"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great Halloween!

We have had a great week preparing for an awesome Halloween weekend. This weekend at dance the kids were able to dress up for their dance class. Aubrey wore her favorite Ariel costume from Disney World. She was so excited. As this week we were boo-ed! Thanks to the Darragh's we remembered. I had thought about it before the cruise and some how forgot, until the doorbell rang! Then, we had to join in. Aubrey and Steven made their bags and we piled up in the Gray get away mobile. We hit a few friends that we new needed a good booing and rushed back home for bed.

On Friday, Steven had a meeting with Aubrey's teacher Ms. Fuller. We have to say, we love our teacher! Really she is great. Aubrey is doing great, reading really well, math is great...but, her mouth seems to get in the way! She always has to share things. You know I am proud of her and this is such a minor thing and she will have it down in no time. But, over all she is excelling well and we are very proud of our little Pollie.

Jamie seems to be getting back in the swing of things. He seems to have caught the terrible twos. He is learning to hide and he thinks that this is funny, he laughs and says hiding! Also, he likes to run from you, which we are trying to stop this habit. He is into trains, we have tied his tractor and firetruck together, and he thinks it is a train. He absolutely does not like for anyone to tell him what to do under any circumstances, so this is more of his personality beginning to blossom. Halloween has been a lot of fun with him as Buzz this year. He had a really good time, he practiced "Trick or Treat" a bunch.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

This past week and Mommie's Birthday!

We have been some busy Gray's this week. We have jumped back into our rhythm quickly. Monday-dance, Tuesday-Library, Wednesday-Soccer,Thursday-Dance, Friday-Mommie's Birthday, Saturday-Girls Scout Training, CPR, First Aid Training, Soccer, and Birthday Party, Schwartz Slumber Party, Sunday-Morning Hike, Lunch, Nap, and Girl Scouts! Repeat...haha!

One thing that Aubrey is into is this Mad Science Class after school, it is a class where they do these hands on experiments. She does this on Thursday's and she loves it. She has to come home and demo it on me. It is so fun to see her excited.

This week the Pollies received more loot from Grandma Gray, they loved their package. Jamie is really getting into the packages. As a matter of fact he is starting to understand the concept of birthday's...balloons, cake, presents...it is "his" birthday! It doesn't matter who's birthday, it is JAMIE'S birthday.

October is about completed, we were Boo-ed tonight! So, now we have to get out there and boo some more. We are looking forward to Halloween weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fast update!

Mid October, Steven and I took off to the Caribbean for an 8 day cruise. We have been wanting to do this for a long time and this year we have celebrated our 10th year of marriage. We were blessed to have Grandma Marilyn come and hold the fort down, and thankful to our friends that rolled up their sleeves to help shuffle Aubrey around to all of her activities! We are so fortunate to have made so many wonderful friends in this town. Steven and I had a blast, it was fun to sleep in, and relax.