"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Sunday, August 31, 2008

We are home.

We had a great weekend with Sarah and Joel. We drove down to Kings Mountain late Friday night. It was great to see her family and spend time with them. We do this about once a year. Sarah's dad likes to treat Joel and the guys to a game a year. While the guys were out, we girls went to bridal shower for Sarah's new sister-in-law. They hired 3 baby sitters for the 6 kids. One was hired just for Jamie. How nice was that. When we all got back, they had a cookout. We also had a party for Katie. She will be 4 on Sept 17th. It seems like yesterday we were looking through the window at her and Joel in the nursy of the hospital. My goodness, it brings tears to my eyes.

We got home about 1:30 this afternoon. We did some picking up and we then we all took a nap. Ahhh...that is what I wanted out of the holiday weekend. After we all got up we had dinner. Then Jamie bounced in his jumper-roo, which he loves papa! Aubrey and Steve had a serious game of cooties. Then we did bathes and started a movie in the playroom. Aubrey wanted 101 Dalmations tonight. We just had an ice cream snack while we watched our movie.

I wanted to include some pictures from this weekend and tonight. Also, so if you know Joel, he likes to spice things up...like mess with me. So, as long as I have had Aubrey's pictures going up the stairs, he has always made them crooked for me. Last Sunday night while Steven was hanging some pictures for me he wanted to level the Aubrey pictures up the stairs, I reminded him that Joel was coming, so he stopped. Sure enough. Joel attacked. This time not even did he make them crooked, he took one and hid it. I found it in the guest bed. (Aubrey) was all tucked in the covers. This is our brother, Joel. We hope that his meeting went well, and they can move our here. Cross your fingers.

So, if you all are concerned about Chad and Melissa, Steven called him this afternoon. He is in Tallahassee and his family is all out of New Orleans and they are scattered around. You can check is blog for updates. www.obichad.blogspot.com. His blog was nice during Katrina, it kept his family in touch, along with we knew what was going on. Jerry we haven't heard from you guys. I hope the best for you all. Keep in touch.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Uncle Joel is here!

Aubrey and Steven went to soccer this afternoon. When they got back Joel was here. He is up visiting Duke. Joel and Sarah are very close friends of ours. We lived in Nashville together and they now live in Kansas City. This weekend we are going to Sarah's parents down below Charlotte. We will be back on Sunday. Steve is getting in a football game with Joel and a few other guys. Sarah and I will be going to a bridal shower for her new soon to be sister-in-law. We have decided to rename "jamie" LJ. From now on family please refer to him as LJ. Yes, this is Christy writing this. Joel has not taken over the keyboard when she is not looking.

Anyway...Joel thinks Jamie should be called "Little Joel". That is what that is about. Here are some pics of the polliwogs, with Uncle Joel.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wet, Wet, even more Wet Wednesday.

Today I wore a red shirt. Should I take you through the journey of my shirt today? It started when I woke Jamie up. He had gotten up at 4:30 again to eat. Steven fed him while I took a shower. Jamie went back to sleep, while we all got ready. A little after 6:00 I got him back up to go to school (what we call daycare). As I was taking him downstairs, he got me... on the sleeve of my shirt. So, yeah, I should have changed, but I didn't. I wore it. It wasn't bad. You can't even tell. So we are having this rain from that hurricane down south. So, as we load up in the car, I get wet. We get the kids in school, I get wet. We go back in the car, I get wet. We get out to get on the bus, I get wet. I get off the bus, I get wet. I get on the bus from work, I get wet. I get out to get the kids, I get wet. I get the kids, I get wet. We get home and unload, I get wet. Aubrey and I run to the grocery store, no rain...humm. I get the groceries, I get wet. I get home and unload the car, I get wet! My poor shirt.

That is enough whining. Jamie is going really great with his peas. Tonight I bought some bananas and sweet potatoes. Janelle, you have convinced me that he may be able to mix the fruit and veggies.

Steven dressed Aubrey as always, you should have seen her today. She wore a pink ball cap, a pink sweater dress, pink thick tights, and pink winter boots. Whew, she thought that she was something. I'm not on the ball today, so I don't have a picture... sorry.

Tonight, I wanted to share some pictures of the room that we are slaving over.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another quick post.

We had a great day. Jamie did sleep through the night, until 4:20. I get up at 4:50, bummer. Anyway, we had a great day. We had a lot of rain, it was nice. I wish we could have been sluggish around the house today.

This afternoon Jamie and I took Aubrey to tumble and dance. We meet Melissa, Chase and Haley there. We really like our new dance studio, this is going to be a great year. When we got home Steven read to Aubrey while Jamie bounced in his Jumper-Roo, he loves it. They are both in bed, and that is where we are headed now.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Night!

So, we had a really long night last night. Jamie got up about 12:00 and didn't go to sleep until after 3:00. He woke up about 4:00 and slept until 6:00. We were dragging this morning. However, today seemed to move pretty fast. Steven and I are going to bed early. We are lucky that this is not a typical night for us. However, this is sorta how Aubrey was. Thank goodness he is a better sleeper.

