"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Monday, June 30, 2008

To Be...

I said it is great "TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER"! Since we were doing the whole car wash segment I thought that we would show you our bumper stickers. Steven and I had these from when we went to Auburn, and Aubrey had to have one for her car! So, I think that the Polliwogs are full-blooded!

Here are a few pics from Sunday afternoon. Aubrey was so excited to see Kylie. She has been waiting to play with the neighborhood girls!

We are looking forward to our 4th get together.

Now, I want to leave you with and email from Susanne.

You know your from Thomasville if...........

1. You were there the day sonic was supposed to open, only to discover it was opening the next day.
2. You have counted the number of tiger paws on gates drive many times.
3. You remember when wal-mart was in goody’s.
4. The pool at the country club was massive when you were little.
5. You could eat at a different fast food restaurant every day of the week, twice a day, and never repeat.
6. You trust Drs. Frank and Daveta Dozier with your life.
7. Anything less than 4th round in football playoffs is shameful.
8. Nick Saban and Tommy Tuberville don’t compare to Jack Hankins.
9. You were there for the “bomb threat” at Thomasville High School, which wasn’t really a bomb threat after all.
10. You think the new mural on the corner of Wilson Avenue is great.
11. You would love to know whose idea the mural was.
12. You remember when the world was going to end if Thomasville went wet, and instead we got a sonic.
13. You have wondered why Thomasville has 4 first united security banks, as well as about 10 other banks.
14. You have wondered if they will ever finish the Civic Center on west front street.
15. You miss Pizza Inn.
16. You grew up knowing you were better than kids who went to other area schools (Jackson, Clarke County, Sweetwater).
17. You are hated by those other area schools.
18. You don’t care.
19. You knew that the only other acceptable school was Clarke prep.
20. You ate at the grill on its last day of business, along with the rest of Thomasville.
21. You eat at gaston’s at least once a week.
22. Relay for life was a big deal when you were young.
23. So was youth day.
24.You have a southern linc and are proud.
25. No other football stadium can compare to DF Anderson Field.
26. In 7th grade, the movie theater was the place to be on the weekends.
27. You remember the week in 8th grade when there were 10 fights in 2 weeks and the whole middle school was punished.
28. Walgreens? No. Family Pharmacy forever.
29. You miss the original People’s Corner.
30. You wave at everyone, because chances are you know them.
31. You are guaranteed to run into at least 10 people you know in Wal-mart.
32. A train has made you late for school.
33. You wonder if three Chinese restaurants are really necessary.
34. You can’t go to the beach without running into at least 10 other people from Thomasville.
35. A different principal each year from the 6th grade on (Mrs. Horn, Dr. Martin, Mr. 36. Norton, Mr. Clark, Dr. Clayton, Mr. Ferguson) doesn’t seem that unusual to you.
37. You miss Dr. Merida and wonder how he could have left us.
38. Algebra 2 with trig failed half your class in the 10th grade.
38. You have thought that the entire city of Thomasville could fit into the Lousiana- Pacific mill.
39. You or someone in your family has owned a vehicle from Brooks Chevrolet.
40. You know that EVERYONE lives on Old Hwy. 5.
41. The tower at the Mental Health Asylum is scary as hell.
42. You know that these are true.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

They are Home!

I am so glad that Steven and Aubrey are home! They came in at 5:00ish yesterday. Here a few fun photos from today. We had a fun morning washing cars and cleaning the garage. It sure feels good to be complete. Now, lets see how our 1st week out of the house will go!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mangnetic Moments....

Have you ever had one of those random moments that you cross paths with someone that is so odd that it truly seems to be magnetic?

OK, so I can explain. I tend have odd moments that I consider to be magnetic. Where I cross paths with some one and I must be attracted to this person by some magnetic force! I have 3 examples. So, we had set of neighbors that lived at the top of the hill in our old neighborhood. A few years after living their I went to work in a different Dillard's. The husband happened to work at that store. Well, I knew his wife and son. But, never connected that he was the daddy. Anyway, a few months before we left, they moved. Well, one afternoon last year we shopping at Sam's club. There was Johnny! How ODD! How Magnetic!

This is another recent one. Steven does our grocery shopping, it is cheaper and less stressful on all of us. Anyway, here lately, I have gone, or go with him on occasion. There is a man that I tend to cross paths with every time. He rides one of those scooters around Wal-Mart. He has really nasty feet. I see to cross paths all the time with him when I go. Now, Steve says, maybe he is at Wall-Mart all the time! Whatever, it is Magnetic.

