"She was an artist and her life was her canvas."-unknown

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Enlighting your day.

Good morning to ya,
Today is going to be a bright new day.

Today, I want to share a special someth'n with you.

Let me build a background for you.
Year 2000,
I married the man of my dreams.
After my honeymoon, 
we came back to our home town, &
we loaded the U-hual, from my front porch.
As we drove down my drive way, 
I saw standing on the porch hugging and crying,
my parents and sister, and our dog Jed.
As I wiped my tears,
I remember that this would be
my journey, this would be the life 
I would be living on my own with out them close.
My parents, helped mold me, 
but I would begin my new life at that moment,
when I truly would establish my new family.

They always say that,
the first year of marriage is always the toughest.
Well, it was sort of, 
 that year, we held each other tight.
You see my parents,
after 28 years of marriage,
went different ways.
This built a strong bond between my new husband and I.
He was there for me, and always is.

The drastic change in my parent's lives, did not change me,
nor did it hinder my new life with Steven.
It enhanced me, and I accepted the change.
While I have wonderful memories of my close family of four,
I would not let go of  ANY bonds.
Today, I am completely blessed with effects 
of that new direction that took place that first year of my marriage.

You see, my father has blessed us with 
new family members that we love so much.
I would never want this to change.
He is happy, and we are happy.

My mother has done the same.
She has given new family members to us as well.
Again, I would not want that to change.
We are grateful, that we are blessed with so much love.
Now we are getting closer to the point of my post.

Let me do one more rewind...
a few years before Steven and I were married,
 we were dating, but apart.
I think that I was home while he was at Auburn or something.
But, anyway I remember hearing of a terrible car accident.
Unfortunately, there were fatalities.
This was about 15 years ago,
this accident happened on my route to where,
I took some courses at a Junior College.
That stuck out in  my mind, along with the fact,
in that accident,
three wonderful, beautiful children 
were taken to heaven
to meet Jesus.
I do not know of anyone in our county 
that didn't hurt for the family of these angels.

This past Saturday,
Aubrey received a letter in the mail from Aunt Toni.
She is one of those special blessing that Mom added to our family.
Aunt Toni,
is the mother of the three precious children in heaven.
Even though we did not have her or 
those angels in our lives at that time,
we knew of her.

The letter was a message from heaven, or so we feel.
Taylor, age 8 had two dollar bills in his wallet
 when he left this earth.
Not much, but it now means more than you will ever know.

Aunt Toni explained she had left this money in his wallet,
not quite sure what to do with it, so it sat there for 15 years.

After watching Aubrey work so hard 
to raise money for the children with GAN, 
Aunt Toni, felt the need 
to send those two dollars to Hannah's Hope Fund,
and that Taylor can put in a special request to God,
to help this money multiply,
to help these children and families with GAN.

I think that this is amazing.
I love how we receive miracles from heaven.
I love how God, can use someone.

I hope you can see,
the chain of events in my personal life,
that lead us to this awesome miracle.
If the path of my family life had not changed the way it did,
Aubrey would not have had an Aunt Toni in her life.
We believe that God helps things move along
 through our journey in life,
for the good, no matter what.

Aunt Toni, we love you and thank you.
The entire family of GAN, thanks you.
As, I see it, I think that Mrs. Fern's sweet Doug,
is in heaven giving Taylor a huge high five!
Here is the letter Aunt Toni sent Aubrey.
There is only one path to Heaven.
On Earth, we call it Love.
-Henry David Thoreau



Twilla Susanne Jackson said...

Oh my... That post brought tears to my eyes. The entire story is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Sharmeen Ferdousi said...

Lovely. Truly heart touching dear!