invention

Steve here. Last night Aubrey made a new sandwich that she invented. It started with her wanting a hot dog, and me telling her that our hot dogs were frozen. Somehow we came up with the idea of putting chicken nuggets on a hot dog bun. Aubrey picked out other things, and I suggested cheese. Here's the final product: 2 chicken nuggets and half a slice of turkey lunch meat on a hot dog bun. Add ketchup and shredded mozzarella cheese. Viola!

Note to self: mix up everyday foods for Aubrey in strange ways and they become instant hits!

Another long night.

Jamie still had another rough night. He had a little bit of a fussy day, which is a big deal. He is such a great baby. He just sits and watches everyone and what they do. He is a studier. Steven and I had to drive separate today. He took Aubrey back to the dentist. She had her 6 month cleaning. She did great until the dentist decided to poke around. She got bubbles for her prize.

I had physical therapy for my feet this afternoon. It went great. They have been feeling better, I started this steroid pack, and sleeping in this (darth vader) boot. I have new exercises to do too. I go back on Friday.

Friday, Steven will pick Daddy up from the airport. We are looking forward to having him. It has been a few months since we have had him here. I can't wait for him to see Jamie. He has grown so much.

Tomorrow is dance night. We will be pretty busy. I hope that you can keep up with us this week.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Enjoying the last of Summer.

This morning started out slow. Jamie had another rough night, hence so did Steven and I. Aubrey slept in until 8:30 and came in there with us. At 9:00 Aubrey and I got a shower, and shaved our legs...she likes to pretend with my shaving cream. Don't worry I am really careful with the razor!

We played this dvd game with Aubrey, it is call Hullabaloo. It was neat and she enjoyed. Then we had lunch. She did get a nap today. Hooray, we can still sneak one out of her. We told her that if she got one we could do the waterslide as she calls it. So, here are some pictures of this afternoon.

Tonight after her bath she got to watch a movie and ice cream again. The Sunday night movie this week was Dumbo. Tonight she "read" to me, it was the 3 little bears. Steve worked on putting Jamie down. I think that we are in for another rough night. I hope not.

This is us trying to capture the end of summer. -Cheers.