The last has been this week. So, I guess Tuesday, I had this CRAZY, strange-O, come by my desk. She was not a patient of mine. She was lost. She was late for an appointment, and didn't know where she needed to go. I gave here directions and she continued to yell and throw the f-bomb. So, I decided to take her myself to make her feel better and to get her out of my waiting area. She swore all down the escalator as loud as could be. I just smiled and said that I was sorry. Anyway, so that was that, without me even explaining what she was wearing and how she looked. So, today another "MOMENT", I am at a red light, and there she is. Outside crossing the street, yelling at herself, there was no else. So, no the red light was not at the hospital, Steven. So you can't say that she is at the hospital a lot. I just don't know...is it MAGNETIC?

Yeah, I know that some type of magnetic force in the pathway of my life is attracting "NUTS and really STRANGE" people. Or, are these the ones that I notice?

That is enough of my strangeness, back to my POLLIWOGS.
Aubrey is coming home tomorrow and Jamie slept all night again, cross your fingers for 4! I am tired and plan to go to bed early.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday GRAND-DADDY!

We all want to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Last night Jamie slept through the night. Do we see some what of a trend? Maybe. We are still lonely in NC. Thank goodness we have great friends to stop by and say Hello. We are excited for Aubrey and Daddy to come home Saturday afternoon. Not much has happened here today. Steven took Aubrey to the Nashville Zoo, since our membership is good at most Zoos, thanks Grandma Marilyn. Anyway, it has been awhile since she has been to that Zoo. I think Grandma Robin took her last year. It is a really nice Zoo. We use to spend a many of Sunday's there since that was the one day that I use to have off when I worked for Dillard's. It is a really nice Zoo. I spoke with my friend Heather Cart today and she said that they are exspecting a plane tomorrow. Ugggg...do I remember the stress from those days! Boy, my life was pure craziness!
And Steven's too! Thank goodness for pregnant ladies! I like my job so much more!

There isn't much to write about just wanted to wish Harry a Happy Birthday!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Tonight I was able to go to dinner with Melissa, Chase, and Haley. These again, are very special people in our lives. They are our Mebane friends. Melissa has taken me (the transplant) as she calls me, and helped me so much. She is a true sister. Our girls take dance together. We try to do dinner on Tuesday's after dance when we can. We usually try to get together as much as possible for the girls to play. Anyway, Jamie and I had dinner with the girls. All Chase and Haley wanted to know was where was Aubrey? When is she coming back? How is she getting home? I have a feeling we will be getting them together soon.

I did get an email from Grandma Robin today. I am sure that she really tired. She has kept Aubrey bouncing from one thing to another. Aubrey is going to have wonderful memories from this trip. Anyway here is what Grandma Robin had to say about Aubrey!

Grandma Robin is fading fast . . . Aubrey can't wait to see her Daddy tonight. She's so excited. We've been counting the days until she sees Daddy and gets to go home to Mommy, Jamie and Dill . . . and Sage and Basil. I've started to lose track of time so I'm just enclosing a few of my favorite photos with captions.
Saturday Night Boredom
Wrapping Grandpa in all the blankets we own - in 90 degree weather !!!

Grandpa & Aubrey watching "Aladdin" and surfing Ebay:

Sunday Afternoon at the Pool
Is surfing in her future?
Posing for Grandma . . . Grandma loves hats !!!!
Sunday Night at Crockett Park - She needed a few dance lessons (she dances a lot like her Dad ??!!)

More swimming . . . this girl could stay in the water all day and night

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mikaela!

If you know "Our" Sara & Joel, then you know how much their children mean to us. They are our family. We are raising our children together miles away from one another. They are very special to us. Last week Mikaela had her 1st Birthday. They celebrated it in Massachusetts.

Aubrey and Katie are 9 months a part. We always enjoy getting the girls together. The next time we get together will be in October. We are really looking forward to this.

So, Jamie actually slept through the night! I am so excited. I don't know if it will happen again, however it was a great supprise this morning when I woke up.

Jamie and Mrs. Jean are hitting it off BIG! He is doing so great.
I am still waiting to hear from Aubrey. If I do hear from Grandma Robin, I am not sure that Aubrey will get on the phone. She is not big on stopping to talk on the phone.

