"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Short post.

Friday night I flew into Birmingham about 7:00-ish. I got a rental, then drove Jamie and I to Applebee's for a quick dinner in Bessemer. Then, we drove to Thomasville. We got in at Dad's about 10:30. We visited briefly. Jamie stayed up crying for and hour. He was all confused.

This morning we got up got ready and headed into town for breakfast. Our soon to be step-brothers joined us. Then we headed to the nursing home to see " Grannie-Great", she is Dad's mother. We loaded her up and took her out to her home where she could get some things to decorate her room. While Dad, Tami and Nikki drove her out to the house, I drove over to Grandma Marilyn's and Papa Ed's. We stayed for a "mini" visit. Just enough for them to see Jamie crawl around. I wish that we could have stayed longer, Jamie was all into their dogs.

After that we all met back at the nursing home to decorate. We ended up running out to Wal-Mart to crab a few things for her make her room a little more cozier. It took most of the afternoon, however I think that Grannie had a great time. She was really tired when we left.

After that Nikki, Jamie, Aubrey and I went out to Mom's and Harry's. We visited them briefly as well. They were doing great. Aubrey likes playing the computer games. After that we headed back to Dad's to get the Polliwogs bathed and packed. We grabbed dinner for the road, and sailed in to Tuscaloosa. Not a bad day. We felt like a tornado, however we accomplished so much.

There was so much that we would have loved to do. Time was such an issue this trip. Aubrey has collected so much loot this trip. Toys, Clothes, Snacks, and Quarters!!!! That child. Aunt Nomi and Uncle Melvin decided to give her chore money!!! I want you to know that she won't spend it!!! That rat will save her money and beg me to buy her something!! That was nice! She was excited. However, Aunt Nomi, Aubrey calls you "the lady that made my blanket". I don't know what she is going to do when she goes to Kindergarten. She has carried it with her everyday, since I don't know when.

So, I am getting up early and flying home in the morning! I can't wait to relax a little before we head over to Cindy and Greg's (aka...June Bug). By the way cheer for the Steelers! Anthony Madison #37 is from Thomasville! And Kendall Simmons #73, went to Auburn. Kendall was in my Art Classes with me.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Trick...

Tonight I should be packing. I am playing on the computer instead. What an obsession. I just get sucked in, much like Steven and that puzzle. So, tonight Jamie was doing a new trick. He kept raising his arms in the air as high as he could reach. He would do this, then grunt, grin, and giggle. I caught him several times during dinner. He also was really tired. He played in the toddlers room again today. Also, he stayed up late last night and did not get is normal amount of sleep. So, tonight he was ready to go to sleep.

I did hear from Steve tonight. He was in Memphis. He had a small layover. He should call as soon as he gets to Kansas City. I start my journey tomorrow. I can't wait to see Aubrey.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick Post.

Not much is going on. Tonight we got home late. Steven had lab meeting and Chapel Hill is congested. When we got home, Jamie ate, got his bath, played and went to bed. Not much to say. We have to get Steven packed for his adventure with Joel. He is looking forward to his man time.

My baby is growing so fast. He can do his bottle himself. Wow, so fast.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We have our ticket!!

Aimee came to deliver our Super Bowl Pass. The Roger's are hosting once again. This is great. We will all be getting back and will get to party Sunday night. I will have to be tight with my points. Speaking of points. My new favorite thing. Oh, my! I am not sharing.
So, tonight Steven was going through his email. He was watching some video of his rats (MICE) as he calls them. He was watching its activity. Then Dill became interested. It was really cute. How Dill knew that there was a mouse on the monitor? Anyway, Dill kept looking behind the monitor for the mouse.

Tonight we took Jamie to get his 9 month pictures. He did good. When we get them we will post them. He was tired and ready for his bottle. He is growing so fast.

Aubrey update: We heard from her tonight. She is at my Mother's house. She is spending the night and headed back to Dad's. Dad had to go out of town this afternoon.

Puzzle Update: Steven is slaving away. It is probably 40% completed. It won't be done before Aubrey gets home. Ho-hum.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is why I love him!

This was my dinner tonight. Steven rocks. What a perfect salad.

Aubrey update:

She is having great time. She has been among all of her Alabama Grandparents. She is having a great time in the country. She has seen a lot of people. And she has done just about everything that she could want. She talks to us everyday. She only has a few more days! Then, I am on my way to get her.

While Dad was away...

Jamie and I played. We have had a great day. Steven went to help a friend build a barn. I was suppose to be working, that turned into play time for Jamie and I.

25 Random things about me.

I did this a today on my Facebook. I thought that would share it on the blog.

