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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Ready set go...

I would say Steven and I have had bit of bitterness stored within our hearts!  We have struggled this January!

But, looking back we survived!  We had the stomach bug, starting with Jamie and it left when Mimi left! But, it took some creative adjusting to cover those sick days!
Steve...stayed on top of this, keeping the the germs at bay...but went over board wearing this get up!
At times we switched rooms...Jamie did not like the pink bedding!
We have had Strep throat...and Lil had her first cold!
The Schwartz bus rolled in for a weekend trip!  The girls are growing into beautiful ladies!  They are so loving and it has been so long since our last visit!

We got in a few games and dessert...American Girl Dolls were top on the to do list and a battle of super heros in the backyard was another major must!

Steven really got into to this game, he cooked a yummy breakfast while we squeezed in a game if Apples to Apples!
As always...until next time!  We are playing our next adventure!  We wish Joel & Chrissy much wedding bliss!

Aubrey got her cookies delivered...she loves visiting her favorite customers!

 We can't miss the snow!!  We did not get much, more ice than anything!
Thanks to Jenn for sharing while I worked!

Last I will share Aubrey's fun photo!  This is house down the road with a frozen van! Aubrey and Jamie were amazed at how this could happen!  

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