I just got Jamie to sleep. Now, I can get somethings done. I am really missing Steven. He is my Prince. He is my core. He keeps me stable and centered. I am going bonkers without him. I really miss him. I really miss Aubrey. I keep catching myself saying things that she would say. I know that this house will be normal Saturday night when we all settle in our beds. The thing that I am looking forward to most is Sunday Morning. I can just imagine Aubrey getting up and climbing in our bed and Jamie waking up and us putting him in the bed with us. There we will be watching the Disney Channel, laying in our bed. Ahhh, back to something we consider normal. I bet Robin will be saying the same thing Sunday morning!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting late...

It is getting late. I just got Jamie to dreamland, and I thought that I would give you a quick run down of my day. I got up at 5:00 am and got ready. I got Jamie fed and ready. We were off by 6:20 am. We were at daycare by 6:50 am and I was on my bus by 7:15 am. I sat at my desk by 7:25 am and ready to start my day. We had about 50 patients this morning and about 40 this afternoon. I was able to pick Jamie up at 4:25 pm and head on my way. It began to rain as I headed home. It rained harder and harder the closer I got to the house. I had to drag Jamie out of the car through the rain. Yuck! We played for most of the afternoon. He got a bath. I fed and rocked him to sleep. There our day in a nutshell. However, I did speak with Nikki, Mom, and Steven. No Dad tonight. He didn't answer his phone. Steven spent the night with his Aunt Andrea and Uncle Dave in Chicago last night. It sounded like he had a great time. He is now at his conference. I haven't spoken with Grandma Robin or Aubrey today. I will try to call them tomorrow. I think that it will be easier to talk with them tomorrow. Jamie ate a lot of my time playing. I still have laundry to put away and dishes in the dishwasher to put away.

By the way Jamie had a great first day. His note from Mrs. Jean said, that he cuddled all day.

Just another day in the Gray's House!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Whew...a few quite minutes.

I just got Jamie down for another nap. So I have a few minutes to post. It is raining hard here, there is lighting and everything. A true summer storm. The kind where you are so tired and you want to take a nap. Well, that can't happen today. Anyway, I sent Steven off this morning. Jamie and I ran to Wal-Mart. I have been preparing zip-lock bags full of fruit and nuts for my lunches and snacks this week. I figure that I won't have any free hands in the afternoons, due to Jamie. So, we had already cut the fruit up, I just wanted single servings to be ready to pack for work. I did hear that Grandma Marilyn made it Chicago safe and sound, (Steve). She is going to have the starter replaced. As she tried to leave Sunday Morning her car decided to put up a fuss. Anyway, she is safe and sound.

When we got up at 4:00 am to feed Jamie, Steven came in and checked his email. Robin had sent another email. So, I decided to post it also.

We walked the dogs, watched Aladdin, had sundaes and she's sound asleep. aaaaaaaah !!!
I was sitting here knitting and thinking of cute things she said today and wanted to pass them along to you before I forgot.
"I just love Dill. I miss Dill so much."
"I dream about my Mommy, Daddy and Dill every night." (When I asked her if she dreamed about Jamie, she said, "I dream about him sometimes, but I dream about my Mommy, Daddy and Dill EVERY night."
"My Mom says I don't have to . . . . My Dad doesn't make me do that . . . I only have to do that at your house, not at my house . . . " I respond, "Okay, if you say that so, but let's just give Mommy and Daddy a call so I can be sure." She responds, "No, No . . . " (she's too funny . . . the mind of a four year old.)
She also wanted me to be sure to send these photos so she could have them on your computer. When I was there Dill kept getting in my knitting bag. One day he unraveled my finished square. She looks at this photo and then says, "I just love Dill."
That's all I can think of now and I can't remember where I put the notebook I had been writing the cute comments down in.
Good Night . . . The Sandman is Calling Me.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The latest on the Polliwogs.

