"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Monday, September 28, 2009

Where do we start?

So, I guess the first thing to share is that Aubrey has joined "Daisy" scouts, which is the Girls Scout program. She is excited. However, on the way to her first meeting she was really quizing me on the program. She wanted to know what they would do, who would be there, and then it came....Aubrey's own spin on things! She said "Mom, I just don't know about this Daisy Scout thing", then I started questioning her with, "what do you mean"? She said "Well, I don't want to be a Daisy, I want to be a Daffodil, they are more beautifuler!" I knew right then where this was coming from, in her Kindergarten class, they are called the "Flower Patch Class" and she sits at the Daffodil table. I think that she is going to enjoy this Daisy group, however I think that she is relating it to "Bunny Scouts" from Max and Ruby! We will see.

Today Aubrey came home saying..."We had a tudatoot", I was like "What?"...she said a tudatoot! She explained, "She is a guest, since Mrs.Postlethwait wasn't there". So, I said "Your teacher was out today, and said "Yes", "and we had a tudatoot". So, then I asked "you mean a SUBSTITUTE?" and she said "Oh, yeah that is what I meant".

So, last night Steven got the Halloween things down from the attic. So tonight Aubrey was able to decorate. She loves this. She filled her candy corn jar right away. Then, she dug in and she even shared with Jamie. He is into the candy corn and sweet-tarts.

Then we were off to the library for story time. Aubrey and Diana had a great time. It was nice to meet Chloe there. The girls are really good and they listen with such intensity.

Here is how we ended our trip...Sonic! They did great! I think that the Sonic trip will have to be a once in a blue moon thing. It just keeps us out too late, and our girls need there beauty sleep!

Jamie and Diana had cups of ice cream that were huge!!!! Next time we will have to order one and share, it was a waste for the both of them! Oh, the tricks we learn to save a dollar. I am learning tricks everyday. Thank goodness for other mommies and their ideas.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tupsy, Dupsy, Rise Right Upsy!

From the word "Go" we have been running all day. We all started getting up about 7:00 this morning. Steven left out shortly after for his Saturday morning run with running group. The pollies and I were out before 8:00. We went to my meeting this morning and we went to breakfast. I suppose that we are stuck at eating at McDonald's for a little bit. Aubrey likes the pancakes. After breakfast we headed back home to get dressed for soccer. Then we climbed back into the car to head out to the fields. We had another great game. Aubrey is doing really well. Then we came home for lunch and to let Jamie grab a nap. While Jamie was napping Aubrey and Steven were intense with this magnetic tinker-toy thing, they were building these little things with magnetic pieces. Aubrey is really good with little things like this. I went on a small run with a neighbor. After 2:00, we were back in the car heading down to a birthday party for Katie. She had it at her gymnastic studio. It was nice. After the party a few of us headed over to the Schwartz house to eat dinner. It was great! We are just getting home and we are watching the Auburn game which we recorded.

So, something kinda cute. So, our water has been really nasty lately. It has a nasty yellow-brown tint. It was bad last week, and it got better. However last night it was pretty bad. So, last night when Aubrey was in the tub, I walked in and she was letting the water out. I asked her what was going on. She told me..."The water looked like Apple Juice"..."So, I am just rewinding it"! So, yeah the was is yucky and all the neighbors are crumbling, and we are clearly trying not to drink it.
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes....

Here is a pic from the game. Be sure to look at all the pics to catch the video clip at the end.

Mamas have fun too!

So the guys all climbed to the tip top.

The girls played on the ropes.

Even Connor had a blast.

I can't believe I got up there!

Ok, he is really growing up, he is no longer a baby.

Our trip to the Schwartz home!

Nothing but love for our birthday girl.

So, the best for last...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Darn it, my phone works!

5 days ago I washed my cell phone in the washing machine. It died. Steven got it to come back to life briefly a few times, but then it would die again. Things were looking good when it wouldn't come on no matter what he did, and he saw dried laundry detergent in it so I was sure it was toast. Finally last night he soaked it in rubbing alcohol and dried it out again by sticking it back in a bag of rice. The stupid thing works now. He's so smug about it. Nerd. Oh, well. I guess I'll have to wait longer until I get a new one.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Easy Wednesday.

Today was a much easier day. Soccer was rained out, too bad too sad! Which it gave us time to relax some this afternoon without running around. However, the rain stopped in time for my group of girls to go and run. We had a good run.