1. I enjoy playing host. I love to have parties and having people over. I love having the food set out on pretty plates and bowls. Parties are great.
2. My favorite flower is a yellow Calla Lily. My wedding bouquet had 29 yellow Calla Lilies; I was married July 29, 2000. I still have them!
3. Reese’s Cups are my weakness! I really like them in the yellow packages at Easter, when they are shaped liked Eggs!
4. I collect ornaments. I have 9 Christmas trees, 6 big ones and 3 smaller ones. I collect ornaments for the different themes on each tree. I love Christmas!
5. I hate exercising! Nevertheless, I will say that I love the feeling when I am finished. I feel as though I have completed a task.
6. Whew, water! Not one of my favorite things. It too is a task. I chew gum just to give it flavor, and so I can finish it quickly, before my gum looses it flavor.
7. I love to dream. I spend most of my dreamtime thinking of my dream house. I think about all the rooms and storage I want. I dream of all that I think that I need. Steven puts up with it, and says that sounds good.
8. Nightmares. Alligators and Indians. They use to get me, always. I am not sure about the gators, I would have wicked dreams that I would be in the water with them or someone I knew. When I see them on TV, I flip the channel right away. The Indians, go back to my Dad watching westerns on TV. I would dream that I would be inside a house, and hear them coming and chanting riding on horses. Scary stuff.
9. I love to organize. I organize most everything. Order is important.
10. I do not cook. Timing is everything, and that makes me a wreck. Steve cooks and I clean! Great setup.
11. A date that I remember is when we were in high school, Steven picked me up and we got pizza (my favorite). We went to Gates Drive and ate at a picnic table. We walked the track and played on the playground. I loved that wooden bridge.
12. I graduated from Auburn University in 2000. I have a degree in Fine Arts. My concentration is in painting. I love to paint; I just do not make the time.
13. My dream job…it includes volunteering. I want to be jobless with a lot to do. I want to drive kids around, (in a Cross Country Volvo, since I am dreaming) and help some charitable organization.
14. I catch myself trying to please everyone. Not a good thing all the time, it is exhausting.
15. Coffee shops make me nervous. There are so many options, it cost as much as a meal, and I am afraid it will not taste good. Is there a true yummy coffee that is low in calories that I do not feel guilty getting?
16. After coming to the realization that God did not give me the body that a cheerleader should have, I decided to do the next best thing! I became the school Mascot. It was fun. It provided me the opportunity to go to London. I was in the New Year’s Day Parade in 1995. London is cool.
17. I have never ridden on a REAL train. I want to do that some day. Steven rode one last summer in Spain. Just one ride will do me.
18. I love to burn candles. They seem to relax me. I do not relax, there is too much to do and I might miss something. I love to go on Vacations to do something different. Vacations are for doing something out of the norm, not for relaxing.
19. Games. This is touchy. I hate Monopoly, Steven cheats and steals! In addition, it takes to long. Cards, there are too many games, and so many rules. Scrabble, I just cannot spell, there is no hope. Give me Pictionary, Scattergories, Catch Phrase, and Red light...Green Light.
20. I love to go to the beach. I grew up near the Gulf. It was a treat to go to the beach. This year we want to go to the beach here in North Carolina. I have never seen the Atlantic. Then, I can try to make it to the Pacific. Hum, a pattern?
21. Diet Coke. True Love. Must I continue?
22. I love our bird feeder. There is always free entertainment. It is almost like the water cooler at work!
23. Valentine’s Day. Why does it have to be after Christmas and New Year’s? We are broke and I am on a diet.
24. I love to open my windows. I love the crisp air, when I can do this. However, it can make Steven sick, and the temperature has to be perfect. It is such a treat to open them when I can.
25. I would love to go and do a mystery dinner in a castle. I would want to participate and have to figure out how did what happen, when, where, who. I would love to figure out the mystery.

Just something a little different. It takes time to think about yourself.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Saturday.

Steven jumped out of bed and ran 5 miles today. I stayed in bed until Jamie decided to get up. Steven and I went to eat Chinese today for lunch. We haven't eaten out in forever. We thought we would splurge at the $4.99 Chinese Buffet, by Wal-Mart. After that I went to Great Clips and got my hair cut for $6.99. They were having a sale! Steven held Jamie while I got my hair cut. Then, he ran back to the neighborhood. He went to Chris and Jen's, he helped them with their chair-rail, in the baby's room. They only have 5 more weeks! Yeah! They are suppose to have a boy. We are excited.

Jamie and I went to Wal-Mart to do some shopping. We had a lot to get. We were out of a lot and needed to stock up for a few weeks. So, we went and completed this dreadful task. When we got home, Jamie wanted his bottle right away! Then, he sacked out. So, I decided to color my hair! Oh, thank God for hair color! I haven't done it myself in a while, however, we are trying to be tight with our budget right now, and Wal-Mart hair color fit the budget. I completed that simple task, and I think I like it! Who knew it could be so easy, and cheap!

So, Steven cleaned out the garage today. He planned a guys night. They are playing darts out there now. This is something that he use to do in Nashville. He has carried it over to here. So, they are out there playing and I am blogging.

While Steven was out running, Jamie and I had play time.

Nikki, I had to go get my on! They are so good.
Chad...I bought these noodles for Steven, he laughed, and said Chad would get a kick out of those. Yall ate these all the time, in the dorm! We will see if he actually eats them.

