"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dad and I Weekend...Punch Buggie, Love Grandma

 So I have been a bit busy lately and thought that I would start 
trying to catch up on our posts.
A few weekends ago,
Aubrey and Steven went to Dad and I camp.
This was Steven's first trip to Girl Scout Camp.
I believe the had a blast.

 They got in a ride.

 Aubrey spent some lovey time with the barn kitty.

 They got in some fishing time.
Aubrey caught 3 fish, with "Bread"!

 They slept in a little cabin with no heat.
Such campers they are.

 Chili campfire!

 They played this amazing gummy bear game where they 
had to replicate what they saw in another room.
Aubrey was smart enough to use her camera, and their team won!

Grandma gets a punch...
as I said at the beginning, I am behind on posts.
But, I thought I would share this,
Grandma Marilyn sent a package,
It was a set of Herbie Movies...that is right "Punch Buggie Movies",
that tickled the Pollies.

 Look at Jamie's face!
 Aubrey notices...
 "Punch Buggies"...don't punch back!

I think I need to go as a "Punch Buggie Victim" for Halloween.
Thank you so much Grandma!  We love you!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun on Friday

 After work we rushed home for dinner.
Then we were off to the soccer field.
 Jamie even scored a goal this game!

 After the game we headed over to 
"Icy Sweets" for SME night.

 Who has a sweet tooth...we all do!

 Look who joined us!
The Flores Crew came to support SME too!

 After, a fun night we headed home where another 
package had arrived from Nashville!
Grandma and Grandpa had found a few extra goodies.
 Hummm..what is Dad up to?
 He is peeking!
 Keep away!

 Excited little Pollies!

 Awesome gloves!

 Throwing webs to Grandpa!

 Oh, wow!  Look what Grandma found!

 Grandma, I hope this picture says enough!
They were excited to find your special goodies!

Thank you, Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bernie!