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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Introducing a miracle child to you...

 I heard something yesterday that stuck with me...

"Love is not only a feeling, however a decision as well"!

This made me think of my sweet neighbors.  You can use these words in so many ways, and relate it so much, it just stuck with me with them.  This couple has more love than you could ever image.  I remember when we first moved in, we saw them looking at the house across the street and this lady grinned and waved at me...I thought "Oh, boy"!  I hope they come back!  Lucky us, they have been our neighbors since, and we would not have it any other way.

As time has passed, our lives have multiplied.  We have been blessed beyond measure.  That is why I wanted to share with you my neighbors.  You see, they do not have tummy babies, but they have such a strong Christian Family and have been blessed with children in a different way than I have.  God, has used their ability to raise children with much love, that their biological parents could not have.

Last fall, I received a call from this Super Mom, and saying " Christy...I have a baby"...you can image the excitement.  This was something that they had been in prayer about, and God answered their prayer with this sweet child.  She is beautiful.  She has had a tough first year of life.  One night, they had gotten a call from the hospital to come and see this child...this child was titled..."Failure to Thrive"...I have never heard that term.  They rushed to hospital to meet her, and the next day they took her home, and got busy!  She was well beyond malnourished, and had a very long journey to improve her health.  

With much love and prayers for this sweet child, she is progressing nicely.  This couple has another child they had fostered and adopted a few years back, we have been in love with him since day one!  I wanted to share a few photos that we have from a few gatherings.  But, before you look, remember, they made the DECISION to LOVE these children. 
 These were taken a little while after she entered their home.
She looks wonderful.
She is doing awesome now!

 Jamie loves getting together!

What a beautiful Mother!
I am still stuck on the mother kick,
but isn't this beautiful miracle.


Zileide said...

Wow I love your blog :))
Thanks for making this world a little better :) God bless

Nathalia de Oliveira Barbosa said...

Made Zileide's words mine words.