Puzzle update: We haven't finished the boarder. Steven has more fun with it. It makes me have anxiety. I just want to organize the colors.

One last note---Chris we hope that you are having a great trip. Singapore must be awesome!


So, I wanted to do a quick post on pigs. I meant to do this during Christmas, and well I was busy and put it off. However, I have time tonight. One of the Christmas Trees that I have is my pig tree. Susanne and I have always given pigs to one another as gifts. One year she truly trumped me. She bought me a real pig! Petunia, was her name. I was in college, living in a dorm at the time, and was floored. What was I going to do with this pig. It ended up at Granddaddy's house. He and Ella Rhee agreed to take it. He ended up putting it on the Swap-Shop (a radio show on a Thomasville station, where these rural folks list what they have to sell, or whatever.) Anyway, my Dad heard that there was a pig, listed under my Granddaddy's phone number. Which meant that he was getting rid of this pig. So, Dad prank-called him, acting as though he wanted to buy this pig to eat. He kept asking him, "Just how big is it..." and silly things like this to get at Granddaddy. Poor Granddaddy, kept telling him, "You can't eat this kind of pig". So, this pig story will last in our family forever.

Since, Susanne and I have decided not to worry over gifts for Birthday's, we decided to do one thing for one another each year. That is to buy a pig ornament for each another. We both have a tree with nothing but pigs on it. It has been so much fun trying to find them. But they are out there!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally Friday.

Oh my, it has been such a long week. We are finally sitting down to breathe. Steven got out of the lab late...something about surgery on rats and receiving a package, and starting something important b/c they are behind...blah..blah..blah! When 4:00pm hits, my brain is shutting down. Rats are the last on my list, get out of the lab and lets roll!!!

The truth was that we were trying to hurry and get home for a Birthday Party for Abigail. She is a neighbor and she was turning 2! Greg's birthday was today also. So, we rushed out of Chapel Hill and headed to the party. Jen and Chris, we are sorry we were late. We had a good time.

Jamie went into the toddlers room today. He was so tired tonight. They are planning on moving him up in February, so he went to visit. He had a blast chasing the girls. So, he was out for the ride back to Mebane. He was a little fussy tonight at the party, which fussy for him is just a little sensitive, nothing crazy and dramatic.

So, we have big day tomorrow. We are planning on cleaning, and grocery shopping. We have to get ready for Joel to come. Steven is driving out next week to get him and help him drive big trucks back across the country from Kansas City. He will live with us until Sara can get out here. We are really looking forward to having them here.

Steven is planning a dart night tomorrow. He is excited and will spend time cleaning the garage tomorrow. He's craving time out with the guys. I need a girls night also!! Wow it has been awhile.
On a side note, we are starting a puzzle. Thanks Nikki!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Easy Day.

We have had a great day. Aubrey is feeling a bit better. She is going over to my mother's tomorrow. Then she will switch to Steven's mother's this weekend. She is having a great time despite the stomach bug. She is already asking what she is going to do for Easter. I had to explain to her that Jamie's birthday is right after Easter and we are staying home, and that we are heading to Nashville after that. Steven is planning on making the half marathon, in the Music City run. We are excited. Steven had gotten 2 runs in this week and is planning on making the running club run this weekend. He is really excited about having Joel move here. He is Steven's Bro in the running world.

We are having a great time with Jamie. It is funny trying to remember how to deal with just an infant. Things are so simple, plus he makes it that way. He is a great baby. Steven has been busy tonight. He had to read a paper, run for 3 miles, and go to a neighbors house to hang streamers for a birthday party tomorrow. He will be pooped when he gets home. On a side note, TJ told us that they sold their house. It was up for less than 24 hours!!! We are so sad!!! I am sure that will be a topic tomorrow night at the party.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today at the Piano...

So, if you remember me talking about the piano, near our desk, there was another surprise today. We had lovely music today. There was a violin playing, we felt like we were on the Titanic for a brief moment. Anyway, the surprise. As I was leaving this afternoon, I noticed that the music was really pretty, so I looked to see if it was a student playing. To my surprise, it was a maintenance man. His tool belt was laying next to him, and he was playing the most beautiful music. This piano is really making me stop and reflect.

Jamie had a great day. He is asleep, and resting for another day. Aubrey is sick, and getting lots of love. She has caught a stomach bug and getting lots of rest.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a day.

This was how our day started. SNOW! Jamie was all bundled up.

This was Jamie when we arrived at school. However, he was turned away because they had a snow delay. He had to come back after 8:30. However, today was his 9 month check up. So, he came to work with me for a little bit. Then, Steven tracked through the snow to get the car to take him to the doctor. After the doctor, Steven took him back to school. Then, he found out that they were closing at 1:00. So Steven tracked back out to get him and bring him back to me at work. Jamie hung out with me for the afternoon at work. Then, when we got off, Steven tracked back to the car again! He came and got us. He is a great daddy. He really did get some work done.

This was our blanket of snow! Sorry, Aubrey! I know that you would have loved it. She is having a great time in Thomasville.