This morning, Steven left early again. He has been leaving before 6:00 each morning. So, it was the pollies and I here for breakfast. Jamie didn't eat much. He took his breakfast with him to Jen's. He is doing great. One thing that we noticed is that he taking much better naps. He is able to get longer naps staying with Jen. At daycare he was sleeping shorter and was cranky at night. But, this week has been great because he has been in such a great mood.

Aubrey had a great day also. She was so excited today because she got to sing on that box! So, if you have been following, she is fascinated by this box...aka intercom system at school. Apparently, her class went and sang on the intercom system today. They went to Principal Royal's office and sang from her office. She was so excited telling me about this, she explained that it was in every class and in the hallways! Today she also came home with no sticks and still on "GREEN"!

Here are a few pics from this morning...

Aubrey is finally getting to wear this top that Grandma Marilyn gave her. She loved it.

It also rained so much today, so here is Aubrey is in here raincoat. And well there is little Punk, he is looking at the baby in the mirror. He likes to look and say "Baby".
So that is our Wednesday. Tomorrow we are headed back to the studio for Gymnastics.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rush, Rush, Rush...

That is the name of the game. I left work at 3:30, normal time for Tuesday, and I rushed to get Aubrey. She does the after school care in the afternoons. She seems to like it. She loves her teachers. Anyway, after picking her up I rushed to get the Jamester. He was still napping when I picked him up. He seems to be taking to his new routine pretty well. I rush them home and gave Aubrey a "BIRD BATH"...aka, Spit-bath, she calls it a bird bath. She had dance and we were planning on having dinner out with the Fliesher girls. It would make things much easier when we get home at about 8:30. So, after the bird bath we headed downstairs for her homework. We finished it and had a snack before jumping out the door. Steven arrived just in time to take Jamie for the night. It is nice to enjoy adult conversation for 2 hours on Tuesday nights. The boys had a great night at home. They didn't get a run in because it was raining. After dance we girls loaded up and head to Mebane for the Blue Ribbon. It one of our hot spots.

Aubrey had a great day today. She didn't pull any sticks, and she stayed on green. "Perfect"...I guess she is finally taking after Steven. However, when I picked her up she told me..."Today, I was bullied". Of course I questioned her, she explained that she was spit on and that was "YUCK". She told the teacher and the little boy had to pull 2 stick right away! This was so traumatic for her. She told her story with such intensity! Later she sang a couple of songs that they are learning. One is the days of the week to the Adam's Family tune, another is a song about September. She just about has the Pledge down pat. We are really proud.

Tomorrow we are suppose to have soccer, we will see. We have had a lot of ran and the fields are soaked. Plus, there is a 50% chance of ran. If not the Gray's can use the break.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back for story time.

Aubrey and I picked up Diana tonight and headed to the library for the Monday night story time. Kelly and her family showed up, along with Chloe and her parents. This was neat to see our friends for story time.

Awww...Aubrey's little book club! Grandma Robin will be proud! Anyway,we are ready for another busy week. We have dance and dinner with the Fleisher Girls, Wednesday is soccer, Thursday we are back at dance, and Friday humm, we may relax before partying it up with the Schwartz...Katie's party is this weekend.

So, a little news for Jamie. He has something major going on in his life. He is no longer in daycare. He is staying home with Jen. Jen is keeping her 2 kids and another neighbor baby that is 6wks younger than Jamie. This is really nice that he getting a little more attention than what he was in daycare, and we love Jen. This is going to workout for us both. So, we are excited for him. Today was his first day, I think that he is going to love it. So, his favorite things this week...are still shoes, and this crazy vacuum that Aunt RoRo gave Aubrey. He loves it, he cleans and cleans. Too bad that it does not really suck up the cat hair. Oh, well I must go for the night, so in the words of this vacuum...."CLEAN YOU LATER"!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Sunday

We began our day at church. Here is a picture of Jamie just before we left.While Jamie slept we all cleaned. Steven worked in the garage, and Aubrey helped me clean the house. Then when Jamie got up, the pollies and I cleaned my car. Aubrey had to clean hers also!

After we finished the cars, Steven and Aubrey caught this critter! This was our dinner guest tonight. Yes, at the table! It sat with us. It was the topic of conversation tonight. After dinner, Aubrey and Steven took it back outside and released it. What an interesting day.

So one last thing. I washed my cell phone last night. We are waiting to see if it is going to dry out. We are probably going to have to buy another one next weekend.