So, we have a new email from Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bernie. I wanted to share it with you all. Also, we have new Jamie photos. I wanted to post them also. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday night we went to "Tales & Tunes" at Cheekwood. Local artists made castles, houses or structures based on fairy tales (Princess and the Pea, Rumplestilskin, Rapunzel, Three Billy Goats Gruff) and each week there is story telling time in front of the structure and ALL the children participate. It can get quite lengthy. Aubrey got tired of waiting for her turn so we were running around to all the "castles" and she spotted Grandpa Bernie. He came and surprised us. His arrival made her day. She had to show him everything again and THEN we went to the FROG POND. She could have stayed there all night to hear the bullfrogs "singing" and spotting all the frogs in the pond!!! Each time a new person would get on the bridge, she would take them from spot to spot to show them all the frogs.
She's helped me water the gardens and "Annie"!!?? Annie hates to see her with the hose or a watering can.
We've been catching fireflies, however, she tends to kill them went she swats them off her. Grandpa has been removing all spiders that she can find . . . we don't know how . . . but spider hunting and disposal could be a full-time job for Grandpa.
Today she got to go "shopping" with Grandma and Miss Gloria. We went to the Garage Sales, however, she calls it "parking". I guess because she had to get in and out so much. She got more games (which she and Grandpa Bernie are playing as I write), more puzzles and a Radio Flyer red wagon that will be put to good use while she's here and on future visits with Jamie too. THEN . . . because she was a good girl we went to the YMCA kiddy pool and she met two new friends Chase (boy) and Hannah. We were there almost three hours and she still was not ready to go. She really is a polliwog.
Steve, you're really going to have to watch out for your little girl, the boys are already talking to her. Check out the attached photo !!!!
It started to rain so we're inside watching Oliver and playing games. We were going to play croquet, but will have to see if the ground is too wet. There's always tomorrow . . . Picnic & Music in the Park . . . she's gonna love it !!!!
Talk to you soon. All our love to all three of you.

Now it is Jamie's Turn.This Grandma Marilyn and Jamie.
This was taken this morning before she left to drive to Chicago. Steven is flying to Chicago tomorrow. However, they will not be seeing one another. Grandma Marilyn is visiting some of Steven's Aunts and close friends. This is a trip that she likes to make just about every summer. Steve is going to present his research on Rett Syndrome at a conference.

So, yes Steven had to share the Zucchini with Jamie. We were so amazed with how huge it was that we wanted to compare it with something or SOMEONE. So, Jamie got to play with the Zucchini.

So this is the "Happy Jamie". He loves to smile and stick out his tongue. He looks like a turtle with a little pointed tongue.
So as you can tell he is looking more and more like Aubrey. They have the same head shape and everything. This picture of Jamie reminds me of a picture of my daddy with his brother on a front porch. Daddy had the same shaped head.

Garden Mischief

Look what popped up in our garden! Never saw that coming :)

Aubrey's Garden

Most of this post is for Aubrey. Last night I talked to Aubrey and she got sooo excited when I told her about her sunflowers and watermelon. She also asked how her seeds were doing, and I when I told her they were growing she starting squealing with delight. Ahhh... to be 4 again. I feel bad that she isn't here to watch them grow, so I'm posting some pictures for her to look at in Nashville.

Friday, June 20, 2008

This post's for you, Chad

Steve writing today. Chad Dickey was one of my college roommates. Last night my mom gave us a night out on a date, which I don't think we've had since Jamie was born. Come to think of it, I think it was quite a while even before Jamie was born. Anyway, we had a good dinner a Carrabas, although it was weird eating Italian when they couldn't serve tomatoes.

Coming back to Chad, we passed two restaurants nearby that brought back memories from college. One was "Dickey's", which made us think of Chad. We thought he would appreciate the pic since he reads the blog. The next was McCalister's which was one of our favorite places to eat at Auburn. Fun memories... it was a good way to start the date. Here's a few pictures for Chad:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Short and Sweet...

Just wanted to share from Aubrey and Grandma Robin. Here is part of the email I got today.