We are about to start our night time routine. Wish us luck.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ahead of the week.

So, tonight will feel great when I lay my head on my pillow. I am ready for the new week. How often can I say this. Well, I always feel this way when the house is clean before I start the new week. We (Steve, Aubrey, and I) worked hard this weekend.

This morning we all got up and headed to Wal-Mart. We spent too long there. After that we came home. Steve heated up lunch. Then Aubrey and Steven went to Kylie's birthday party at Build-A-Bear. I stayed at home with Jamie. He slept while I cleaned like a mad woman. It felt great.

When they got home, Aubrey helped me. ( She was thinking...MONEY), what have we done???
Then we ate and hung pictures on the walls. I have had them on the dinning room table ready to hang for a few months. We finally hung them.

Jamie ate Peas! Yeah! He is growing so fast. I thought that I would share photos from that.
Have a great week.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

One down and one to go.

I just got Jamie to sleep, and Steven is reading to Aubrey. I think Steven and I are ready to chill. We all got up about 7:00-ish. Our day started with Steven and Aubrey at the Urgent Care (Doc-in-the-box). She has a small fracture in her pinkie.

Last night, we ate dinner and we were heading out the door, Laura called and asked if she could stop by for a minute. So, we gathered up everything so we could go to Wal-Mart after she left. Well, while we out talking with her another neighbor and kids came by with there new baby
(3 weeks old). Steven and I at that point decided naa...we aren't going to Wal-Mart. So, we sat and played in the front yard with the neighbors. While Aubrey was playing she somehow fell on her finger. Of coarse she cried. But, we kinda thought that this was a little different and she was still complaining this morning. So, we decided to do the Urgent Care route. So, they gave her a splint and sent her on.

After they left there they went to Soccer. Steven agrees, she is better this season. However, her attention span still isn't quite there. One day!

Other than that, we have worked on the house and the Auburn Room. Maybe we can post pictures tomorrow. Have a good night.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mommy in charge.

Tonight Steven had his (special meeting with Mr. Jude), as Aubrey says. Jude is his boss. I took Aubrey to Soccer tonight, she did much better this time than last season. I suppose that there is hope. She looks bigger than the other kids. Her team is called the Tadpoles, and they are working on the uniforms. I'm interested to see what color that they pick, I hope not green, we will see. Sorry Nikki, I know that is your favorite color.

After Soccer, we drove through Sonic to get a Banana Split for her and Steven. This was her treat for doing really well tonight. She was excited to get one for him. It will be in the freezer when he gets home. I was able to keep us pretty close to our schedule tonight, even without Steven. Here are few photos from tonight.

There is one with Jamie on the bathroom floor. Usually, while I bathe Aubrey, Jamie lays on the blue rug and talks and kicks. Tonight he swam away, pretty quickly. I guess he did the backstroke or something. Watch out Michael Phelps, here comes Jamie.

I went to see my friend today, that has kidney failure. Not much has changed in her diagnosis, however, she is trying to stay positive. She is a dear friend, that I have worked next to for almost 2 years. Sometimes, it seemed like I spent more of my day with her than with Steven. We are close and it hard not having her there with me. She has been in the hospital now for 2 weeks. We are not sure when they will let her go home. Please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trash Night!

Wednesday night we always collect the trash to go out on Thursday morning. Since the Meriposa "Collection Fund" , Aubrey has still been trying to collect money. She did do the trash as one of her chores tonight.

Wednesday afternoons are crazy because Steven has lab meeting. We never know what time Steven will get out of lab. This afternoon wasn't so bad, we got home at 6:00. Then, we started dinner and fed Jamie. While the three of us were busy, Aubrey played with her Pollies in the living room. She was constantly chasing Dill away. Pollies are Dill favorite thing, I'm not sure if he likes them or likes aggravating Aubrey. She shut him my room. Steven made her let him out in case he needed to go potty. However, it ended with Dill in the laundry room.

Tomorrow, will be crazy. Aubrey has soccer. Steven is suppose to have dinner with his boss. So, the kids and I are headed to soccer. Here are a few pictures from tonight. Oh yeah, Robin, she is still wearing that Minnie Costume. Today she had to wear the ears to school also! What every floats her boat.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aubrey won Gold...

The tooth fairy came last night. She left Aubrey with 2 gold coins ($2.00). Aubrey was so excited and went straight to the Piggy Bank. Clunk, Clunk they both went. Here are the photos. We did have a great night at dance. So, we are late tonight on everything. After dance tonight Aubrey had to stop by at Aimee's to show her the new tap shoes. She is so excited. Jamie did make it to the doctor and got his shots. He now weights 15.5 pounds, 75 percentile in head circumference and weight, and 50 percentile on the height. The doctor said we can start introducing baby foods now, since he doing really well with the cereal. Tonight Aubrey wanted to read a book to Jamie, I thought that I would add this in also.

One last thing. Oh my ...at your boys, Ash. They are beautiful. We are enjoying hearing from you. I had to post this pic.