"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Friday, April 30, 2010

"On Yellow"

Last week Aubrey came home saying..."Mom, I had a bad day"...."That computer made me go on yellow"! It took some questioning to understand that she broke the computer and went on yellow. I still was not satisfied with her answers. So, of course I dug deeper. When we got to soccer, I asked Stephanie, which is the coaches wife and our homeroom mother that volunteers at the school, just what happened today. She explained that in the computer lab there are a group of the kids that act up when they sit next to each other and Aubrey was playing an messing with this little boy. They got on to her a lot. Then, when it was time for her to do her work on the computer, she some how ditched some important program that took awhile to fix. So at that point Aubrey soared to the color yellow and lost her duties for the day. She was so heart broken. So, she got in trouble and that was that.

Then...this week seemed to be perfect, no sticks just great behavior...then Hump Day! When I picked her up, I asked her about her day and she replied..."We will talk about it in the car"! I thought, oh my...so we loaded up in the car. As we drove away she unfolded a piece of paper. She had taken notes! She said, "Mom, I went on yellow!" Then she began to read from the note and explain the 3 actions that got her there. As she explained each small incident, I became more proud. None of the actions were that bad, however I was truly impressed she took responsibility of making the note to remember everything! It was hard to punish her for this, after a talk with Dad, she decided no candy and allowance this week! We are really proud of her!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Buckaroo turns "2"!

We (us and the Darragh's) have been trying to start the potty training. The good thing he knows how to Pee-pee in the potty, however understanding the urge to go is a little different.
It will take some time!

Jamie enjoyed getting packages in the mail from all our love ones! It was like Christmas all over.
Thank you all!

Coming up for a birthday theme was not hard after Santa brought Jamie a stick horse. He loves to ride it...so we went all out "Western"!

We decided to go without good bags this go round...everyone received their on cowboy hat!

Everyone took turns riding the stick horses from the Dollar General...great find!

Dinner was quick and easy!

Then the "Daddy Durby"...boy did I catch heck for this! These Dad's competed big time and of course their knees where a little bummed! Ooops!

Then cake time.

A little play time.

Some more root beer!

And this is how the most Rootinist- Tootinist Cowboy in the west of Mebane
celebrated his second birthday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Gray's are ready!

Today the Daisy troop meet up at the fire station. This is a very sensitive subject for Aubrey! It went great. She has had many nightmares lately about fire in general. So, we held back on telling her where we going. I told her in the car and she started to tear up a bit and we decided to say a little prayer to help her be brave. She did great, she basically told the fire fighter what needed to happen if there was a fire. I was really proud of her. She knows it all! But, there was some business that we needed to take care of when we got home. First, we made our fire plan, we now have a meeting place. Then we tested our alarms. Last, we showed Aubrey where the extinguishers are located. We are now ready here in the Gray house.

"The Garden is Open", the Sisters' Garden

Aubrey is home!! She had a blast with Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bernie! She came home sporting her new goods!! She loves her new dress! After picking her up, we headed to a special place. It is called "The Sisters' Garden". It is located in Chapel Hill.

This Garden is owned by a set of twins that are 95 years old. They live off of Gimghoul Road. This garden is sorta a famous secret. There is a book out about this garden, it is named "The Garden is Opened". We learned about this last year and was not able to make it. Thank you Ms. Jeanette for sharing!

We came home planted some bulbs that they Sisters' gave us. We are so thrilled. Now Aubrey and Steven are working on their garden in the back! Soon, we can sit back and watch things grow!