Hi Christy & Steve,
We've been busy and I wanted to give you an update of all the fun things we've been doing. Nothing worthy of the blog page, but I've been so proud of Aubrey (most of the time . . . we had a couple of "fussy four" moments).
We've had two days at the "club pool" (as Aubrey calls it) and now "the backyard pool is for smaller kids". We're going to get a new vest after "Kung Fu Panda" because the swimming suit w/vest we have is a little snug. She's already met two friends, Andi (female) and Will. They are having so much fun "swimming" and (not so fun times) sharing toys!!
We've been dog walking and yesterday had an adventure with a loose boxer. Aubrey was so calm and brave while Grandma got the dog and put Annie's leash on it so we could take it back home. It kept trying to get Zoey and Aubrey was holding Zoey. Aubrey was protecting Zoey and made Annie get out of the road. She will remember this story as the dog took off running with me attached (that frightened her a little). We were able to get a couple of neighbors to talk over. Whew!!! She couldn't wait to tell Grandpa Bernie.
We also went to the Urban Safari yesterday and saw Safari Hunter (and Magician) Greg. There were over 500 children and he kept them raptured. He brought along Nemo the King Snake, Checkers the lizard (??), Tagu the Red Tiger Lizard and Patches the Python. His sidekick was a puppet named Buzzie the Buzzard. Buzzie had the children rolling with laughter. She had a great time, but didn't want to pet the python like most of the kids. "We don't like to touch snakes".
More swimming and a picnic with Grandpa last night. She and Grandpa have now had ice cream sundaes two nights in a row. She and Grandpa like to same kind of ice cream !!!
I must say it's much easier taking care of Jamie. I had some down time. I'm not complaining, I'm loving every minute because I know it will be a while in between visits. However, I forgot how hard it was to get anything done with an active pre-schooler around.
I hope my photos get thru.
Love you both AND "my little man" JAMIE,
P.S. Aubrey's new friend will soon be 6. His name is William James. His Dad's name is James and he goes by Jamie. Another coincidence, Jamie's wife is named Robin. They just moved to the neighborhood a month ago. He's in Family Practice with the Vanderbilt Medical Center down in Franklin.

Thank you Robin! That made an easy post for us! Tomorrow we have plans to go out on a date! Sam's Club is definitely on the agenda!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Remember when...

So as you know Grandma Marilyn came to "Carolina" as Aubrey would say. She is alway bringing something for us. This is a picture of the t-Shirts that she brought Steven and I. I can't wait for Steven to wear his and as we get ready to leave, I can sneak upstairs and change shirts so that we can be matchy-matchy! He would never notice until we would arrive somewhere and someone would say something. Anyway we like our shirts!

Jamie is getting lots of Grandma time as Steven and I are working. It has been nice for Steven and I riding to and from work. We don't have to listen to kids CDs, or the Disney channel on the XM. However, Steven and Aubrey usually have a battle over the NPR Channel, however, I tend to be more on Aubrey's side. However, I love the Oprah Channel on the XM. We just hardly take my car without kids due to the gas prices.

Tonight Steven, Marilyn, Jamie and I went to have Mexican tonight. We haven't eaten Mexican since Joel came up in May. Yummm... we love the Sloppy Mexican. I really don't know anything else tonight. I did talk with Aubrey last night, she told me all about jumping in the deep end at the pool. She said that it got in her eyes and she did even care! Robin said that she spent about 3 hours at the pool. I am sure that they were exhausted. Bernie is supposed to join them tonight. She is have a great time in Nashville.

I thought that I would leave you with a cute picture of Grandma Marilyn and Jamie. By the way I wanted to say Hello to Kim. I heard you were watching and I wanted to say a quick Hello!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Spice Boys, meet all three!

Once apon a time there where 2 kittens. Sage and Basil were very loved. So loved that their owners decided to have them a little girl. Along came Princess Aubrey. After a few years she decided that we needed one more kitten. Then there was Dill. They are the best of friends. Now it has been 1 year and a child more. This is it for the animal/human ratio in this house. We love our cats dearly, we just can't justify giving up our bed! The cats are such cuddlers. But these are our other babies.

The End

P.S. (added by Steve): Christy's math is a little off. Now we have 4 humans and three cats, so our pet:human ratio is 3:4. The rule is that the number of pets can't exceed the humans in the house, so we can still get one more. Maybe Aubrey needs a guppy :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Look what is new in our yard...

Eddie, Papa Ed, built this bird house for Aubrey this Spring. We really haven't had time to put it up yet. This was one of the things Steven accomplished while being home with Jamie. Needless to say we have new friend. This was quick... it took only a couple days! Hopefully he will stay with us until Aubrey comes home. She will get a kick out of this.

Another thing that Steven has accomplished was getting the piggy banks rolled. Aubrey has collected a lot of change. She accrued most from PAPA. He keeps change jars for her. Every visit she collects! Papa's last visit he had a zip-lock bag full coins that he had to tote through the airport and on the plane. They weighted to much to check-in with the luggage, so he had to carry them through the airport. Aubrey had the 1st hard lesson of being a "BIG STISTER" as she says, she had to share these coins with Jamie. Hummm...something has come between her and money! Anyway, she shared. Steven wanted to go ahead and roll it and get it in their accounts, especially since she is away and won't throw a fit. Jamie ended up $50 and Aubrey has about $140. Not bad! Especially for coins!

