"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last post for the month...

 This weekend Aubrey worked really hard at Ballet Workshop.
They did a fundraiser for props for her ballet in February.
They hosted a Princess Tea Party.
This maybe the last time I see this cutie dressed a princess,
it is sorta sad.  I remember all those princess days like yesterday.
 Aubrey getting a hug before Dad heads out.
Jamie gets himself a hug too.
 This boy is a live wire!
 Which brings me to this crazy mess...
 now this is an after the moment photo. 
You see I am driving in the rain,
getting to ballet to get Aubrey, and Jamie starts screaming so loud about these monsters.
I had not seen this crazy trailer, but it was right next to my door, 
with these men hanging on it.
It scared me too, I could have peed on myself.


 This thing was nuts, poor Jamie said he did not like that Halloween Truck.
 I was glad to get off the interstate.
 Meanwhile at the studio, these princesses had wrapped up the tea party.
Here is Aubrey with her friend Laura.
They are both storm fairies in the ballet.
 Here are the girls with Ms. Lindsay and Ms. Sarah.
 Then, I bravely took them out to eat at Red Robin,
they are monkeys!


 Today was a bit slower pace.
We played around the house, and got decorations out for Halloween.

 The Pollies enjoyed helping me clean the fish bowl.

 Maybe a little fishy.
 I am loving this time of year.
These apples look yummy!
 My candles are burning.

 Our cream cheese finally made it to the shelf!

 Captain America helped me today.

 Aubrey played with her girls today.

 All in all, it was a good day.

 I am excited about my new rug.

 Aubrey is reading another classic.
We are ready for a new week and a new month!
Good bye September!