Aubrey has been spending these past few days with my Dad and Sister. Aubrey has being riding horses at Dad's. I spoke with them yesterday and she had been thrown off. She was trying to keep her flip-flop from falling, and she ended up kicking the horse. The horse took off and Aub was left on her stomach. Dad said she looked like she wanted to cry, but he asked her if she wanted to ride the horse and she said yes, and she jumped back on. You go girl. When I called she, Dad, and Nikki were in his bed trying to take a nap. " The secret was let out...they were watching Sponge Bob!"
We don't let her watch this creature because he is just nasty. However, Papa's house all the rules fly out the door. She was real coy about telling me what she was doing.

Today she will make her trip to Nashville. Mom and Harry are taking her to the Olive Garden near at the Galleria in Birmingham at 2:00 to meet Robin and Bernie. They have some plans to take her to the park tonight, where some bands play in the evenings during the summer. She will have lots of fun.

Daddy, Harry, Bernie, and Eddie we all want to wish you all the best Father's Day ever! We love you all. Thank you so much for everything.

Christy & Steve

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Good June Bug...Bad June Bug"

This is June Bug. He is one of our neighbors. This is what we consider the "Good June Bug". Most of the time. He used to go by the name Greg, until a certain little one changed his name this time last year. This little one's name is Kylie. She is another neighbor. She is one of Aubrey's dearest friends.

The reason that we are even telling you about him is that it is that time of year. The Bad June Bugs are back. They are having a huge party in Steven's peach trees and vegetable garden. They drive him crazy. Most people call them Japanese Beetles.

So, yes it is June. Maybe we should throw Greg a June Bug Party, however he needs to stay off the Peach Trees.

As we were out in the yard today, I decided to take a picture of the "Bad June Bugs".

So, here you are the "Nasty Critters" ( PG Version), that have taken up residence in our yard.

Today we had a neighborhood yard sale. Steven and I only shopped. We decided not to stress ourselves, so we went Jamie shopping. (Thank you Laura and TJ) they headed the massive project this go round. We have a neighbor that has twin boys and another son. Guess what house we went shopping at. The neighbor was selling Wal-Mart bags, $5.00 for a filled bag of clothes. We came home with 8. So, our current clothing crisis is over for now. It was fun getting to visit with the neighbors as we shopped there treasures (AKA JUNK).

Friday, June 13, 2008

Where we work....

This is the hospital that I work in. I actually work in the middle section.

This is the building that Steven works in. This is the Thurston-Bowles Building. It is across the street from where I work. He is on the 7th Floor.

This is the transit system for UNC. There are a lot of buses that haul people everywhere around Chapel Hill. There is not much parking on campus. I park at the bottom of the hill from the University, it is a 20 minute walk (down hill) to my car. We have a shuttle that takes us to the hospital in the morning. Steven gets off the shuttle and walks to his lab across the street. The transit system is free, however we pay for a parking spot. If we did the PARK & RIDE, we would be off campus and I want to be near my car, so that if we had to get Aubrey we could. Aubrey and Jamie now are in a daycare in Chapel Hill, about 5 minutes from campus.

So, one interesting thing about UNC is that the mascot is a Ram and a "TAR HEEL". So, you will see foot with a black spot on the heel part. This is sorta a strange mascot, however these people seem pretty proud of it. I think that they think "War Eagle" is a little strange, and I know that they really would think that "ROLL TIDE" is really wacky :). But still, it is all better than saying "GO DORS". Steven and I never really got into that. We liked Vandy, but we are and will always be Auburn Fans.

So, tonight I want to leave you with a few pictures of "The AUB". Harry went and got her this outdoor water toy. You can tell that she is living it up in "LA"-Lower Alabama.

She is now spending time with my Daddy. Also, here is a photo of the Polliwogs and Papa from May. Nikki is going to spend the night with him.
I know that Aubrey is having such a great time.
Every day is an adventure for her. I"m afraid that she is going to be bored when she comes back to "Carolina" as she says. So, she only has 2 more days in T'ville and then she is headed to Nashville where Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bernie are cooking up great adventures.

However, Steven,Jamie and I are looking forward to a visit from Grandma Marilyn. She is coming on Sunday and will stay until Saturday. Maybe Steven and I can get to go on a date.